Best Toaster For Large Slices of Bread in 2023 (Reviews)

best toaster for large slices

Toasters come in all sorts of designs and shapes, but the ideal ones fit neatly onto any counter, remain within budget, and produce evenly toasted slices of bread each time.

They come in all sorts of forms and sizes, from sleek chrome statement pieces to utilitarian boxes, but the size matters when it comes to toasting large slices.

If you want to skip the reviews, we say get the Panasonic Toaster Oven FlashXpress.

Best Toaster For Large Slices Reviews

Breville 4-Slice BTA840XL Die-Cast Smart Toaster

Breville 4-Slice BTA840XL Die-Cast Smart Toaster, Stainless Steel
  • The Breville 4-Slice Smart Toaster has 4 extra wide slots allowing you to toast your favorite bread...
  • INNOVATIVE FEATURES: 'Lift and Look' and 'A Bit More' allow you to check on your toast or add a little...
  • EXTRA WIDE 4 SLICE CAPACITY: The toaster features a 4 slice capacity and provides extra wide slots to...
  • VARIABLE BROWNING CONTROL: The Breville Smart Toaster 4-slice lets you toast to your ideal brownness...
  • AUTOMATIC CONTROL WITH AUTO LIFT AND LOOK: At the touch of a button, your bread can be automatically...

This stylish toaster is one of the top toasters for large slices on the market, boasting extra-long slots and variable browning control to ensure perfect toast every time.

Additionally, its Lift and Look button allows for continuous monitoring without interrupting its cycle; and its A Bit More function enables you to add extra time if it hasn’t finished cooking yet. Furthermore, there are Defrost settings, Bagel settings, Fruit Bread settings as well as a front crumb tray to facilitate easy cleanup!

This toaster features an attractive yet sturdy die-cast metal body, designed with long slots specifically tailored for dense pastries such as artisanal bread. Additionally, its integrated defrost function saves you time while its “Lift and Look” feature lets you monitor progress without disrupting its cycle.

Reviewers often commented that this toaster was user-friendly and offered consistent toasting, making it well worth its price compared to cheaper models that do not heat evenly or can withstand daily use. Some reviewers reported it being heavy and bulky though.

As is sometimes the case, this model takes longer than others to finish toasting, though most users won’t even notice this slight deficiency. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the option to stop toasting automatically when it has reached the desired level of browning either.

If you need a toaster that will toast large slices, this Breville model should definitely be considered.

But if its performance does not suit your needs, other options on the market such as the KitchenAid 4 Slice Long Slot Toaster may offer comparable features at a much more reasonable cost; its high lift lever and preprogrammed settings for different kinds of toast make this toaster well-worth a look as well.

Cuisinart CPT-160 Metal Classic 2-Slice Toaster

Cuisinart CPT-160 Metal Classic 2-Slice Toaster, Brushed Stainless
  • FUNCTIONAL: This compact toaster is able to fit comfortably on your countertops while toasting bagels,...
  • CAPACITY: Has 2 1.5-inch wide toasting slots for a wide variety of sizes
  • CUSTOM CONTROL: The 6-setting shade dials, reheat, defrost and bagel buttons with LED indicators
  • MUST-HAVE FEATURES: Has an extra-lift carriage lever with slide-out crumb also comes with convenient cord...
  • LIMITED 3-YEAR WARRANTY: Refer to user manual for troubleshooting steps and questions surrounding...

If you need a toaster that can accommodate large slices with ease, Cuisinart offers this model as an option.

With two wide slots that can accept even thick and heavy slices of bread, as well as an advanced high lift lever to prevent smaller ones from dropping through the back, and various functions including bagel, defrost, reheat settings as well as slide-out crumb tray storage and cord wrap features for convenient cord management; plus it comes with a three-year limited warranty!

Unlike some toasters that stand out with their unique design, this model is sleek and contemporary enough to blend in nicely with almost any kitchen decor. Its attractive brushed stainless steel finish looks good out-of-the box; however, fingerprints may show easily on it.

In our tests, this toaster produced respectable toast in terms of color and texture but failed to meet up to our top performers in consistency metric testing; additionally, it left noticeable white areas near crust areas while often over-charring vertical sides while leaving others relatively light.

A great benefit of this toaster is its low price point, making it an excellent option for anyone on a tight budget. Furthermore, its simple dial for setting toast level and convenient bagel, reheat, and defrost buttons help save you time each morning – plus its small size means it takes up minimal counter space!

