The 10 Most Expensive Foods in the World

When it comes to food, we are often willing to pay more, as long as we can please our taste buds. The concept of “expensive” food is different for everyone, but here are the foods that are really expensive, wherever we look at them.

White albino sturgeon caviar

One kilogram of this caviar costs up to $10,000. Albino sturgeon is a species of large fish that lives in the Caspian Sea. The price of caviar is so high due to the fact that albino sturgeon eggs are obtained very rarely when the fish are about 100 years old.

Moose cheese

One of the most expensive cheeses in the world is that made from moose milk. It is produced in a single place and that is the Moose House farm in Sweden. Moose cheese has a white color and resembles feta cheese. It costs about $1300 per kilogram and is made in very limited quantities.

Japanese Wagyu steaks

Wagyu steaks are one of the most delicious and expensive delicacies in the world. In Japan, purebred Wagyu calves are massaged, given beer and classical music. The price of 1kg of this type of meat can reach $450.

Cemani meat

Cemani is a breed of chicken that is bred in Indonesia. What is specific about them is their hyperpigmentation, which makes the chicken completely black, including its meat and organs. The breed is so rare that one costs about $200 in Indonesia. And outside the country, that price could reach thousands of dollars.

White truffle

The high price of these truffles is a result of the extremely specific conditions in which they grow, are collected, and stored. They have an exceptional taste and aroma that would make any dish perfect. In Europe, 1kg of white truffles costs about 2,000 euros.


The price of this valuable spice can range from $400 to $1,000 per kilogram. The high price comes from the fact that saffron grows only seven days a year during the fall season, being harvested and processed by hand. In addition, to collect 1kg of saffron, it is necessary to collect 300,000 flowers.

Swallow’s Nest Soup

The nests of these birds have become a delicacy in Chinese cuisine because they are made entirely from the saliva of swallows, without added external materials. The price of this delicacy is about $3,000 per kilogram. The high price comes from the difficult and dangerous collection of swallow nests.

Matsutake mushroom

This type of mushroom is extremely rare and costs up to $600 per kilogram. Matsutake is found mainly in Japan, but also in several other Asian countries. Their number has decreased significantly due to the impact of insects and trees that fall into the shady places where the mushrooms grow. Due to the impossibility to cultivate, they may disappear in the future.

Civet Coffee (Kopi Luwak)

The most expensive coffee in the world is produced in Indonesia, the Philippines, and southern India. Its price varies between 250 and 1200 dollars per kilogram. It is known for the specialized way in which it is processed. The Asian palm civet feeds on the ripe fruits of the coffee, and what it releases is cleaned, dried, and sold as extremely valuable coffee.

Iberian ham (Jamón ibérico)

The most expensive ham in the world is produced in Spain, and the price varies from around 365 euros per kilogram. Huge areas for grazing have been set aside for the free-range Iberian pig, and they feed mainly on acorns. The classification of Iberian ham is extremely strict and only the one with a black label is considered the best.

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