A Castle in Italy Has Braille Etched in the Railing That Describes the View

Credits: @thegallowboob - Twitter

A railing from France in the Castel Sant’Elmo, Vomero Hill, Italy, is topping the trending charts. The reason? The railing at the top of this medieval fortress from Naples, Italy.

While the medieval outlook of this castle brings beauty to this castle, the astonishing scenes of Mount Vesuvius and the Tyrrhenian Sea bring more to the table. The castle includes a unique railing that features braille running approximately 92 feet long placed on a wall overlooking the land.

This braille is for the visually impaired to enjoy the view as well. This art was installed in 2015 by an Italian Artist named Paolo Puddu. Paolo named the railing “Follow the shape.”

This railing includes quotes from various authors and poets written in the local language and English.

Credits: Lidija Pisker

Adding braille to this location made this landmark more accessible and enjoyable for the visually impaired. Hence, regardless of the location, having facilities like braille feels necessary and not an option!

Small innovations like these go a long way toward creating opportunities for disabled people. It’s the modest feet like these worthy of revolting a change. We can progress further with projects like these and create a powerful difference in society.

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