The KitchenAid Artisan 4-Slice Toaster is an impressive piece of equipment, requiring a deep work surface and offering sophisticated settings.

Its pair of extra-wide toasting slots are sensor-controlled for gentle elevator pinging when lowered – ideal for making delicate breads like bagels with crisp exteriors but soft insides. Although not the cheapest toaster we tested, it’s worth every penny if you consider toast an art.


BLACK+DECKER TR3500SD Rapid Toast 2-Slice Toaster, Stainless Steel
  • 2-Slice Toaster with Metal Exterior - The brushed stainless steel housing makes this toaster an...
  • Extra-Wide Slots - Toast bagels and thick artisan bread easily. The extra-wide toasting slots allow for a...
  • Standard, Bagel and Frozen - Lighted function buttons simplify special toasting jobs like bagels and...
  • Extra Lift - The extended lever provides extra lift, making it easy to retrieve your toasty treats...

The BLACK+DECKER TR3500SD toaster offers multiple toasting functions in a sleek design and offers exceptional performance, accommodating large slices of bread without difficulty.

Furthermore, its slide-out crumb tray and adjustable oven timer make this toaster an excellent solution for RV living or anyone aiming to cut energy costs.

This toaster boasts a stainless steel finish and modern design, fitting perfectly into most kitchens. Featuring extra-wide slots that accommodate various pieces of bread, and is capable of reaching golden brown results in about 30 to 45 seconds.

Self-centering guides automatically adjust to each slice thickness for even results; special function buttons make bagel and waffle toasting simple; the extended lever enables easy retrieval without burning your fingers.

Some users have reported issues with the toaster’s heat distribution, leading to uneven toasting or charring of their bread, but most can be resolved by changing heat settings or using large pieces. As it heats quickly and can burn easily, it is also essential that users handle it carefully when operating their toaster.

A toaster is a handy appliance, capable of creating many delicious foods like sandwiches, pancakes, and eggs. Additionally, it can toast bread, bagels, and other baked goods, and it is often found in RVs as it does not require power cords for transporting purposes.

There are various toaster models on the market so be sure to select the one that best meets your needs!

Before selecting a toaster, it’s important to assess how much space there is in your kitchen and the average number of slices that need toasting every day.

Also consider what features you want such as bagel function, reheat option, and defrost feature you want; additionally, it should offer an intuitive user interface and clear display.

While some toaster models boast advanced features, others may not fit your kitchen environment as expected. A great way to find your ideal toaster is by reading reviews and comparing prices. In addition, make sure the warranty covers you against quality products before making your selection.

Breville BTA735BSS Toast Select Luxe 2-slice

Breville BTA735BSS Toast Select Luxe 2-slice Toaster, Brushed Stainless Steel
  • The Breville Toast Select Luxe is a 2 slice toaster that adjusts the toasting time for different breads...
  • 6 PRESET TOAST TYPES: Select the time or choose from 6 bread settings of your choice - Whole Wheat,...
  • COMPACT 2 SLICE CAPACITY: The toaster features a 2 slice capacity and has wider slots to meet the demands...
  • VARIABLE BROWNING CONTROL: The Breville Toast Select Luxe Toaster lets you toast to your ideal brownness...
  • MANUAL LIFT & LOOK: Classic control with manual lifting and lowering lever to monitor your toast's...

The Toast Select Luxe toaster is a premium model with numerous features, including adjustable toasting time and preset toast types, plus a “Lift and Look” function to check your bread mid-cycle.

Additionally, its extra wide and deep slots accommodate larger slices of bread; its bagel/crumpet setting as well as the defrost option offer added versatility.

This toaster features a motorized carriage, making it quieter than other toasters. Furthermore, its Lift & Look feature allows you to peek at your bread midcycle without interrupting its toasting cycle; in addition, there is an ‘Add Bit More’ button which adds an additional few seconds. Lastly, this sleek design makes this an attractive addition to any kitchen.

If you need a toaster that can handle large slices of bread, the Breville Toast Select may be just what you’re searching for.

With its wide and deep slot that accommodates most bread sizes and its Lift & Look function, as well as bagel/cracker tray for easy cleanup and various settings like Lift and Look and A Bit More that enable you to personalize your toast to suit your preferences, this toaster may be just what’s needed!

