Meet Goliath, the Baby Cow Raised With Dogs Who Thinks He’s A Dog Too

Does anything raise a smile to even the weariest, most cynical face faster than an unlikely animal friendship? In many respects, watching critters of different species live together reminds us of wholesome Disney movies from our childhood.

In reality, many of these real-world stories have tragic origins similar to fairy tales, too. Thankfully, they invariably result in a happy ending.

Take the story of Goliath the cow, for example. Goliath was born and initially raised on a California dairy farm. Unfortunately, he was a sickly calf that showed limited potential for work. As a result, Goliath was destined for the slaughterhouse until the big-hearted Hubbs family stepped in.

Owners of a ranch and three Great Dane dogs, they brought Goliath to live with them.

Goliath was just a year old when this occurred. That’s still considered a calf, as most cows need at least two years to achieve adulthood. The upshot was that Goliath watched and imitated his new foster brothers and thus believed himself to be a puppy too.

Goliath would eat and drink from a bowl, play chase games with his canine companions, and request tickles and petting from his owner – often waiting for them to come home.

Watch Goliath going about his business here.

Of course, Goliath also picked up a few cheeky habits from his new family. Despite being homed outside, Goliath was prone to inviting himself into the house when left unattended, dozing on the sofa or in a dog bed.

We can only assume that this is no longer logistically possible as Goliath has grown to adult proportions, but anything is possible in the quirky world of animals.

The story of Goliath is ultimately uplifting, regardless of your view on diet and the meat industry. The Hubbs family saved a life that did not need to end, nursing a sick animal back to health.

Goliath went on to live happy and contented days, surrounded by love – not just from his canine friends but also the horses and alpacas that call the Hubbs ranch home.

Ultimately, though, it’s the scenes of Goliath acting like a gleeful puppy that will live long in the memory. As he aged, Goliath no doubt calmed down. This is just as well, as nobody would relish being chased by a playful full-sized cow!

However, those early, formative years will stay with the animal forever, laying the foundations for a long and contented existence.

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