Young Boys Save Baby Beluga Whale Who Washed Up On Shore

A family was on vacation in Canada while enjoying the St. Lawrence River. Suddenly, they were interrupted by an unexpected visitor, it was a surprise guest.

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The family’s young sons were the first to spot the baby beluga whale washed up along the riverbank.

Nicholas Milliard, 15, and his brothers were forced to rush to save the baby calf’s life after she had just lost her mother.

They noticed that the umbilical cord was still attached as they approached the whale. This indicated that the newborn was just hours old.

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Milliard explained to CBC News that he dug a hole for water to accumulate and skin to hydrate.

“Every five minutes, we brought it water. It was getting harder to get water as the water level was decreasing.

The Quebec family managed to keep the baby beluga healthy and alive until help arrived.

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Researchers from the Group for Research and Education on Marine Mammals, (GREMM), arrived to help the baby get back in the water.

In the hope of inducing one of the females to feed her, she was placed alongside another family of belugas.

A baby of just days or hours is desperately in need of a lactating mom to give her a healthy start in life.

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It is vital that the young calf survives, as the beluga population has been declining in this area.

Nicholas Milliard and his younger brothers deserve praise for helping this adorable creature return to its home.

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