NASA Wants to Build Houses on The Moon by 2040

NASA’s vision for the Moon is ambitious. The agency not only aims to send astronauts to the Moon after a hiatus of over five decades but also revealed intentions to construct lunar homes by 2040.

This is a significant shift from the current goal of landing humans on the Moon within this decade. With 2040 being less than two decades away, NASA will have to accelerate its efforts to realize this objective.

Central to this ambition is the innovative approach of using Lunar regolith to formulate a type of concrete suitable for 3D printing, paving the way for constructing these lunar homes.

This groundbreaking news was highlighted in an article by The New York Times. Beyond just establishing habitats, NASA’s vision extends to ensuring these lunar abodes are safe for civilian habitation.

To actualize this vision, NASA has partnered with ICON, an Austin-based construction tech firm renowned for its 3D-printed housing solutions. In 2020, NASA kickstarted ICON’s funding, followed by an additional investment of $60 million in 2022, aimed at elevating extraterrestrial construction.

The concept of leveraging lunar resources isn’t unprecedented, with similar strategies being proposed for Martian architecture. Harnessing local materials and regolith could revolutionize lunar construction, making it more feasible and economical.

Tagged as “Artemis” by NASA, the Artemis III mission will be the initial step in sending humans back to the Moon’s surface. For the housing initiative, a 3D printer will be dispatched to the Moon, initiating the construction process, layer upon layer.

This captivating proposition may result in the establishment of the first lunar community by 2040. However, the realization of this dream depends on NASA meeting its milestones, achievable through dedication, perseverance, and a touch of fortune.