Former Boat Builder Sculpts Breathtaking Wooden Bathtubs

These “sculptures” for the bathroom are functional pieces of art. They can be used again without depleting resources, are safe for humans and the environment, provide superior insulation, and are made to last a lifetime.

A man who used to make boats is now famous for his stunning bathroom fixtures.

It used to be that Nathie Katzoff constructed boats. Now, though, his whole focus is on crafting luxurious and functional baths. Katzoff applies his expertise in carpentry and construction to design environmentally friendly, statement bathtubs. And this is unlike any tub you’ve seen before.

Each of his one-of-a-kind tub creations is made by hand from eco-friendly domestic and exotic hardwoods that have been treated with a protective finish that makes them lustrous, smooth, and waterproof.

As described on his website, Tubs need no upkeep and are resistant to moisture, dryness, and conventional cleaning solutions.

And the tubs retain heat for a more extended period of time than their metal or porcelain counterparts due to the superior insulating properties of wood.

Prices for Katz’s bespoke creations begin at roughly $30,000. Consider this alternative if you’re interested in a wood tub but don’t have much cash.

It exemplifies all that may be admired in human endeavors: ingenuity, craftsmanship, aesthetics, and utility.

Designing a wooden tub that has been pleasing and functional for many years is a significant task. Even more so, Katzoff has mastered the process. Ensuring the wood is prepared to endure heavy usage and, of course, a lot of water is a tough operation.

Katzoff’s early interest in woodworking sprang from his experiences on athletic vacations with his buddies, many of which included sailing. This evolved into a profession in boat construction. However, nowadays, Katzoff spends all of his time at his Seattle business constructing bespoke furnishings.

However, bathtubs weren’t his company’s first focus.

It all started when a friend commissioned Katzoff to create a staircase for their home. Since the undertaking was so well received, he has been contacted by other individuals desiring a similarly fashionable addition to their homes. With time, his interest in wooden and water-based objects refocused on luxury baths.

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