How to Deal With Nuisance Neighbors

Nuisance Neighbours

There is nothing more frustrating than experiencing problems with your neighbors. Not only do you feel like you are being treated badly in your own home but there is also no getting away from it because this is where you live. Disputes can get out of control quickly and many people may not know the steps they should take or where they stand legally.

Dealing with the neighbors from hell is a tricky business because you are always wary of making the situation worse whilst also trying to get on with your own life in the process. If things really do get bad though there is help available and you shouldn’t put up with anything that is a disturbance or an invasion of your privacy. Here are a few steps to take if the family from hell decided to take up residence next door.

Keep A Record

At the first sign of any considerable trouble, you should start to keep a record of exactly what is going on. Recording dates and times will be a great help in the future if further action is required and you will have much more grounds to make a complaint if you have written proof.

Have A Polite Word

The worst thing you can do is rush straight in and make a complaint without attempting to talk to your neighbor to resolve the issue. Many problems can be sorted out merely by broaching the issue politely. Your neighbor may not even be aware that they are causing the disruption or might be more than happy to reach some sort of compromise.

Form An Alliance

This doesn’t have to be as drastic as the word alliance makes it sound but asking other neighbors in the area if they too have been disrupted could strengthen your case. Also, your nuisance neighbor may be more willing to change their ways if they know they are upsetting the whole street as opposed to just one individual.

Research Your Rights

Another thing you should definitely not do is take matters into your own hands without researching what your right are in your situation. The last thing you want is to be accused of trespassing and end up in trouble yourself.

An example of this could be a dispute over a tree that is overhanging in your garden. A lot of arguments can occur over problems like this and it will only take a few minutes of research to see if you are in your rights to prune any overhanging branches. Incidentally, in most cases, you are quite within your rights to do this.

Seek Legal Advice

When things reach a critical level the best thing to always do is to seek legal advice. Armed with your diary of events, an appropriate law firm will be able to inform you of exactly where you stand and what action it is necessary to take.

It is also best to stay local when looking for a lawyer since they are more likely to be familiar with your particular council’s policies.

Seeking legal advice should not be regarded as an underhand tactic and is the common sense approach when things get to a certain level. Nuisance neighbors can really put a strain on different areas of your life and it is important that you take the appropriate steps to rectify any issues.