Engineer Crafts a Hubless Bike With No Spokes on Its Wheels

Have you ever had a fantastic idea but couldn’t figure out how to put it into action? If you enjoy watching other people bring their wild ideas to life, check out The Q, a YouTube channel dedicated to “science and more.”

This YouTube channel includes a large number of fantastic videos that feature a diverse range of unique ideas. A few of them include how to construct a big LEGO man costume out of cardboard and how to create your skateboard out of paper.

Even though the channel has completed several bike makeovers, including one in which the wheels are constructed of shoes, it is by far the coolest. One of The Q’s most recent initiatives includes changing a standard bicycle into something completely different.

It involves eliminating the spokes from the bicycle’s wheels and replacing them with a new mechanism that excludes the hub. The final product is stunning, and the film has already earned over three million views in its first week.

If you like this project but don’t have the skills to build your hubless bike, take a look at this high-tech hubless e-bike. The Reevo not only has a futuristic design with no spokes, like something out of Tron, but it will also pedal for you.

If you’re confident enough in your DIY talents, you may try your hand at building your hubless bicycle. All you’ll need is “a fatbike, bearings, some metal, and time,” according to The Q. Check out The Q on YouTube for more fantastic videos, and scroll down to view the whole process video.

The Q, a YouTube channel, converted a standard bicycle into a hubless bicycle with no spokes.

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