Adorable Highland Cattle Calves Are the World’s Cuddliest Little Cows


Humankind’s relationship with animals is complex. For many, domesticated animals fall distinctly into two camps – critters bred for companionships, such as cats, dogs, and rabbits, and farmyard beasts such as cows, sheep, and even horses.

After all, many of us may have shared a bed with a cat or dog at some point. Would you permit a Friesian cow to lie on your covers?

Animal rights activists believe there should be no such differentiation. The adorable Highland Cattle calf may bring weight to this argument.

Originating from remote areas of the Scottish countryside, Queen Elizabeth II introduced a rule that Highland Cattle reside in Balmoral Castle, a holiday home for the Royal Family. The cattle are imported to numerous overseas nations, including the USA.

Now, it’s a universal truth that baby animals are adorable. This is never truer than when discussing Highland Cattle. These cows are born with a full body of downy fur, essential for surviving the harsh winters of Scotland – Highland Cattle can thrive in similar temperatures to famously hardy animals like reindeer.

This fur has earned them the informal nickname of “fluffy cows” – while, as calves, they resemble puppies. Take a look at some of these charming snapshots to see what we mean.


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Now, you’re likely to have fallen in love with Highland Cattle calves. That doesn’t mean that you can rush out and adopt one, though. It’s important to remember that we’re talking about calves here.

A mature male Highland bull can weigh in at around 1,800 lbs, while a female will also tip the scales at over 1,000 lbs. The cows will also stand at no less than three-and-a-half feet in height.

Highland Cattle are only suitable for farms, where they remain popular thanks to their docile temperament and prosperity for creating deliciously creamy milk. Typically, the animals are found in cooler climes, though they remain popular across the country, whether as ranch pets or for *other* purposes.

The American Highland Cattle Association offers more information on this – a trigger warning for any reader that objects to the consumption of animals as a food source.

The Highland Cattle breed is hardy, versatile, and friendly. These traits add to their charm. In our heart of hearts, though, we acknowledge that Highland Cattle have risen to prominence through the cuteness of their calves.

Long may this continue. We all benefit from understanding that cows and cattle are just as valuable as smaller animals and deserve equal respect and admiration.

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