Adorable Moment ‘Boog’ the Rescued Baby Bear Meets a Fawn For the First Time

rescued baby bear

Of all the things that can warm even the coldest, most cynical heart, the behavior of baby animals must be close to the top of the list. Young wildlife often acts uniquely adorably, making us smile as we understand the psychology behind these critters discovering the wider world.

There’s one thing even cuter than baby animals, though – such beasts forging unlikely friendships with other species. Take the adventures of Boog the black bear, for example. This cub was sadly orphaned and thus adopted by the big-hearted Joel Rosenthal.

As West Virginia’s Point of View Farm owner, Joel and his team frequently take in injured and orphaned animals. Where possible, the wildlife is treated, rehabilitated, and released back into the wild. If this is not possible, the animals live contentedly on the grounds of the farm.

As discussed, Boog was a resident of the sanctuary. It was here that he met some of his housemates, including a baby deer. Adult black bears tend to hunt deer in the wild, so you’d expect the fawn to show signs of nerves. Instead, it was Boog that was seemingly terrified of this interaction.

Initially, Boog hid behind a stair, watching his new housemate with a combination of curiosity and concern. Eventually, he plucked up the courage to approach – though it would take numerous attempts before Boog would even consider getting up close and personal.

Presumably attempting to make himself taller and thus more potentially intimidating, Boog even staggered onto his hind legs. Watch the video below to see this in action.

This video, as you can probably imagine, rapidly went viral and captured the imagination of many. Even better, though, is this version – slightly longer and captured from a different angle.

If you feel that your heart can cope with the cuteness overload that arises from a curious bear cub offering a ‘kiss’ to his new friend, watch the video below.

These events are heartwarming for many reasons. Boog and the fawn alike have been rescued by the Point of View sanctuary, giving them the best chance of success and survival. Boog is experiencing the simple pleasures of cubhood, blissfully unaware he is a potential predator.

Above all, it’s a reminder of the innocence of animals. Even complete opposites can make friends when asked to share. Maybe we could all learn something from Boog and his companion.

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