Dog With Giant Fluffy Ears Looks Just Like a Real-life Mickey Mouse

Pets are little pleasant creatures that many of us like to keep at home like our close buddies. Many treat them like members of their families, and they are accorded certain rights and privileges.

While we have all come to expect pets to come in different sizes and appearances, many of us will be shocked to find a pet dog that looks like a famous cartoon character. Funny enough, that is exactly how many of us reacted when we found a pet dog that looks like one of our favorite cartoon characters: the legendary Mickey Mouse.

goma mickey mouse dog 1

Meet Goma

Little Goma is a Maltese and Papillon crossbreed whose picture hit Instagram by storm and garnered the likes of more than 60,000 Instagram users within a very short time. Little Goma has large and fluffy ears, just like Mickey Mouse.

In fact, merely staring at her evokes the image of Mickey Mouse, at least for those of us who know who Mickey Mouse is. Already 4 years old, Goma lives with her owner in Japan, and after her image hit the internet and created such a sonic wave, she was given a new nickname by her fans, “Mickey Mouse Dog.”

goma mickey mouse dog 2

Despite her large ears, her fans love her for it, and she has become a social media sensation. Her body is all white but with grey ears. Another incredible feature worth mentioning about Goma is that her ears are unusually fluffy, making her Mickey Mouse connection all the more striking.

Ignorance is Bliss

Despite the media storm her appearance is generating, Goma is unaware of her newfound fame. Perhaps she considers herself a regular dog and goes about her daily routine like every other canine.

She enjoys playing with her toys, naps on her warm bed when necessary, and goes for walks with her owner regularly. Goma does what every regular dog does; large ears or not.

goma mickey mouse dog 13

A growing trend pushed by Pet-influencers

In recent times, images of adorable pets are beginning to trend on social media, particularly on Instagram. More than a few of them have made names for themselves, and their posts generate a lot of interest.

The images of these pets are so adorable; it is almost impossible not to pause and take in their beauty as you scroll down your timeline. So here is a huge cheer to Goma, The Mickey Mouse Dog, and a worthy mention of her owner, who has done a fantastic job taking care of our fluffy large-eared friend.

Goma: Instagram

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