How to Deal With Unpleasant and Difficult Days?

Difficult moments and bad days are part of everyone’s life. There is no way we can always be on the crest of the wave. There are days when events just go wrong and sometimes things don’t even depend on us. What to do these days? How to deal with the moments when everything seems to go wrong? Of course, there is a way.

1. Stop taking hard days as a bad thing

They are a part of life. The fact that you have coped with certain difficulties and obstacles brings you a lot of experience and strength. The next day you can turn around and say, “Yes, I did it.” This will bring you energy and make you feel the power that is inside you.

2. Accept these days

They are the balance of life. Not everything can be forever pink and beautiful. It is not necessary. Life is balanced. There are black and white, high and low, good and bad. To deny something that exists is not very right.

Wearing pink glasses and refusing to accept the situation as unpleasant will also not help. Accept the situation as it is. Try to lower the etiquette and not sink into negativity and just accept things.

3. Remember that difficult moments are what build your persona

Rewind the tape back. Remember a few difficult moments in life. Each of them took something from you but also gave you a lot. These taught you strength, patience, courage. It has given you another step toward maturing. Be grateful for that.

4. It won’t be always like that

Do not cling to a difficult moment or an unpleasant day. Of course, it won’t be always like that. Neither happiness is eternal, nor does unhappiness last forever. Everything is a cycle. Life is periods and waves.

Today we are down, tomorrow we are up, then down again and up again, and so on until the end. This is the balance of life. Every moment has its beauty, even if it’s difficult.

Every moment has something good in it. Learn to make the most of situations. Don’t focus on how hard it is for you right now or how bad you feel, but relax.

Experience this emotion as well. Give yourself a palette of emotions. Who said being sad is a bad thing. Experience this too. Then release. An emotion that has arisen in you cannot disappear in space. Experience it.

5. Relax

If you have had a hard day, do not resist the events or your emotions. Leave them. Allow your thoughts to flow one after the other until they subside. Give yourself enough sleep and allow your mind and body to rest. Do what makes you relax and release some of the negative energy you have accumulated. It can be a dream, a walk in nature, or solitude.

6. You don’t have to play the negative scenario a million times

When something bad has happened to us or when something weighs on us, we have the ability to turn those thoughts into our heads a million times. We can think for hours about a situation that burdens and weighs us down.

This is totally unnecessary. Let go of the negative situation. Give your mind a chance to rest. What happened is a thing of the past. Look ahead.

7. Tomorrow is a new day

Today you did what you could. Remember that everyone gives their best at the moment according to their current beliefs. And you have given your best on this day, at this moment. Give tomorrow a chance.

8. Don’t compare yourself to anyone

Everyone has bad days and difficult moments. Society has imposed an understanding that people can only show their happiness outside. Very rarely does anyone boldly state that they do not feel happy or sad.

Society teaches us that we must be “eternally” happy, which is impossible and unnecessary. That would not be useful for us. It creates a feeling that something is wrong when we feel bad.

On the contrary, everything is fine and this is completely normal. Do not compare yourself with others who show their rosy sides of life. We are all human beings and we go through similar life situations and difficulties. It’s human.

Not everyone has the courage to be vulnerable and show both their happiness and their pain. Do not compare yourself in a difficult time with someone else who is now in the prime of his happiness. Everything is a cycle and nothing remains the same forever. Situations are changing. Give them a chance.

9. Give yourself love and support

Give yourself love right now, because you deserve it. Be gentle and accepting of yourself. Be understanding and don’t judge yourself for mistakes or what you could have done better. The past day remains in the past. Tomorrow is a new day. Believe that everything happens for the good.

10. Don’t look for solutions right now

If you have had a difficult day and you feel tense, then take a break. Don’t try to look for a solution to problems or ways to deal with them right now. In these situations, sleep is the best medicine. The new day will bring more clarity and peace.

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