Best Staple Guns 2022: Reviews and Buying Guide

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best staple guns

The organization of documents is key to the workplace. Everyone knows that a decent office can not do without a staple gun. And, at the same time, a decent builder, furniture maker, or decorator can’t do great without a quality staple gun.

If your specialization is in the field of the furniture industry or you just want to take care of some of the furniture in your home, you have certainly come to the right place.

Staple guns offer you a variety of possibilities. At the same time, there are many activities that simply can not be done without the help of such a specialized tool.

We have prepared this guide to help you deal with the situation and choose from the list of our best staple guns. If you want to skip the reviews and know what the best staple gun is, we recommend getting the DEWALT DWHTTR350 Staple and Brad Nailer.

A Spotlight on Some of the Best Staple Guns 2022

Arrow PT50
1.36 lbs
Pneumatic staple gun
Overmolded comfort grip
Upholstery and insulation
1.9 lbs
Manual staple gun
Overmolded comfort grip
Upholstery and insulation
1.7 lbs
Manual staple gun
Aluminium base
General, Upholstery and insulation
FPC Surebonder
3.21 lbs
Pneumatic staple gun
Adjustable air exhaust
Upholstery and insulation
0.09 lbs
Electric staple gun
General, Upholstery and insulation

Staple Guns Reviews

Arrow PT50 Professional Heavy-Duty Staple Gun

If you are in the market for a powerful staple gun suitable for various operations, the Arrow Fastener PT50 Staple Gun is just what you need to have on hand. You can use this staple gun to fasten a wide range of materials.

It features a textured handle that makes it simpler to use when stapling various materials. This alternative is a fantastic pick weighing less than 1.5 pounds. It is compact, but some of the other options on this list are easier to carry than this one.

Stapling may be done quickly and efficiently thanks to air filters that can achieve 120 pounds per square inch of pressure. This variant has no oil, and it is equipped with a straightforward magazine that can hold a range of different-sized T50 staples.

  • Capable of withstanding intense and repeated usage
  • The grip has a textured surface
  • Bump-firing mechanism
  • One-handed magazine loading
  • Air compressors are required
  • Some people may find it difficult to navigate since it is much bigger than the alternatives
  • Not that portable

BOSTITCH Heavy Duty (T6-8) Stapler/Tacker for Upholstery

The Bostitch Upholstery T6-8 is not prone to fracture and can be used in many situations. Unlike other staplers, this huge stapler will work well for what it is made to do, which may perform poorly in different situations because they aren’t fitted for such tasks.

The staplers made by BOSTITCH are easy to spot because they are always displayed in a prominent yellow color in hardware stores. In addition, we believe that the steel grip on this staple gun type is a very useful component of the overall design.

The steel underneath the molded rubber is so strong that you won’t have to worry about the handle breaking, even if you use it a lot. The gun’s ergonomics make it simple to keep a solid grip on it and maximize your efficiency.

Finally, compared to other big hackers, this device has one of the easiest filling mechanisms and is less bulky than others. However, we suggest getting it for use in simple chores that don’t need a lot of time or effort.

The BOSTITCH model in question is not compatible with the ordinary T50 staples purchased at most hardware and home improvement stores. There are special PowerCrown staples required for a good result and can usually be purchased online. It would have been more convenient if it came with the precise staples.

  • A grip that is both comfortable and reliable
  • Straightforward loading from the base up
  • A lightweight framework
  • Only PaperCrown staples work with it

DEWALT GID-286785 DWHTTR350 Staple and Brad Nailer

DEWALT’s DWHTTR350 Heavy-Duty Aluminum Stapler is our pick for the best manual staple gun. This nailer supports typical T50 staples and 18 gauge brads. Suitable for a wide range of fastening-related tasks.

Making a lightweight and long-lasting machine is possible thanks to the usage of aluminum. The staples were easy to load, but the brads were more difficult. Once I figured out how to use this model, moldings were a breeze.

DEWALT fitted a view glass to let the operator see how many staples remain and included a sturdy built-in belt clip, which I found useful. Furthermore, the device’s structure is superior to that of the other versions.

