Best Storage Containers For Hot Attic in 2023 (Reviews)

best storage containers for hot attic

Attics can be great places to store items you no longer use frequently, such as camping gear or clothing that has outgrown its size. Unfortunately, however, their fluctuating temperatures may damage delicate materials like fabric, photos, and paper stored there.

Buy storage containers that are durable, moisture-proof, and transparent so you can see what’s inside them easily. Shelving can save space while improving accessibility when something needs to be retrieved quickly.

If you want to skip the reviews, we say get the IRIS USA 19 Quart WEATHERPRO Plastic.

Best Storage Containers For Hot Attic Reviews

Rubbermaid Brute Totes

This heavy-duty storage tote is an ideal choice for long-term and bulky items that may be hard to fit into smaller containers.

Constructed of sturdy commercial-grade plastic that stands up well against repeated heavy use, its snap-on lid keeps contents secure during transport or long-term storage while its stackability reduces your footprint by nesting multiple units vertically as desired.

Food-grade totes offer many features designed for food service industry use, including reinforced ribbed bottoms with snap lids that securely seal on tight. NSF approval makes them suitable for use across food service environments such as restaurants.

Furthermore, their handles feature grips for carrying convenience, making cleaning simple with soapy water spray or wet wipe.

Rubbermaid bins stand out among our testing by being constructed of high-density plastic, which provides greater strength and temperature resistance compared to the polypropylene containers we tested.

This feature makes these Rubbermaid bins especially well suited for an attic where temperatures often fluctuate significantly; their durable materials won’t crack or melt under intense heat while remaining sturdy even during low-temperature episodes.

Rubbermaid totes differ from most plastic storage bins in that their flip-up latches don’t lock securely; rather, their lids feature sturdy latches that can be locked with keys for added peace of mind in hot attics where moisture and bugs may be more of an issue.

Unfortunately, though, their latches may become difficult to open and close once filled; in such a situation they could even pop out of their mounting holes altogether if overstuffing occurs.

Rubbermaid bins don’t come equipped with transparent sides like most plastic storage bins do, making it harder to see the contents inside the box. While that might not be a major issue in an attic or basement where items need to be found quickly.

To counteract this limitation, fabric bins with clear fronts or containers that feature dividers and labels could help organize and identify your stored items more easily.

Rubbermaid ActionPacker️ 24 Gal Lockable

Rubbermaid ActionPacker️ 24 Gal Lockable Storage Bins Pack of 2, Industrial, Rugged Storage...
  • Emergency Supply Storage – ActionPackers are made with impact resistant material to withstand harsh...
  • Extra Strong Lid - Double-walled lid fits tightly to protect contents. Grooved surface repels water,...
  • Lockable Latches – Add a lock for extra security to keep the contents safe and tamper-resistant. For...
  • Engineered for Life - Perfect for camping gear, construction tools, and truck cargo Outside Dimensions...
  • Versatile Use – This 24 gallon storage container is great for tools, emergency storage, gardening...

Rubbermaid ActionPacker 24 Gal Lockable Storage Solution offers plenty of room for emergency supplies, tools, and more with its sturdy construction and lockable latches built to withstand harsh environments – and even supports bungee cords for extra security!

While more costly than alternatives available on the market, this sturdy yet versatile container makes an excellent investment.

Storage containers made of shatter-free polypropylene material feature a sturdy locking lid to prevent tampering, are stackable for efficient space utilization, are food safe, and feature clear designs to help find what you’re searching for easily.

They make excellent choices for everyday organizing needs like craft supplies, clothing shoes toys kitchen goods, etc.

Although some users have reported problems with the handles and packaging, most customers were delighted with this product.

It features a thick and sturdy plastic construction with a locking lid to securely store items inside. Furthermore, its moisture-proof seal protects contents against moisture damage as well as pest infestation and other elements – making this storage box perfect for a garage, basement, attic, or anywhere else where extra space may be needed.

Storage totes offer great convenience because of their endless reusability. Made of weather-resistant material that withstands changing temperature conditions, they’re made to withstand year after season use without issue or cracking or buckling; and are easily carried, stacked without cracking, and washable for added ease.

