Celebrities That Have Profiles on OnlyFans

celebrities with only fans

The now well-known paid adult content platform has long been more than just for adult industry stars. At OnlyFans, more and more celebrities are creating their own profiles, and some of them are earning substantial sums of money from them. Check out some of the stars who decided to strip in OnlyFans.

Cardi B

In August last year, the rapper joined OnlyFans, becoming the first big celebrity with a profile there. From the very beginning, she warned her fans that she would not share nude photos of her, but only those from her personal life.

Tyler Posey

In September, the star of the teen series “Teen Wolf” joined. The creation of his account was marked by a scandalous video. The actor poses naked only on a guitar, which covers his private parts while singing a song about the creation of his new profile.

Bella Thorne

The actress entered OnlyFans with a bang in August. Just hours after her account was created, the site crashed briefly, overwhelmed by the high activity of her page. Bella managed to earn $1 million in just the first 24 hours. This makes her the first to earn so much money in one day.


The artist created an account in September. From the very beginning, he clarified that this is a new platform from which he will be able to speak directly with his fans, offer them exclusive music, photos, and videos, as well as shots from his personal life that his fans have not seen.

Austin Mahone

The artist joined OnlyFans in October and immediately uploaded a provocative photo. Austin showed his joy that his fans will now be able to see another side of him, which is not visible in his other profiles on social networks. Like most artists, he also promised exclusive behind-the-scenes content for his upcoming projects, music, personal photos, and videos.

Chris Brown

In November, the artist created an account that only offers subscription content of $ 20 per month. It is not clear whether Chris will bet on music content and photos from his personal life or will offer his fans more spicy shots.

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