Cheez-It and Pandora Sonically Aged Cheese With Playing Hip-Hop

Credits: Kellogg Company / PR Newswire

Cheez-It collaborated with Pandora to test a Swiss study that suggested that aging cheese to hip-hop beats could enhance its flavor and aroma. The cheese was allowed to ripen while hip-hop music was played as part of the experiment. While hip-hop music played in the background, the cheese had to mature so that the experiment’s results could be properly analyzed.

In an experiment, hip-hop songs were said to have been used to see if the enjoyable flavor of the popular snack food could be improved. With Pandora and hip-hop music, they achieved their goal of maturing the cheese in seven and a half months.

What’s the plan here? Long-aged cheese and a love of hip-hop culture merged to create the world’s first snack to be aged sonically.

Purchase a box of Cheez-It and Pandora Aged by Audio, to get a taste of the new flavor. New flavors that are better than the original will be noticed. Those who try the new flavor will be able to tell if it’s any better than the old one.

Interviews with hip-hop legends will be featured in a brand-new exclusive series on YouTube called Living Legendz. The series will document the ways in which these prominent figures in the music industry have influenced contemporary musical culture.

SiriusXM radio host Sway Calloway was the one who came up with the idea for the series as a way to celebrate the launch of SiriusXM.

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