Morgan Freeman Converted his 124-acre Ranch Into a Bee Sanctuary

If you haven’t been living beneath a rock in the last few months, then you will know how important bees are to our fragile environment. To give you a clue, bees were declared the most important living organisms on Earth.

The Earthwatch Institute officially made the announcement at the Royal Geographical Society of London’s last meeting. This is mainly because around 70% of our agriculture relies on bees and their unique ability to pollinate.

The decline in global bee populations over the last few years is due to human activities. According to Smithsonian Magazine, around 90 percent of the global bee population is now extinct. God is the only man who can save the world. Okay, maybe not God but Morgan Freeman, a part-time actor and full-time legend, is perhaps the closest thing we have.

Freeman started his quest to save the Earth in 2014 when he became a beekeeper. Freeman made the decision to save the Earth’s bee population. Most bee activists try to make a difference by planting flowers that bees can slurp on or starting petitions to ban pesticides that kill them.

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But the Olympus Has Fallen star wanted to do something more radical. He converted his huge ranch into a bee sanctuary. The ranch covers approximately 124 acres so that the bees can have plenty of space to roam, pollinate and colonize.

Freeman told Jimmy Fallon that he started beekeeping in 2014 as a hobby during an interview. He also explained that he was affected by the bee deaths he’d heard about. He explained that he had brought 26 beehives from Arkansas to his ranch where he feeds them sugar water. He is in love with bees but it seems the bees are also taking a liking.

It is encouraging to see that celebrities and those with economic privilege are also helping to save the planet. You can give the bees a bowl of sugar water if you have a garden.

[h/t]: Upworthy

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