Rubbermaid Roughneck Storage Totes provide an ideal way to organize large, bulky items, such as holiday decorations or heavy tools while protecting from moisture, pests, and heat or cold damage. They’re stackable up to 110 pounds, making them great for use on trucks or in garages.

Roughneck Storage Totes come in various colors – black, mica and red are popular choices – making them suitable for garage, basement, attic, and worksite storage needs alike. Their locking latches provide secure double-walled protection when keeping tools, equipment, or camping gear secure in one convenient tote.

IRIS USA 19 Quart WEATHERPRO Plastic Storage Box

IRIS USA 6 Pack 19qt WEATHERPRO Airtight Plastic Storage Bin with Lid and Seal and 4 Secure Latching...
  • WeatherPro storage seal on storage tote is the ideal way to keep stored contents clean and dry
  • Reinforced lid provides stability for stackable plastic storage bins
  • 4 Durable buckle latches on WeatherPro tote lid secure contents inside
  • 19 Quart capacity per plastic container box
  • Dimensions: 17.50"L x 11.75"W x 7.88"H (Inside:14.75"L x 9.6"W x 7"H)

This storage container features high-quality seals in its lids to safeguard and preserve important documents, valuables, clothing, blankets, toys, tools, and camping gear.

Multiple latching buckles secure its lid to create an environment free from moisture, dust, and insects. Made in America using eco-friendly materials and BPA-free adhesives you can rest easy knowing that your belongings are secure inside them.

These IRIS USA storage bins are ideal for storing large items such as holiday decorations or sporting equipment, seasonal clothes and blankets, etc. Their clear design allows you to quickly identify what’s inside while latching buckles ensures that your belongings remain safe and secure.

Plus, grooved reinforcement on both lid and body provides stability when stacking together saving space in any house, apartment, condo, truck, or car!

These IRIS USA storage bins boast up to an 85-gallon capacity, making them perfect for bulky items like books or toys.

You can choose between multiple sizes and colors to match any room decor; additionally, Iris storage containers feature writable labels or pre-labeled areas so it’s easier for you to identify what’s inside.

Iris containers are lightweight yet portable making moving easier during moves or retrieving something deep within your garage.

These IRIS USA storage bins are an excellent way to organize and clear clutter from their homes or offices.

Made of airtight and waterproof plastic material, you can store a wide variety of items safely without worry – perfect for keeping gardening equipment out of sight while being easily manageable! Not to mention their affordable and user-friendly nature which make these storage solutions reliable long-term options.

Sterilite 14699002 40 Gallon/151 Liter

Sterilite 14699002 40 Gallon/151 Liter Wheeled Industrial Tote, Black Lid & Base w/ Racer Red Handle...
  • Outside Dimensions: 36.75 x 21.38 x 18
  • Includes 2 Totes, 2 Lids
  • Made in the USA ; Cube: 11 cu ft / 0.311 cu m
  • Ergonomic handle rotates up for easy pulling
  • Tight fit drip-resistant lid

Sterilite storage containers are versatile, durable, and easy-to-assemble storage solutions designed to suit every storage need imaginable, from craft supplies and seasonal decorations to large sporting equipment and seasonal decor.

Available in sizes ranging from 1.5-gallon models up to 500.5-gallon ones for your convenience, stackability makes storing more possible in less space.

Sterilite’s 14699002 plastic storage bins are an ideal way to organize any garage or workshop, featuring heavy-duty snap-fit lids with stacking receptacles for easy stacking, tie-down holes for secure stacking, and tie-down holes for secure stacking of multiple containers.

This storage tote is ideal for keeping small power and hand tools safe from dust, dirt, and pests. With thick walls made from polypropylene material and an anti-pest locking latch lid closure mechanism to secure its contents. Plus, its comfortable handle makes transport around the house simple!

A great feature of this tote is its non-slip nesting lid, making it easier to stack multiple storage bins together and maximize limited space usage while providing plenty of room for all of your belongings. In addition, this tote comes with a lifetime warranty so that you know it will stand the test of time.

Sterilite plastic storage bins are an effective and affordable way to keep your home clutter-free. Their durable construction makes them reliable storage options that come in a range of colors – plus, assembly is straightforward so they can meet all of your specific storage needs!

