Elon Musk’s Mom Pleads With Everyone to Stop Being So Mean to Her Perfect Boy

Maye Musk was recently a guest in “The Elon Musk Show,” which is all about SpaceX, Tesla, and now Twitter’s CEO, Elon Musk. The woman asked the world “to stop being mean to her son,” and called out people for being jealous of her son’s achievements.

Elon Musk has been subject to controversy multiple times in the latest years. From abuse allegations to Twitter polemics, it seems that the “super genius” image that Elon has built throughout his career has started to fall down and makes him seem like a man-child.

According to Insider, Maye Musk referred to her son as a “genius.” Nevertheless, regardless of the opinion that people may have about Elon, she’s still her mom, and it is more than natural for her to act defensive when the whole world (or at least a great part of it) is against the latest comments and ideas that her son has been making in social media and interviews.

She says suggests that her boy is nothing more but a “misunderstood prodigy,” and that his life is extremely complicated.

However, what Maye Musk fails to understand is that her son earned that bad reputation on the web himself.

After showing erratic and chaotic behavior over the years (especially on Twitter), it seems that the world has started to realize the kind of person that Elon actually is. In fact, Maye has been tagged in many tweets that were actually intended for her son, which could be the cause for her to comment on the issue.

Elon’s mother also fails to see that her son is more than the CEO of some of the most prestigious companies in the world, as well as the richest man alive. He has become an internet troll and a very active shitposter, and somehow, these facts have started to “link” to his work.

If you’ve been on the internet for a while, you realize that there’s a trick to the so-called “freedom of speech” that Elon loves to talk about.

Everyone has it, and it’s impossible for people to dictate who has the right to say certain things or not. Hence, Elon believes that he can get away with bullying and censoring criticism. That isn’t the exact opposite of the concept of “freedom of speech”?

Maye Musk is not the only person who defended the Tesla CEO recently. Dolly Singh, former SpaceX talent chief, was a guest during the first episode of the show. She said that whenever Elon finished “building his legacy, it will be unquestionable that he is a combination of Einstein, Tesla, and Rockefeller.” The keyword here is “unquestionable.”

Let’s summarize. Since Elon is basically more of a genius than any other remarkable historical figure of our time, he’s allowed to get away with pretty much any malicious comment (to avoid saying “bullying” or “trolling”).

He’s actually misunderstood, and his life is very, very complicated. We should all stop being mean to him!

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