Hair Removal – Less Hair or True to Nature?

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You don’t have to be a connoisseur to notice that more and more athletes are resorting to hair removal procedures. According to many people, men have become vainer on this issue even more than women. With this article, I will try to answer some questions related to the hair removal in question.

Body hair removal is a procedure that must be performed throughout the year. This is not a problem that we only have to deal with in the summer. Before beauty treatments, everyone should be aware that the cosmetic effect is not their most serious problem.

There are many methods for this, but no one can say exactly which is the most effective. It is important to know that according to the laws of normal human physiology, as well as according to Murphy’s laws, eternal hair removal cannot and does not exist, much less “once and for all” hair removal.

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Hair is an appendage of the skin that appears above the dermis. Passing through the upper skin layers, it comes to the surface of our bodies through the sebaceous glands, which serve us by sweating.

Hair structure

Doctors divide hair growth into three phases. The first phase is when the hair follicle is created and begins active growth. The second phase occurs when the hair that has penetrated the dermis is in a stable state. After some time in this state, it just falls.

When it falls, the third phase occurs, that is, when the hair follicle is a sac that is preparing to create a new stem, from which to have new hair. Those of us who are witty would immediately realize that complete hair removal cannot happen at once.

Because even if we remove the current hairs, the follicle will produce new ones in their place.

Good old testosterone is again to blame for human hair. Male bodies produce about 20 times more testosterone, which explains why men have much more hair than women.

Therefore, the use of banned substances that cause hormonal imbalances threatens your body with unwanted hair. It is extremely important for many women to know that fine hairs around the mammary glands, as well as light moss on the upper lip, are not a sign of disease.

In case of coarse and thick hair on the face, chest, or abdomen, you should consult an endocrinologist. Only the doctor in question can determine the cause of the hormonal imbalance and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

It is not clear why, but it is a fact that women from the Mediterranean are hairier than those from the Nordic countries.

Hair removal methods

The methods for hair removal are many and varied. Shaving is without a doubt the easiest and fastest way to get rid of hair. Unfortunately, this painless method is extremely ineffective.

Studies have shown that 5% of women have less hair after the procedure. In others, hair became rough and thick, so women rarely resort to this method. Often, two days after shaving, the hair reappears in an even worse way for us. Not to mention that there is a risk of cutting or inflammation of the skin.

Many women use tweezers for less hair. It is good to follow certain tips with this method, such as it is good to know that tweezers should have sloping and polished edges to make it harder to grasp part of your skin. Of course, many of you are already guessing that this procedure is performed in a well-lit place.

To reduce the pain, we can first warm the treated area. This would open your pores and help pull out your hair easier. Each hair is pulled out with a sharp movement, so we reduce the likelihood of it breaking. After the procedure, it is desirable to smear the area with anti-inflammatory cream to soothe any reaction of our skin.

Many people use bleaching to mask hair. This creates the visual impression that there are no hairs. Of course, this only applies to small hairs such as moss on the cheeks, chin, or above the lips.

The method requires special care because some skin types are sensitive to the chemicals contained in bleaching creams. Therefore, it is good to test a small part of our skin before bleaching to see how it would react. It will be easy for people with lighter hair, and for those with darker hair – a second procedure is often necessary.

Depilatory creams in the fight against the hair

Recently, depilatory creams have become very popular. These are creams that break down hair chemically. They are sold in a variety of types: dry, like cream foam, or even spray.

Unfortunately, some depilatory creams can cause very severe skin reactions. The disadvantage of this method is that the hair burns only above its follicle. So in just a few days, the hairs make a come back on our bodies.

It is good to know that it is not desirable to leave the depilatory cream on your body more than the manufacturer has indicated. Strictly follow the instructions on the package.


An extremely common method is the so-called waxing. Waxing can be of two types, hot and cold. The heat sticks better to our body, so it is used for epilation of the intimate areas, under the arms, and sometimes the chest and back. Cold is used for legs and arms.

The method is permanent because the hair is pulled out of its root, only a month later you will have to do this procedure again. It is important to know that 24 hours after the procedure, the use of soaps and perfumes is not recommended, because some of their ingredients can irritate your already sensitive skin.


There are also machines called epilators. These are machines that pull hair from your skin, just like tweezers. The good thing is that they can be used constantly and after long use, the hair decreases. Unfortunately, the procedure is quite painful, especially in the area of the triangle or under the arms.

With all types of hair pulling from the skin, improper later growth can occur. That is, the hair begins to grow inside the skin, not above it, so you can get pus pimples and sores on your body.

Modern methods of hair removal

The most modern methods of hair removal are permanent ones. Such is, for example, electroepilation. Electroepilation is a method in which a needle is inserted into the hair root through which a weak current flows. Thus the hair falls out under the influence of the current.

Unfortunately, about 100 hairs are treated in one procedure and 30% of them never grow back. The danger to sensitive skin remains here. During photo epilation, the hair is irradiated with a certain type of light. Thus the follicle of the hair itself is destroyed.

As you can guess, this is an extremely effective method, takes little time, and is painless. Unfortunately, the method is expensive and inaccessible to most of us. According to modern European beauticians, the most effective method ever created is laser hair removal.

Laser radiation destroys the follicle only at a certain stage of hair growth and therefore a course of procedures is needed, which are done every 3-4 weeks. Up to 500 hairs can be removed in one session.

The effect of laser hair removal lasts 4 to 7 years after use. In practice, this is a method without side effects. Unfortunately, the method is extremely expensive and inaccessible to the general public.

Before resorting to this type of procedure, think about whether it is worth it. Side effects include pimples all over the body, risk of infections, and violent disapproval of the skin.

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