KitchenAid 4-Slice Long Slot Toaster provides another alternative, similar in style and functionality to Breville Toast Select Toasters. It features a high-lift lever to make removing smaller pieces easier, as well as lift/added time buttons enabling additional toasting cycles without interrupting them.

Buying a toaster requires knowing its inner workings inside and out – read our reviews and comparisons to determine the perfect one for your needs!

Panasonic Toaster Oven FlashXpress

Panasonic Toaster Oven FlashXpress with Double Infrared Heating and Removable 9 Inner Baking Tray,...
  • A Compact, Easy-to-Use Oven Toaster: Toast, bake, brown, and reheat to perfection, no preheat...
  • Six 1-Touch Controls: Six preset cooking functions for the foods you love, plus reheat, defrost, and...
  • For So Much More than Just Toast: A compact toaster oven that makes meals, snacks, and sides perfectly...
  • Safety Features: Toaster ovens baking rack is connected to the oven door to smoothly pull the rack toward...
  • Compact, Attractive Design that Fits Anywhere: The FlashXpress toaster unique design and small footprint...

The Panasonic Toaster Oven FlashXpress stands out from competitors with its innovative features that set it apart.

For instance, this unit can cook foods 40% faster than standard toaster ovens; features six preset cooking functions including toasting waffles, baking, browning pizza, and reheating; boasts dual infrared heating elements to deliver fast and even results;

The Panasonic Toaster Oven FlashXpress features controls reminiscent of those found on Breville appliances, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

If this is your first toaster oven experience, however, they may prove somewhat daunting and confusing if used for the first time; though easier than many models we’ve reviewed to read at first. Lacking visual cues may prove more confusing.

This model boasts an elegant silver finish and will fit seamlessly into most kitchens. Its two easy-glide oven racks and baking pan feature easy insertion/extraction while its nonstick interior makes cleanup simple; there’s even an integrated crumb tray for quick cleanup!

Though this toaster oven may be ideal for most users, those seeking something larger such as roast chicken or cooking entire meals may find another model more suited to their needs. Not only does this model feature limited capacity but no automatic shutoff function provides added safety features.

Though it does have some drawbacks, the Panasonic Toaster Oven FlashXpress remains one of the top toaster ovens for large slices available on the market. It boasts exceptional owner reviews and makes perfect toast, waffles, or baked goods every time.

Reheating food almost instantaneously makes this toaster oven an invaluable lifesaver for busy families. Furthermore, its sleek and stylish exterior makes it look fantastic on any countertop; and if space is an issue it can easily be stored away in a cabinet or shelf.

Unfortunately, though, its lack of a digital timer may disappoint those who require more precise timing when cooking their dishes.

Oster 4-Slice Toaster

Oster 4-Slice Extra Wide Slot Pop Up Toaster with 9 Shade Settings, Removable Crumb Tray, and Quick...
  • 4-slice toaster allows you to toast up breads and other goodies with extra-wide slots to accommodate a...
  • Toast to perfection with 1500 watts of power, advanced toasting technology, and 9 shade settings;...
  • Dual auto-adjusting bread guides adjust to the thickness of the bread; Quick-check lever allows you to...
  • Comes with a removable crumb tray to make clean-up a breeze; Anti-jam feature automatically turns toaster...
  • Long, 35-inch cord reaches outlets outside of the immediate area for added convenience

If you need a toaster that can accommodate thicker slices of bread or bagels, the Oster 4-Slice Toaster is an ideal option.

With advanced technology that ensures each slice toasts evenly and its sleek design that complements any kitchen decor. Furthermore, its removable crumb tray and built-in cord wrap make cleaning and storage effortless.

This toaster comes in multiple colors to perfectly match your kitchen decor and features multiple shade settings so that you can customize your toast according to your personal taste. On top of its many features and affordability, the toaster also comes highly recommended!

Black+Decker T4569B 4-Slice Toaster can accommodate thicker slices thanks to its space-saving design.

With advanced toasting technology ensuring each slice reaches the perfect color and texture, as well as its removable crumb tray for convenient cleaning, this toaster makes an excellent addition for college students or anyone wanting an affordable and compact toaster that won’t break their budget.

The Breville BTA720XL Bit More 2-Slice Toaster provides a high-quality design and convenient functionality.

