Hacker ‘Wearing Pajama Pants’ Brings Down North Korea’s Entire Internet


According to reports, an American hacker took down all of North Korea’s Internet as revenge for the cyber-attack by Pyongyang.

Although it’s an odd one, it appears that the hacker, identified only as P4x, launched a series of ‘distributed Denial of Service‘ (DDoS) attacks against the small hermit country, which caused the entire nation’s online world to a halt.

Emails stopped working and the websites of the government were also affected.

DDoS basically saturates the system with fake traffic. This takes up all the bandwidth available, which limits the processing power of the website’s server and causes the site to grind to a halt.

The rules in North Korea prevent everyone from using the internet. Only a few high-ranking officials or academics are allowed.

Additionally, we are not familiar with many North Korean websites available on the wider Internet.

There are two sites that you can access on the internet: Air Koryo (the state airline) and Naenara (a site operated by the North Korean government).

P4x has been relentlessly attacking websites over the last few weeks, even though Pyongyang’s powers thought that the country was under attack by a Western power.

Experts believed the attacks might have been connected to recent missile tests by the North Korean military. This has caused much concern in the region.

Wired Magazine reports that it was not some shadowy arm of another country acting but an American man wearing a T-shirt and pajama trousers and slippers sitting in his living area night after night, eating spicy corn snacks and watching Alien movies.

The magazine stated that the hacker was “periodically walking up to his home to check on the progress and the progress of the programs that he was running in order to disrupt the internet for an entire country.”

He claims this is revenge for an attack North Korea made on his personal network last year in an effort to steal his hacking technology.

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