How to Draw a Rose

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How to Draw a Rose

Drawing and sketching is enjoyable pastime. Not only do you create something of your own, but it is a relaxing experience. If you love art and want to create a sketch of a rose but don’t know how to begin, we can help.

This is a beginner’s guide on how to draw a rose. We will walk you through the full process from beginning to end, sketching each petal individually. You can use a plain pencil or colored pencil.  Afterward, you can leave it as a sketch or go over it with watercolor paints.

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Follow our 6 step process and draw a beautiful rose.

#1. Choose your rose

Go into the garden or buy a single rose. Choose one with a shape and color that you love.

#2. Choose a pencil

You don’t want anything too dark, so go for a light touch with a 2H or even a 3H lead. Don’t press hard. Keep your lines light and loose, remembering that you are drawing a living plant. In case of errors, have an eraser handy. Draw the outline. This should be a circle. Put a small mark where the center of the rose is going to be.

#3. Draw the petals

Your rose is just a collection of individual petals that come out from the center. As you move towards the edges, the petals open up more. Start to draw the small tighter petals in the center.  Sketch them lightly.

The petals are not round but more of an elongated circular shape. As they overlap, they get larger and wider away from the middle.

#4. Add color

This can be with colored pencils or even watercolor. For this guide, we are going to stick with colored pencils. Choose one that matches the color of your rose most accurately.  Start from the center outwards, adding color and shade.

If your rose is more than one color i.e., red merging into oranges and even pinks, add the colors separately but very lightly and blend together to look natural.

#5. Create detail

Now start to add little extras. If the rose petals are uneven, show this. Use not only straight but curvy lines too. Think of the rose as lots of different unique petals and show the personality of each one.

#6. Adding variations

Just by pressing harder on the pencil, you can change the way the petals look. A darker color can indicate shade but keep it fluid. Try to add movement and volume so that the rose looks 3D rather than just a flat image.

Take your time and enjoy the process. Once your rose is complete, you can move on to other flowers or just different types and colors of roses. Eventually, you will be able to draw whole collections of flowers, each with their intricate detail.

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Rather than draw them on loose paper and mislay them, buy a beautiful sketchbook and begin to fill it. Soon you will have your very own unique book of beautiful sketches and drawings of roses.

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