iPhone Photo Editing Hacks You were Unaware of

iphone editing hacks

When it comes to smartphone photography, everyone knows that there are only a few devices that can compete with Apple’s range of iPhones.

Besides being the best all-around smartphone in the market, Apple’s range of smartphones features top-tier camera hardware whose capabilities are further enhanced by software-based optimization and artificial intelligence.

Thus, every photo an individual clicks using an iPhone comes out sharp, bright, and crisp. The latest range of iPhones, i.e., the iPhone 14 series, features top-notch camera systems that facilitate users to take out-of-the-world shots and images.

According to Tom’s Guide, the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the top model in the iPhone 14 lineup, is the best camera phone money can buy.

However, even though iPhones featuring top-tier camera systems facilitate users to click amazing pictures, there are instances when users need to tweak the images taken to mold them as per their requirements.

Even though it is crucial to take good photos, it is equally important to know how to use image editing skills to turn a good picture into a great one.

Most iPhone users use their smartphone to edit images after clicking them, which is conveniently possible thanks to the plethora of native photo-editing applications iOS features, as well as the third-party ones that iOS is compatible with.

This article will highlight numerous photo editing hacks that iPhone users can implement while editing pictures to ensure that they turn out to look phenomenal. Let us get started:

Straighten Pictures

One of the most critical image editing rules that all beginners and professionals should follow while editing images on their iPhone or any other device is ensuring that the picture is straight or symmetrical.

Doing so ensures that pictures appear aesthetic and professional rather than dull and random. Pictures that do not follow symmetry are often not well-received by the audience, especially if architectural photography is the picture in question.

Hence, individuals should ensure they straighten pictures and correct their perspectives before using or sharing them. Thankfully, even the native Photos app of iOS offers users the option to straighten images.

All users need to do to straighten a picture on their iPhone is open the Photos app, tap on the picture they wish to edit, click on the “Edit” option, tap on the crop tool and use the slider to adjust the picture’s perspective issues.

Besides Photos, iOS users can also opt to use other third-party applications like Luminar, Lightroom, etc.,

De-Haze Images

Even though all individuals try taking clear and crisp shots using their iPhone or any other camera, there are instances when the clicked photos come out blurry.

This often happens when the person clicking the pictures has shaky hands or if the object they are trying to photograph suddenly moves. Blurry images are not welcomed with open arms by anyone since they are deemed unsuccessful attempts to capture moments that may never come back.

Thankfully, there are numerous ways in which iOS users can fix blurry pictures. For starters, they can use Luminar, a powerful third-party image editing app that facilitates users to enhance the appearance of any image within seconds.

To unblur any picture with Luminar, all users need to do is launch the app, select the image, access the AI Image Enhancer filter present in the top section’s Looks bar, and use the Sharpen slider to adjust the amount of blurriness.

This is one of the easiest methods of de-hazing any blurry image. Besides this, multiple other applications offer users the option to de-haze images.

For instance, CameraBag Pro is a great utility using which individuals can conveniently sharpen any image within seconds. Besides this, iPhone users can also opt for other apps like TouchRetouch, Lightroom, etc., to get the job done.

Crop Photos

One of the most impactful yet relatively simple editing tricks every image editor should follow is using the cropping tool to adjust the appearance of pictures. Cropping a picture helps in enhancing its overall composition.

Besides this, it also facilitates ensuring that the picture appears more professional. Moreover, when individuals crop a picture, they do so to ensure that the subject of the image remains in primary focus while other elements remain in their respective places.

Both professional and novice photographers use the cropping tool of editing apps to elevate the appearance of images. All photo editing apps available or compatible with iOS, including the native Photos app, offer users the crop tool to adjust any picture’s height and width.

For instance, if you wish to crop an image on your iPhone using the Photos app, all you need to do is open the photo you want to crop, navigate to the screen’s lower portion, click on the crop tool and use the markers to adjust the picture’s dimensions.

If you use an iPhone to edit pictures, follow the aforementioned smart photo editing hacks to obtain top-tier images.

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