“More Sky” Window Turns Into Balcony And Lets You Enjoy the Sky Without Stepping Outside

You know how it feels to be isolated from Mother Nature if you live in a tiny apartment. It’s unlikely that you have a yard or a patio. Your only view is through your neighbor’s living space — bonus points if your neighbor just bought a flatscreen.

Aldana Ferrer Garcia, an Argentinian architect, felt the pain of those stir-crazy feelings after too much time spent inside. For her thesis at Pratt Institute, she dreamed up What She Calls MoreSky Windows.

Garcia wrote that the project provides visual relief, sunlight access, and fresh air for small apartments and was a response to current needs in densely populated areas.

These windows extend beyond the walls and give apartment dwellers a private view of the outside world. Garcia stated on her website that this project provides visual relief access for small apartments to fresh air and sunlight. These models can be fitted into existing windows because they are based on industry standards.

Garcia created three windows that are equally clever. The Hopper Niche design opens like an accordion, allowing for the most spectacular star-gazing views.

extending window more sky aldana ferrer garcia 20
Credits: Designboom

The Casement Niche, an alcove that can fit one, has a fully submerged seat outdoors. This means you can see the snow falling all around you without needing to bundle up for 20 minutes.

Credits: Designboom

The Awning Niche opens to reveal a transparent bottom that lets you take in the bustling below (ideal for people who like to people-watch at home).

Credits: Designboom

This video will show you how the models come to life.

[h/t]: House Beautiful, Bored Panda

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