This Cat Is Nicknamed “Zorro” for the Mask-Like Marking Across His Face

Cats always know the best way to steal the spotlight, but Boy, a mixed Persian cat with a peculiar mask-like marking on his face, takes it to a different level. The cat has a black marking through his eyes that resemble the iconic accessory that Zorro wears.

The cat became viral on TikTok after his owner uploaded his first video in November 2021, accumulating more than 1.5 million views and many comments that compare him to the iconic TV character.

His owner, Indraini Wahyudin Noor, lives in Indonesia. He has many other cats, but Noor has admitted that Boy is his favorite one among the rest of his felines.

Noor’s TikTok account has become exclusively for Boy. It has over 750,000 followers and 20 million likes. The videos he uploads feature tons of references to Zorro. One of the account’s most played videos depicts how Noor unwraps a package while Boy is in front of him, and the Zorro theme is in the background. Then, Noor reveals that the package contains a black cat-sized hat and places it on his kitten’s head.

Zorro has many companions, including Bandit, his son, who has the same mask-like markings on his face. People on TikTok enjoy the content that Noor produces for the platform and are deeply charmed by the adventures of Zorro and his adorable son, Bandit.

Noor is quite active on his social media accounts. Hence, you can see more of Zorro and his minions on TikTok and Instagram.


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A mixed Persian cat from Indonesia named “Boy” became a viral sensation on TikTok due to his resemblance to Zorro, the classic character.

The cat’s white fur features an unusual mark that resembles a black mask. After his owner put a hat on his head, the internet baptized him as “Zorro.”

Indrani Wahyudin Noor, Boy’s owner, frequently posts videos of his cat on TikTok and Instagram and says he is his favorite kitten among all the felines he owns.

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