Harvard’s Top Astronomer Believes Aliens Tried to Contact Us in 2017


An unknown flying object with a blunt shape and weird appearance flew towards Earth in 2017; you may recollect this. In this area, further information on the event may be found.

The object’s remarkable speed and half-mile length piqued the interest of researchers in alien life. This sparked their curiosity about the issue. A Harvard University astronomy professor has published a book in which he claims that the enormous object was created by extraterrestrial life. In the opinion of most experts, Oumuamua was a natural phenomenon; yet, the book was just recently published.

In his book “Extraterrestrial: The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth,” Dr. Avi Loeb outlines the logic for his view that the object discovered in 2017 was an attempt to contact our planet from another planet in the cosmos throughout its 240 pages. Observer Loeb believes the item was a probe attempting to get in touch with Earth. In this book, Dr. Loeb explains why he thinks the 2017 discovery isn’t what it seems to be at first glance.

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Researchers from the University of Maryland released a report detailing their findings in the 2019 issue of Nature Astronomy. This study describes the researchers’ findings that the gigantic space object was unusual because of its color, lack of comet-like velocity, and lack of gas emissions in the manner that one would anticipate from a comet. The researchers documented their results in a report they authored.

According to a report, Loeb, on the other hand, has said that he is wary of jumping to unsupported conclusions or making assumptions that might lead to errors. To counteract this fallacy, he makes the case in his book that we should always evaluate all of the options available to us at any given moment. Why is this issue so important to him? Because he knows that humans aren’t the most intellectual race on other planets in reality.

What this mysterious object may be, its origins are certain to come from an advanced culture located a long distance away (in other words, light-years). “Astronomers had never seen a natural object of such massive proportions in the solar system before,” according to NASA, which has established that it came from another solar system and that its course through space was unlike that of a comet.

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