5 Most Common Garage Door Problems and Their Fixes

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Garage doors are some of the most convenient features of a home, and they often function so well that we forget about them. Despite this complacency, there is a number of problems that can affect garage doors, and homeowners will want to look for signs that they need repair work done on them.

Some of these problems can be repaired by homeowners, but others will demand help from garage door experts. Here are some of the most common garage door problems and some ways to fix them.

Broken panels

Garage door panels are engineered to be as strong and durable as possible, but there are some problems that can occur. Wood, for example, is susceptible to rot and other issues. Metal can experience fatigue, and rust is fairly common on metal garage doors.

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Many new garage doors are made of plastic, which can crack because of heat or impacts. Some broken panels can be repaired, but others will simply need to be replaced. Replacing a panel is often beyond the capabilities of most homeowners, and the weight of panels makes this an unsafe task to perform without the help of a professional.

Improper calibration

Both manual and automatic garage doors are designed to operate within very tight parameters. On occasion, the chains that synchronize a garage door’s movement can become misaligned. In some cases, a small kink in the chain of a garage door can be the cause, and this can be relatively simple to fix for homeowners. More advanced problems, however, will require help from an expert.

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Noisy operation

Almost all garage doors will create some sound under normal operation. However, some noises may be a sign that there is something else wrong. A sound coming from the motor of an automatic garage door may be a sign that the motor is beginning to fail.

Sounds that come from the tracks through which garage door panels are moved, however, may be caused by poor lubrication. A simple application of the oil may be enough to eliminate the sound and restore a garage door to optimal operation.

Intermittent function

In some cases, a garage door might only work on occasion. For example, the door might open only some of the time or open in a jerky manner. The cause of this problem is generally related to the electrical components of the garage, but it could also be caused by the buildup of debris in the mechanisms that move the door.

In some cases, it may be simple to locate what is causing the problem; in cases where the problem is electrical, however, expert help will likely be needed.

Partial opening and closing

One of the most frustrating problems that strike some garage doors is when they are not fully open or closed. This is often caused by incorrect calibration, but physical items may prevent a door from opening or closing properly.

Homeowners who experience this problem will want to inspect their doors for problems and call an expert if the problem is not easy to solve.

Without garage doors, people have trouble keeping their vehicles protected. In addition, garage doors allow us to enter and exit our homes without having to deal with the elements. If a garage door fails, however, we cannot take advantage of these conveniences.

Fortunately, most garage door problems can be repaired without much difficulty, and a bit of vigilance can help homeowners detect problems before they become too severe.

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