Storage totes can help make spring cleaning or Marie Kondo-inspired clean sweeps much simpler. Their durable design and convenient handles will be an asset for years, and Sterilite 14699002 Storage totes offer various sizes to find what fits best in any given space.

BAG-THAT! 10 Moving Bags

BAG-THAT! 10 Moving Bags, Heavy Duty Extra Large Stronger Handles Wrap Around bag Storage Totes...
2,347 Reviews
BAG-THAT! 10 Moving Bags, Heavy Duty Extra Large Stronger Handles Wrap Around bag Storage Totes...
  • SIZE - THAT! - 10 Pack - EXTRA LARGE SIZE 30 L x 15 w x 13 H. Bag folds completely flat when not in use...
  • HANDLE - THAT! - 10 Pack - STRONGER CARRY HANDLES sewn on wrap around the heavy duty bag like a " U " ,...
  • ZIPPER - THAT! - 10 Pack - HEAVY DUTY DOUBLE PULL ZIPPER capable of holding 50 lds. of weight. Made to...
  • USE - THAT! - 10 Pack - FOR STORAGE BAG STORAGE TOTES storage bins moving bag moving totes moving bin...
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If you’re searching for the ideal storage containers for a hot attic, take into account your available space and the type of items you plan on storing. For clothing storage, plastic bins with lids may provide moisture control; while metal boxes could help safeguard them against rusting and wear.

An essential factor when shopping for the ideal storage container is size. Additionally, consider what material the box or bag is composed of and its durability; plastic may be more cost-effective and lightweight but might not hold up as long against weather elements as steel or aluminum containers.

Lastly, look out for containers equipped with secure closure systems like latches, buckles, or Velcro which provide added peace of mind and dependability.

These durable bags provide the perfect solution for moving or storing items in limited spaces.

Their large capacity makes them great for everything from clothing to tools; medical supplies or any emergency items; their tight seal keeps their contents dry; plus they’re lightweight enough to easily carry when full; plus when not being used can easily fold flat for storage when not required.

iwill CREATE PRO Collapsible Storage Bins with Lid

iwill CREATE PRO Collapsible Storage Bins with Lids, Storage Cubes, Tide Up Your Closet, Beige, Set...
  • Enlarge Your Bedroom Storage Space---This lidded Storage Box is special designed for your Cabinet, shelf...
  • Size--17.6*13.6*9.7", Ideal for storing seasonal clothes, beddings, books, magazines, toys etc.
  • Good Materials for each parts---This Storage box is made of breathable linen, thick PP plastic board...
  • The whole box is Collapsible design, the cover is soft (not board built inside), the bottom board is...
  • Remind: Please measure your space height and length firstly to make sure the box fits well. We had...

Collapsible storage bins offer an easy way to organize clothes, linens, and other household items without taking up valuable floor space. Their lightweight yet sturdy designs make them easy to transport around while their wide variety of sizes makes selecting one suitable for you easy.

Onlyeasy’s three-pack of collapsible under-bed storage bags features breathable material that keeps air flowing freely between bags to avoid mold or misty odors developing inside; furthermore, they come equipped with tight locking lids that seal tightly over top ensuring moisture stays out.

Sterilite plastic containers make an excellent solution for under-bed storage, with sizes available to meet every storage need and a clear design to easily see inside them. Plus, these durable storage solutions don’t deteriorate with age like fabric bins might.

These bins are ideal for storing seasonal clothing, bedding, and linens as well as keepsakes and valuables in cramped apartments and dorm rooms with limited space – particularly useful when clutter quickly builds up!

Another benefit of using bins like these is that they collapse flat for storage purposes – when retrieving something later they are easy and swiftly lifted out again!

One downside of these containers is their inferior durability; when you stack more than three items high with heavy items, their lids might bend or break. Furthermore, these bins don’t stack as strongly as shallow 28-quart and 32-quart Target bins with solid color lids or the Container Store Boot Box.

These collapsible storage totes make an excellent solution for clothing and linen storage, being easy to fold up when not needed. Made of water-resistant polypropylene for outdoor or indoor use and featuring convenient carry handles on either side for transport ease, these storage totes make an excellent solution.

