Instagram Influencers Are Cloning Their Pets to Keep Churning Out Content After They Die

cloned dog

Online influencers are cloning their dogs to gain more credibility on the internet, which is a sad reflection of our society’s unhealthy obsession with the self.

The concept behind continuing to produce material after the original animal has passed away frequently comes from the fact that we live in a dark period.

Take Courtney Udvar-Hazy, the 29-year-old Instagram account holder “wander with willow.” After the tragic death of her dog Willow in 2018, Udvar-Hazy cloned the pet with the assistance of the pet cloning business ViaGen, spending tens of thousands of dollars in the process.

It is possible that it assisted her in processing her grief, but her investment also made it possible for her to maintain her Instagram account.

Udvar-Hazy is not in this position alone. For example, one of the other network pet influencer accounts is @ipartywithbrucewayne. This account frequently shares pictures of four cloned chihuahuas along with the original.

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Other accounts, such as @clash of the clones and @baxter the clone, also transparently advertise their cloned pets.

It is essential to remember that just because you have a cloned pet does not guarantee that it will be a carbon copy of the original animal. Most cloned animals have turned out to be somewhat dissimilar to the actual DNA donor.

According to Input, this has not deterred the wealthy from spending anything between $35,000 and $50,000 to duplicate their cherished pet pups genetically.

Honestly, who can blame them for wanting to do this? Udvar-Hazy asserts that it assisted her in processing her grief at the death of her furry friend. Everyone who has ever been through the experience of losing a pet is aware of how traumatic it can be.

On the other hand, cloning your pet might just as well be interpreted as an attempt doomed to fail to bring them back to life. After all, the clone will pass away at some point as well.

At worst, it is a selfish and morally shameful trick to earn fame on Instagram; at the same time, there are still plenty of animals in shelters worldwide searching for their forever homes.

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