Featuring two extra-wide slots to accommodate different bread types and seven toast shade settings so you can create toast that meets your personal taste, it also comes with a removable crumb tray and digital countdown timer for tracking toasting progress.

The Breville toaster offers a sleek and modern design that complements any kitchen decor. It offers multiple shade settings for toasting, and automatic bread guides ensure even browning every time.

In addition, there’s even an integrated bagel function! Unfortunately, though, some users have reported this model being less durable and harder to clean; plus overheating when toasting larger slices.

Smeg 4-Slice Toaster-Cream

Smeg 4-Slice Toaster-Cream
  • Country Of Origin: China
  • Model Number: TSF02CRUS
  • Item Package Dimension: 15.0" L x 8.0" W x 8.0" H
  • Item Package Weight: 7.5 oz

If you’re searching for a toaster to add flair and character to your kitchen, the Smeg TSF02CRUK 4-Slice Toaster in Cream will do the trick.

Inspired by a retro-chic design from the 50s, it features four extra-wide slots that can accommodate thick slices of bread as well as self-centering racks to ensure even browning of toast.

Furthermore, there’s even an adjustable bagel setting as well as defrost/reheat functions so that every morning toast can be perfected just the way you like it!

Contrasting with other toasters that feature plastic levers, this model features stainless steel handles that feel great and are easy to grip. The knob on the front enables six shade settings, and there’s also a prominent “Stop” button should you wish to end toasting early.

The toaster also comes equipped with convenient features to make it user-friendly, such as bread slices being automatically released after their roasting program has concluded, making them easier and quicker to remove from the machine without risking burnt fingers.

Furthermore, it features a removable crumb tray for ease of cleaning up afterward.

This toaster offers another convenient feature with its built-in cord wrap, so wires remain neat when not in use. Furthermore, its non-slip feet ensure it will stay put on any surface, and sandwich tongs allow easy pickup of completed sandwiches.

The Smeg toaster may come at a premium price point, but its top-of-the-line performance and Paris runway-worthy aesthetic make it well worth your while.

But if you don’t wish to invest so much, there are other toasters on the market that perform just as effectively for less; one such model is Breville Die-Cast which provides comparable performance while also featuring more contemporary aesthetics that fit in better with modern kitchens.

Breville BTA720XL Bit More 2-Slice Toaster

Breville BTA720XL Bit More 2-Slice Toaster, Brushed Stainless Steel
  • The Breville Bit More is a compact 2-slice toaster with an LED indicator that allows you to monitor your...
  • INNOVATIVE FEATURES: 'Lift & Look' and 'A Bit More' allow you to check on your toast or add a little...
  • COMPACT 2 SLICE CAPACITY: The toaster features a 2 slice capacity and has wider slots to meet the demands...
  • VARIABLE BROWNING CONTROL: The Breville Bit More 2-slice lets you toast to your ideal brownness and...
  • MANUAL LIFT & LOOK: Classic control with manual lifting and lowering lever to monitor your toast's...

This toaster features several impressive and eye-catching features that set it apart from other toasters, including its sleek exterior design and appealing overall appearance.

Unfortunately, however, its price may be somewhat expensive relative to what you get but if you are willing to invest the funds anyway this toaster will give a solid return on your investment.

The Breville BTA720XL Bit More 2-Slice Toaster is an exceptional device, designed specifically with larger bread slices in mind.

Featuring extra-wide slots that accommodate wider artisan bread, and including features such as Lift & Look to enable checking of toast without interrupting the cycle, the ‘A Bit More’ button allows for a slightly extended toasting process if you prefer crispier results.

Another feature that makes this toaster ideal for large slices is its one-touch auto-lowering and lifting system, which reduces effort when operating it.

Furthermore, this toaster features an easy front pull-out crumb tray for effortless cleaning – not to mention being available in various colors to complement any kitchen decor!

The Cuisinart 4-Slice Toaster can be an attractive alternative to the Breville toaster’s high price point. It features a sleek design and is constructed to produce consistent results; something many toasters struggle with.

Unfortunately, however, its lack of advanced features may make it less appealing as an option for some individuals.

The toaster features five adjustable settings to allow for a personalized toasting experience, as well as a Lift and Look feature enabling you to keep an eye on its progress without interrupting its cycle.

Furthermore, there are dedicated functions for defrosting and bagel toasting and its stylish stainless steel exterior makes an attractive addition to any kitchen space.

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