How to Refill Your Printer’s Ink Cartridge

refill printer ink cartridge

Saving money on the cost of ink for your printer can be done by refilling ink cartridges. You can find a variety of refill kits that can be used to achieve this goal. This task needs to be done right to prevent the printer from being damaged.

If you are using a refill kit for a compatible ink cartridge, then review tips that will help you successfully complete this process.

Gather Supplies

Supplies you need to refill an ink cartridge include an empty ink cartridge, refill ink, paper towels, and a syringe. You can purchase all these supplies in an inkjet refill kit, or you can purchase them separately. If you want to keep ink off of your hands, then disposable latex gloves are needed.

The work will also require you to use a newspaper. The newspaper will cover the work area and paper towels are used to clean any dripping ink.

Ink Type

The ink that you use for refilling an ink cartridge needs to match the make and model of your printer. If the wrong ink is used, then you may experience problems. Printer manufacturers use ink that is designed to work in specific products. This means that you run the risk of damaging your printer when using the wrong type of ink.

When to Refill Ink

Many printers will detect when the ink level is low so you can replace the ink cartridge. If you continue to use the remaining ink, then you run the risk of drying out the ink sponge that is inside the cartridge.

Sponges that dry out will not be able to absorb new ink and will make the cartridge unusable. The best time to refill an ink cartridge is when the ink is one-quarter full. Check the preferences of the printer for an ink level toolbox if there is no indicator on the unit.

Storing Cartridges

The ink cartridges that need to be refilled should be kept inside a plastic bag. The cartridges will need to be kept in an area that is cool and not too dry. This will prevent the ink from drying out and make the cartridge unusable for your needs.

Touching Cartridges

Avoid touching the metal contacts on the ink cartridges with your fingers. The oil from your skin is problematic when the printer tries to load the cartridge. This is the main reason why you need to have a pair of disposable latex gloves. If you accidentally touch the contacts with your fingers, then they can be cleaned by rubbing alcohol with a cotton swab.

Color Ink Cartridges

Ink cartridges with multiple colors are trickier to refill than black ink cartridges. You need to fill up each chamber in the cartridge with the proper color ink. One way to check the color of ink in the chambers is to use a toothpick. A toothpick can be inserted into the holes used for refilling the ink.

Go Slow

The process of refilling an ink cartridge should not be rushed. Filling a cartridge too fast can result in a mess because the ink may spray all over. Going slow will also allow the sponge inside the cartridge to properly absorb the ink. Stop filling the cartridge when you start to feel pressure. Overfilling the ink can cause a cartridge to drip and damage the internal components in the printer.

Test Pages

Insert the cartridge into the printer and allow it to load the cartridge. You should then print out a series of test pages. This will ensure that the ink is flowing properly from the cartridge.

Additional Information

Rinse out the syringe used for refilling with warm water. Fill and empty the syringe until you see no signs of ink.

Refilling used ink cartridges is a great way to save money, and an easy way to help the environment. However, if this process seems too complex, you can also purchase remanufactured cartridges which are both cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

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