Chinese Giant Panda Breeding Center Revealed Adorable Images of 10 New Born Pandas

Credits: imagechina & Li Qiaoqiao / Corbis

Pandas are among the most lovable creatures on the face of the world. Their characteristic patterns on the fur, chubbiness, and clumsiness appear to have a certain charm about them. These adorable, cuddly bears are also innocent and playful, adding to their charm. In a video, a panda cub is seen rolling and tumbling around while its mother is trying to rake leaves with the help of the zookeeper. Such an adorable creature!

Are you interested to know more about what a baby panda looks like and how it is cared for? If you answered yes, this article would make everything apparent.

A giant panda breeding center in Ya’an, Sichuan province, China, has released gorgeous images of ten newborn pandas, which may be found here. These delicate creatures were on exhibit, and they captured the hearts of millions of people.

Visitors to the institution were drawn to the facility because of the cubs. Upon their first appearance, these cubs were found sleeping peacefully in baskets. Some people said that it was the most peaceful scene they had ever witnessed in their lives.

Because these puppies were only one week to two months old, the breeding center’s personnel had to keep a close eye on them at all times. Fortunately, all ten cubs were doing exceptionally well.

Giant pandas, sometimes known as pandas, are found mostly in temperate forests high in the mountains of southwest China, where they eat only bamboo. Giant pandas are the largest panda species (shoots, leaves, and stems). They consume between 26 and 84 pounds per day, allowing them to grow to up to 200 pounds for females and up to 300 pounds for males.

Even though these images were first published several years ago, they still receive millions of views today. Who could resist the adorableness of a baby panda?

Newborn Pandas03
Credits: imagechina & Li Qiaoqiao / Corbis
Newborn Pandas05
Credits: imagechina & Li Qiaoqiao / Corbis
Newborn Pandas07
Credits: imagechina & Li Qiaoqiao / Corbis
Newborn Pandas08
Credits: imagechina & Li Qiaoqiao / Corbis
Newborn Pandas14
Credits: imagechina & Li Qiaoqiao / Corbis

According to estimates, there are around 1,864 pandas left in the wild today.

China’s giant panda breeding institutes have been working relentlessly to protect and sustain the species’ population for many years. They work to provide suitable habitats for these species and provide them with the necessary care.

As you may be aware, giant pandas only have one cub every two years, which is why they are so endangered. That is why the birth of a big panda cub is something to rejoice over.

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