Litter Pickers Survive Bumpy Car Ride, Not Realizing They Have Live WWI Bomb In The Car


Two people who picked up garbage in Yorkshire, England, drove a rough route home, unaware they had a live bomb from the World War I era bouncing around in their car. The device was found in the back seat.

Rachel Wills and Simon Briscombe thought that they had picked up an old gas canister when they were trash picking beside the River Nidd in Knaresborough and that they had placed it into their car, intending to dispose of it appropriately at a later time.

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Unfortunately, in this situation, appropriate disposal would require the assistance of a bomb squad since what they had picked up was a bomb, and it was a live device.

According to BBC News, the pair drove for half a mile (0.8 kilometers) with the device rattling about on the passenger seat. They did not find out what it was until they “scrapped the gunk” off the gadget, prompting them to contact the bomb squad immediately.

After taking pictures of the device and covering it with sandbags, they waited anxiously for the experts to come so that they could finally defuse it.

Upon arrival, the couple and around thirty other families from the surrounding area were forced to leave so that the Explosive Ordnance Disposal team could defuse the bomb.

Despite the rocky automobile ride followed by some unsettling foaming, the device was successfully defused and removed without any problems.

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