This Gigantic Mech Suit Can Be Yours For $3 Million

A Japanese startup, helmed by the innovative 25-year-old Ryo Yoshida, has unveiled five mech suits that can seamlessly transition between robotic and vehicle forms. These mechanical giants, standing almost 15 feet in height and weighing about 3.5 tons, are creations of Tsubame Industries and are labeled “Archax.”

Anyone with a spare $3 million can secure one of these mechanical marvels. Reuters shared this development on Monday after conversing with Yoshida. The inspiration behind this modern behemoth stems from the renowned winged prehistoric creature, archaeopteryx, from which it draws its name.

To maneuver the robust iron and steel-framed Archax, one has to ascend a short ladder to access a cockpit located in the mech’s torso. Once inside, a network of nine cameras linked to four monitors provides a panoramic view, including details like battery status, velocity, inclination, and orientation.

Archax boasts a top speed of 6 mph and offers two configurations—a four-wheeled standing robotic format and a sleek vehicular mode where the cockpit tilts back 17 degrees while the seat remains vertical.

The mech’s mobility, as well as its operational arms and hands, are governed by a combination of joysticks and dual pedals. Distinct from numerous other robotic offerings in today’s market, Archax is not primarily engineered for intensive real-world scenarios.

Presently, as described by Tsubame, its purpose is simply to be “cool.” However, this doesn’t imply Yoshida and the Tsubame team lack ambition.

They envision future Archax iterations serving practical purposes, potentially aiding in areas like disaster recovery, search missions, and even space exploration. But for the moment, Tsubame seems content with its high-end novelty stature.