We’re Absolutely Fascinated By These Glow-in-the-dark Lane Markings

Credits: Tarmac Linemarking

Pictures of glow-in-the-dark markings have gone viral on Facebook, accumulating more than 100,000 shares on the site – as News.com.au reports.

Tarmac Linemarking, a road construction company, based in Victoria, Australia, is the company behind the photoluminescent markings, which are part of a “trial run.”

The government helped with some of the funding to conduct this “experiment” on road treatments. Now, regarding this specific test, it extends over one kilometer of a highway located in southeast Victoria.

The effect is astonishing. While it may look like a regular highway during the day, it’s something entirely different once the sun sets, making it seem like a scene taken out of a Sci-Fi production.

However, the intention wasn’t solely to provide the highway with fascinating visuals. It also has a technical purpose, as it is meant to improve the visibility of the overall area and help people drive better during the night.

The coating utilized for the markings absorbs sunlight during the day and then releases said energy in the form of light at night, creating a beautiful scene.

A spokesperson interviewed by News.com.au said that the photoluminescent effect should be active “most of the night” during a sunny day. However, it is unclear if the lights would be as strong during overcast weather.

It’s not the first-time application of this type that appears. Still, it’s an experiment, and it is meant to provide us with useful information regarding how it could improve nighttime traffic.

While it can be a more “sustainable” option, it is unclear how the situation will go once the coating starts wearing down.

The markings have sparked debate on social media, as people have started to discuss whether the glow-in-the-dark lane markings are more effective than the already implemented road reflectors, which are equipped with retro-reflective technology that “shines” back at the driver whenever the light from their vehicle’s headlights impacts them.

Perhaps the line markings will have more specific applications, such as highways known to be high-risk or perhaps on pedestrian or bicycle paths, to prevent accidents from happening that often.

Still, a long time will pass until we start seeing these glow-in-the-dark lane markings in more areas. It’s important to gather more data and conduct more studies. Still, seeing it in person could be a mesmerizing experience for most people.

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