Cheerful Horse “Ruined” the Show of a Maternity Photoshoot

Credits: Kristen Zaffiro

As anybody that keeps pets will attest, animals quickly become part of the family. So much so that we frequently look to include them in our most precious memories. That was the thinking of Cincinnati couple Phil and Amanda Eckstein, who arranged a photoshoot in the final week of Amanda’s pregnancy.

Credits: Kristen Zaffiro

Gathering their treasured horses around them, the couple commissioned Amanda’s cousin Kristen Zaffiro, a professional photographer, to capture this moment in time. In such a scenario, you’d be forgiven for expecting the mother-to-be to be the star of the show.

Buckshot the horse had other ideas, though. Demonstrating a rubber face that would make Jim Carrey blush, Buckshot set the internet alight with mirth after photobombing the snap with a huge grin, immediately going viral afterward.

Credits: Kristen Zaffiro
Credits: Kristen Zaffiro
Credits: Kristen Zaffiro

The photos had already been postponed twice due to adverse weather, and despite the absence of Phil’s daughter due to a prior commitment, Amanda decided to go ahead. Driving to the terrain where their horses roam, Buckshot’s interest in the photoshoot quickly became evident.

There was no time to rearrange the shoot, as Amanda was prepared to give birth on any day. If that did not arise, a C-section was booked, as the baby was definitely ready to join the world. As a result, it was decided that the images captured – Buckshot and all – would comprise the photoshoot.

The internet is packed with videos and guides on how to make horses smile. It seems this is considered one of the first tricks that many new owners attempt. What’s so magical about Buckshot’s reaction is that his glee is so unpromoted and genuine.

The surprise on the face of Amanda and Phil is clear to see, and they cannot resist roaring with laughter themselves as Buckshot mugs for the camera. The horse was already beloved for his playful and goofy nature, and now this behavior has been immortalized.

This event is probably unsurprising to horse lovers, who are acutely aware of the emotional range displayed by these majestic animals. Horses can detect human emotion, no matter how complex, and more importantly, know when we’re faking it. Soft words with a scowl on our faces will not fool a horse.

Clearly, Buckshot was delighted for his human owners and reveled in their happiness. This is a relief in many respects. Nobody wants to manage the needs of a jealous horse when there is already a new baby demanding attention!

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