This Bird Feeder Brings Birds and Squirrels Partially Into Your House


This window feeder, which looks like a game of peek-a-boo, is a bird watcher’s best ally!

A bird feeder made of transparent plexiglass projects into your home, thanks to some creative thinking. Observe your favorite avian friends up close and personal with this bird feeder.

bird feeder 3

Any single- or double-hung window between 27 and 36 inches wide can be fitted with a clear feeding box.

Feathered buddies will be drawn to your half-cylinder residence because of its shape. You’ll be able to get up and personal with these birds as they fly right up to you, allowing you to get some great photos and an intimate look at the birds.

bird feeder 4

Take your dishwashing to a whole new level by placing a bird feeder in the kitchen window. Using this will allow you to observe birds while you work. You can also place it in the dining room window so that you can enjoy your meal while watching the neighborhood birds.

You might then tell them about your adventures. Finally, place it in your bedroom window so that a bird can startle you awake when you’re fast asleep. This will prevent you from falling asleep again. A good night’s sleep is now guaranteed because of this action.

The sliding door on the top of the feeder makes it easy to refill the bird food without having to leave the comfort of your own home. To open this door, simply slide it left or right.

bird feeder 5

There is a risk that other wild animals, such as chipmunks and squirrels, will be drawn to your work area. If you put food out for them, this could happen.

You can buy this bird feeder on Amazon for your home.

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