Lottery Winner “Addicted” To Helping Others Has Given Away Half Her Fortune


Boosting the self-esteem of others is a win-win scenario. She feels that she’s “addicted to good deeds” because she’s in a “rehab” when she helps people in need. It’s time for this 55-year-old lady to put her wealth to good use and help others. She walked away with $143 million after winning the EuroMillions lotto in 2019. Despite this, she has already put the funds to good use.

They began by agreeing to set aside a particular sum of money each year to be donated to charity organizations. Frances states that “helping people is addicting,” and that’s why she’s already spent the funds allotted for the project till 2032. Frances does this because she enjoys helping others and gets a “high” from it.

Francis’ self-definition relies on the extent of her generosity. Previous jobs include social worker and teacher. In the early aftermath of her victory, she handed the money she had earned to those she cared about.

The Kathleen Graham Foundation was established in memory of her mother, as was the PFC Trust. In her home Northern Ireland, the PFC Trust offers several programs to assist carers, the elderly, and refugees.

She donates tablet computers to the elderly as part of her humanitarian work so that they may keep in contact with their loved ones. As a result, they feel a closer connection with their loved ones.

The couple lives in Hartlepool, a tiny town in England’s English county, due to their immense wealth. Patrick’s new house, which has six bedrooms and seven acres of land, serves as the headquarters for his plastics manufacturing company. A swimming pool will be included in the new house’s features list.

Even if the same amount of money might have a tremendous influence on the quality of life of another person, Frances doesn’t understand why someone would spend their money on luxury goods like yachts and exquisite wines.

Frances was able to maintain her caring character, despite her newfound wealth, owing to her EuroMillions victory, as someone who cared about the happiness of others. Although her financial situation has changed, she is aware that her character has not changed due to her success.

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