Akro-Mils 12 Gallon KeepBox File Box

Akro-Mils 12 Gallon KeepBox File Box Plastic Stackable Storage Container with Hinged Attached Lid...
1,222 Reviews
Akro-Mils 12 Gallon KeepBox File Box Plastic Stackable Storage Container with Hinged Attached Lid...
  • STORAGE TOTE DIMENSIONS- Outside (21-1/2-Inch x 15-1/4-Inch x 12-1/2-Inch), Inside Top (19-3/4-Inch x...
  • DURABLE- A heavy-duty alternative to flimsy home store brands. Durable, stacking attached lid totes are...
  • GREAT FOR- Garage storage, attics or sheds; toys and sporting equipment; fishing, boating or camping...
  • EFFICIENT- Storage containers with lids will stack with lids closed and nest when lids are open, hinged...

This heavy storage bin is an ideal way to organize personal items, including clothing, toys, and other belongings. Additionally, its spacious storage capacity makes it useful for organizing office supplies, scrapbooking materials, and craft items.

Plus, its comfortable latching handles make it easy to carry even when full; its sturdy hinged lid ensures a tight seal to avoid accidental spillage; while its see-through design enables you to quickly identify contents without opening.

Made of industrial-grade plastic, these sturdy storage containers are constructed to withstand extreme temperatures and impact. Equipped with reinforced ribs, a pad-lockable hinged lid with interlocking molded handle grips, and full-length steel hinge pins for security, they stack when their lids are closed and nest when open to reduce clutter.

No matter the space in your basement or garage, these heavy storage bins will help put order back into your life. Constructed of water- and smoke-resistant plastic that repels mold, moths, dust mites, and chemical contaminants – making these an excellent option for protecting photos and electronics that require safekeeping.

These heavy-duty storage bins provide an affordable alternative to cheap home store brands.

Perfect for off-season clothing storage; sports equipment like baseball bats or tennis rackets; as well as cleaning supplies – these sturdy storage containers make life much simpler for everyday living! Craft rooms, RVs, and home offices all benefit from using plastic bins to organize space efficiently.

Furthermore, their strong sides and lids make them the ideal storage solution for holiday decorations as they won’t get crushed underfoot. Boxes made of plastic are an excellent way to store bulk items like craft supplies, pet food, and birdseed.

Their clear lids make it easy to quickly identify their contents while being more durable than cardboard due to water resistance and resistance against impact damage – plus their attached lids won’t get lost easily!

Cetomo 16Qt*6 Plastic Storage Bins

Cetomo 16Qt*4 Durabilt Flip Lid Stackable Heavy Duty Tough Storage Container Tote, Plastic Storage...
  • High Quality Plastic: Experience durability and reliability with our high-quality plastic construction...
  • Easy-Carry Lid Handle: The handle makes transportation a breeze. Whether you're moving between rooms or...
  • Stackable and Nestable: Make the most of your space with our stackable and nestable design. When not in...
  • Striped Pattern Design: The stripe pattern design makes the storage bin more durable and load-bearing...
  • Clip-on: The clips on the sides secure the closure of the storage box, keeping the contents inside safe...

These bins come in multiple useful sizes that maximize storage space on shelves. Perfect for organizing art supplies, kitchen spices, hats and gloves, toys and office supplies as well as more, they feature clear lids to see contents easily while they snap firmly into place to seal securely against dust accumulation.

Plus, stackable bins make storage efficient if space is limited – whether in your closet or garage.

One major drawback of these bins is that they’re composed of polypropylene, which becomes brittle at colder temperatures and may crack or break when hauled on a truck or stored outside.

If these bins will be used outside or for attic storage purposes, thicker plastic such as the more costly Homz Tough Durabilt Tote Box might be an appropriate choice.

Over the years, we’ve tested numerous storage bins as part of GearLab reviews and tests. Maggie Nichols, our senior review editor, loves keeping an organized house and closet; therefore, she advocates that everything has its own place.

As an outdoor enthusiast who’s experienced camping and hiking trips under all kinds of weather conditions, she understands what is necessary to keep gear organized during such excursions.

In our tests, our focus was to find the optimal bins for a variety of storage needs. This included inspecting handles, dimensions through doorways, and stackability.

Among the winners was the Rubbermaid Action Packer; its versatility allows it to be used across environments and temperatures while its deep lip provides excellent content protection and its latches are easy to use after an initial learning curve.

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