How to Charge Your iPhone and Retain 100% Battery Capacity for 2 Years

iPhones are some of the most popular smartphones worldwide. However, the battery capacity of these devices tends to downgrade over the years, which means that, even if the phone reaches its full charge, it won’t last as much as a new iPhone with a fresh battery.

The good news is that this problem seems to have a solution now. TikTok creator Shoeandtech recently uploaded a video to the social media app where he reveals that his iPhone 12 pro has retained 100% of its battery capacity, even after two years!

@shoandtech Stop charging your phone overnight! Optimized charging isn’t as great as you think it is! #iphone #android #batteryhealth #tech #shoandtech ♬ original sound – Shomes | Tech & Lifestyle

According to the TikTok creator, a common habit that most people have might be responsible. He says that leaving your phone charging overnight might be harming your battery and degrading its capacity. It seems to apply to any method you use to charge your phone, from Lightning cables to wireless chargers.

Shomes (Shoeandtech) says that it’s better to charge your iPhone “as it needs it.” Hence, if you see that your phone has about 30-50 percent charge, it’s best if you wait until the next day so that you can keep an eye on it while it charges. The battery will receive less output, and it’ll be easier for it to last for more time.

Most phone tech experts would recommend paying attention to your device’s charge percentage to prevent the battery from receiving damage in the long run. There are other good charge management habits that could apply, but not everyone has the same lifestyle, and it could be complicated for them to implement them into their everyday life.

Many people have occupations that require them to be out of home for prolonged periods, and sometimes, they may not have chargers available. If you’re able to charge your phone whenever you want, then this method is worth a try, and wait for a while to see if what you’ve done is actually taking effect.

You can also consider a few other tricks to make your iPhone’s battery last longer. For instance, one of the most common methods is to use the background refresh option, which is automatically activated whenever the Low Power Mode is on.

You can find it under the general tab of your iPhone’s settings, and it allows you to choose the apps that will use the feature more freely, even if you’re not in Low Power Mode right now. This setting also allows you to customize whether background app refresh can only be used on Wi-Fi or Cellular.

Generally speaking, there are many habits you can take advantage of if you want to iPhone to have the best life and last longer, but it’s entirely up to you to apply them.

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