Think You Know How To Peel A Banana? Think Again

Contrary to popular opinion, bananas aren’t really a monkey’s favorite food, despite what you may assume. Fun fact: When a monkey lives in the wilderness, bananas are not really a natural part of their diet. Despite this, it’s common to see several monkeys eating bananas in zoos or in cities. The manner in which they consume is more intriguing than the food itself.

Although they are not the original banana eaters, monkeys have a reputation for possessing a distinctive style. They handle the banana using their feet, which makes their “monkey method” distinctive.

When peeling a banana, it is important to concentrate on the stem, which is the sharp end that protrudes. How you utilize the stalk really influences how you peel it. Do you picture the stalk as just a zipper that has to be opened? Or do you consider it to be the foundation from which you may navigate around the pointed end?

Banana peeling instructions: Stalk is a zip

If you said “yes,” we’re sorry to tell you that this is not the proper way to skin a banana. The method is criticized for producing a depressing, gooey banana and for being tricky to get the stem to snap.

You could use the “monkey method” to appreciate bananas to their fullest potential by taking a cue from nature’s expert.

How to peel a banana: The stalk is the handle.

Bananas grow in bunches, with the stubby end acting as the “top” and the inflexible stalk as the “bottom” of the banana. Therefore, it would seem that starting with the stalk as a handle is the most sensible course of action and that it enhances the process as a whole.

When the banana is ripe, the top will break easily when you push it between your fingers while holding the stalk in one hand. You can then peel the banana all the way down without bending it awkwardly and risking damaging or impairing the fruit’s integrity.

The banana flower’s remnants may occasionally fall on you. You may separate these tiny, pointed black nibs before pealing the banana.

Although many primates do not naturally consume bananas, several recordings of monkeys have shown how these creatures instinctively use the “proper” approach to peel a banana. by holding the stalk with their feet as they open the top with their hands.

Then again, you might find an odd joe who might bite the peel and get straight to business, but that might turn a few heads your way if you do it in public.

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