Keanu Reeves Is Going Viral For a Heartwarming Conversation With a Kid at the Airport

Following his recent airport meeting with a little admirer, actor Keanu Reeves has been branded the internet’s prince. Reeves and a child had a pleasant encounter that TV producer Andrew Kimmel witnessed and tweeted about. It’s likely to make you like the John Wick actor even more.

It all started at the airport baggage claim area when a little fan approached Reeves and requested him to sign his autograph. But he did not stop then; he continued to grill the actor with a barrage of “rapid-fire” questions.

Reeves did not only ignore his questions; he answered them all. It was not until the youngster had exhausted all of his inquiries that Reeves began “grilling” him about his vacation.

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Using the discussion as evidence, Kimmel showed that Keanu Reeves is one of the nicest people in show biz.

Hollywood good guy Keanu Reeves just did something kind for someone else.

Kimmel tweeted about how the A-lister reacted when a toddler approached him and began asking questions.

The youngster persisted in peppering Reeves with inquiries… until Reeves ran out of things to ask. Afterward, Reeves began interrogating him about his vacation.

Even at the airport, Reeves showed his natural kindness.

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