Facebook Exec Says Metaverse Will Let You Betray Your Friends In VR

As the weather takes on a slight chill and the autumn leaves begin to fall, and you might even be dressed in corduroy, it can only mean one thing: Meta’s Connect Conference is here. Taking the form of a pre-recorded keynote video this year, Connect 2022 had much to offer and was truly something to behold!

The hour-and-a-half-long clip contained a wealth of information. It featured the unveiling of a new product and motion-captured legs for executive avatars.

A plethora of nods blankly toward the camera throughout the video, providing an eye-catching spectacle. Most intriguingly, however, was the promise of a future where we could betray those closest to us in the metaverse. A long-awaited feature for many, no doubt!

Innersloth, the developers behind the widely popular game, recently announced that a VR version is coming soon.

Promising not to disappoint the original game’s loyal fans, they have assured that it will include all of the same elements – treachery and deceit, which appears to be a selling point for the metaverse considering Mark Zuckerberg’s own experience with it. After all, it was the entire premise of the Social Network.

Facebook may have a penchant for taking the Just Buy It approach, but it’s increasingly evident that buying its way to metaverse dominance won’t suffice. Fortunately, if you are intrigued by the Among Us acquisition, much more can be explored in this realm.

However, Mark Zuckerberg is not fretting as he has found a way to collaborate with various entities from across the spectrum.

This includes NBC’s Peacock for the older demographic, Microsoft and Zoom to cater to work life and iconic games like Among Us that appeal to generations. Overall, Zuck is doing all he can to bring his vision to life.

The potential of “Among Us” in the virtual reality space may not be entirely necessary, considering that most of the technological advancements showcased have yet actually to be implemented in a tangible, practical manner.

Zuckerberg’s decision to make a big gamble has the potential for success. He hopes to get as many people aboard his meta-ship as possible, potentially propelling it to success. At the very least, he will have plenty of company if the venture does not go according to plan. This is a risk he is willing to take to succeed.

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