3 Little Bears Visit Nursing Home, Letting Themselves in the Front Door

Three sprightly mountain bears strolled straight up to the front entryway of a nursing home in Asheville, North Carolina. They figured out some way to deal with work the force handle and directly strolled in.

One of the bears held the passage open, while another made himself at home in the hallway.

Senior inhabitants were startled to find three baby bears, who made themselves pleasing in their nursing home in North Carolina (Ashville).

Some extraterrestrials visited the tenants of a North Carolina nursing home, purportedly “passing on grins to everybody,” as displayed by WLOS-television.

From that portrayal, you may expect that local people tamed these canines or ponies. But, the creatures weren’t canines or ponies. They weren’t even tamed. Instead, they were wild mountain bear adolescents.

In a video film captured by Cindy Brown, the two pups showed up at the segment of Accordius Flourishing in Asheville, NC. But baby bears got filmed without the presence of their mom. One cub used its back legs to move the passage open, hugging the frame and dragging the handle as the other meanders into the room.

However, they stopped for a moment. Within a fraction of seconds, it takes a turn and runs out. The third bear, apparently the cub’s mom, lumbered around the corner of the building and walked across the lawn.

At that point, the adolescents started wrestling outside the passage, swiping at one another with their paws. One reacted submissively and ran off toward the third bear.

Another cub started tinkering the entrance for the second time while figuring out how to open it quickly.

“Come on, every one of you, be fast,” an observer said laughingly. Cubs got treats and met older people.

For the second time, the cub entered the nursing home. It changed its decision and returned to the lawn to rejoin its family. The third bear took an unprecedented jump onto a brick facade on the opposite side of the road.

One of the specialists shot everything behind a glass window while she, accomplices, and senior tenants received a broad smile.

Precisely when the bear remembered he was gotten and being watched, his accomplice made the way to let him back out, and they all surged away.

The furry guests “passed on grins to everybody,” said Accordius Thriving worker Cindy Brown, who sent the video to her nearby news station.

Black bears of North Carolina

Black bears are a species that live in the North-Eastern States. North Carolina Wildlife Source claims that poaching, hunting, deforestation, and ecological imbalance in the mid-1990s wiped out the population of black bears.

Bear cubs and mothers emerged from hibernation and made their way to the nursing home in North Carolina.


It’s a no-brainer that black bears have a submissive and shy nature. However, they can attack human beings if they feel threatened.

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