Japan Releases a Range of Miniature Furniture for Cats

Photo: Okawa Kagu

In the last several weeks, we have shown you a variety of eye-catching ideas for modern cat furniture. For the first time, IKEA has launched a collection of pet furniture for your furry companions, including Tetris cat towers, cardboard landmarks, and more. Japan’s Okawa Kagu has created a stylish new line of pet-friendly patterns that have caught our attention.

To revive Japan’s craft sector in the Fukuoka prefecture, a new campaign called “craftsman MADE” has been launched. Okawa Kagu, a city with 150 furniture industries, came up with the concept of combining the internet’s fascination with cats with the artisanal talents of the locals.

Even the most finicky felines will be satisfied with the new production’s high-quality smaller replicas of full-scale patterns.

The collection’s main components are an oak couch by Hiromatsu Furniture and a hardwood cat bed by Tateno Mokuzai.

okawa city cat furniture 2
Photo: Okawa Kagu
okawa city cat furniture 3
Photo: Okawa Kagu
okawa city cat furniture 4
Photo: Okawa Kagu

Okawa Terrazza, an information center specializing in local design, is where you can see the items. Each product may be purchased directly from the maker.

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Okawa Kagu, a Japanese company, has released high-quality cat furniture under the label “craftsman MADE.”

Existing patterns were scaled down to fit the little felines that inspired the collection.

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