Most Americans Believe in Intelligent Life Beyond Earth

A surprising U.S. Intelligence report conducted to seek the people’speople’s belief on the concept of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) has yielded unprecedented results.

Two-thirds of Americans, a shocking 65%, to be precise, state that genius life exists on other planets. This survey was conducted by the Pew Research Center just before the government released its assessment.

A number smaller than 65%, yet still a sizable share (51%), states that the UFO reports received by the military are possible evidence of life outside our planet’s existence.

40% of people who share this sentiment comment that military-reported UFOs are “possible” evidence of non-human life, compared to the 11% who believe that life outside earth “definitely” exists. This survey was conducted during 14-24 June and included 10,417 US adults.

Whereas the remaining 47% of the people believe that the army reports are possibly not evidence of life in the Universe. Similarly, the remaining 11% do not believe in the proof of life other than Earth. The people who do not believe in UFOs insist on seeing military documents as proof (69%). The other 16% are less inclined to see military UFOs as proof.

Many U.S. public does not see UFOs as a potentially significant hazard. When asked by the officials to lend a thought to American National Security, 87% of Americans don’tdon’t believe that UFOs are a threat as a whole.

Whereas 36% of U.S. adults see UFOs as a minor threat, 51% of U.S. adults don’tdon’t believe that they are a threat as a whole when talking about people that see UFOs as a significant threat to the U. S. national security.

Generally, Americans don’tdon’t view UFOs as hostile. Studies show that 17% of Americans see UFOs as friendly, 7% of U.S. adults believe that they are unfriendly, and the remaining 74% don’tdon’t hold an opinion.

These statistics hold when studying the adults who believe that the UFOs reported by people in the military are likely or confirmed proof of intelligent life outside the Earth.

Out of all the U.S. adults, 51% believe that the UFOs reported by the military show probable evidence of intelligent life outside Earth. 26% of the U.S. people believe that UFOs are friendly, and 7% see them as unfriendly. And the remaining 65% population of the survey don’tdon’t share their opinion at all.

In the same way, some members of the public are more likely to believe than others that intelligent life exists outside Earth. Younger Americans especially hold this view. Almost three-quarters (76%) of the population under 30 believe intelligent life is present on other planets. 57% also share the same opinion with their age above 50.

This survey alone is not enough to determine whether the information provided by the current government makes people believe that UFOs are proof of extraterrestrial life. This survey does not show that Americans who were already inclined to believe in this study followed the story thoroughly.

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