  • It has a lightweight and long-lasting construction
  • You can use it for larger projects
  • It is a breeze to install
  • It has an integrated window for staples and nails
  • It’s a little pricey

FPC (Surebonder) 9600B and 9600A Pneumatic Heavy Duty Standard T50 Type Staplers with Case

The Surebonder staple gun is an excellent addition to your toolkit if you already have an air pump. In addition to upholstery and carpets, it works well for fastening canvases and photo frames, and it has several other uses.

The stapler features a safety relay, an airflow vent, a view to see how many staples are left, and a travel bag, it is an Amazon best choice product, and it stands up to that title.

It’s very easy to place the staples around the material to align properly. There were neither delays nor any other kinds of difficulties. It works well and makes you want to keep using it.

  • Drop-in loading is easy and fast
  • Stapling may be done quickly and easily using the bump fire method
  • It comes with both a carrying bag and an air vent
  • Was sometimes clogged

STANLEY Nail Gun, Electric Staple, 1/2-Inch, 9/16-Inch and 5/8-Inch Brads (TRE550Z)

The Stanley TRE550Z is one of the greatest staple guns on our list in terms of raw power and overall performance. This nail gun is ideal for use in heavy-duty do-it-yourself projects, upholstery, and other small-scale household repairs.

This device’s user-friendliness is unquestionably one of its biggest selling qualities. Although many people are afraid to use electric equipment, anybody may use this gadget, regardless of experience or ability level. If you use it appropriately and follow the usage directions, you shouldn’t have any difficulties.

You may modify its power based on the material you’re working with. That provides you with a better degree of control over the device. The eight-foot power cable is acceptable but not great; you may require an extension cord for certain tasks.

This model uses 1/2, 9/16, and 5/8-inch brads and bulky Stanley Sharpshooter TRA700 or Arrow T-50 staples. All of these items are within your financial reach. Compared to other staple guns, this one is a steal. It packs a lot of features at modest pricing. The pricing is quite reasonable when considering the device’s high quality and overall performance.

Individuals usually prefer buying manual versions because they hardly get stuck. That is one of the main reasons people don’t buy electric-powered models. On the other hand, the Stanley TRE550Z is equipped with a feature known as a quick-jam-clear that may help users save a significant amount of time while also reducing the amount of stress they feel.

The device’s layout is pretty innovative, and it makes excellent use of space. Stapling in small places is made easier by this model’s flush-nose design. It also has a low-brad window that lets you know whenever it’s time to refill the gun, which is convenient.

Although the device doesn’t have many flaws, one of them is that it isn’t suitable for thick or solid wood, according to the reviews. If you want to reupholster old furniture, consider one with greater power.

  • The power cord is 8 ft long
  • The device packs a lot of oomph
  • Capable of dealing with various materials, including hard and soft ones
  • You may purchase some better-quality staple guns for only a few dollars extra

Staple Guns Buying Guide

What are staple guns?

Everyone knows how the classic stapler works. With the help of a spring and a powerful blow, the metal bracket preloaded in the device is fired outwards. Its sharp tips pierce the surface of the object, then fold and fix.

Well, staple guns don’t work much differently. Although different types of staplers perform the operation in different ways, it remains the same. Different types of clamps (depending on the type of tool) are fired from the device with great power.

The difference between a classic stapler and a staple gun is based on the simple fact that the second is many times more powerful. The main use of staple guns does not differ much from that of staplers. They are also designed with the help of specialized metal brackets to fix certain objects.

Construction staple guns are many times more powerful simply because they are used in different conditions. In most cases, they are expected to fix different types of materials on a hard surface.

These could be some wood, plaster, plastic, and others.

This is what makes staple guns so popular in the field of construction and decoration. Many craftsmen today take advantage of the fixing abilities of these tools in a variety of situations.

Staple guns have become invaluable in the field of upholstered furniture.

Fixing with different types of nails has long been obsolete. Every modern professional turns to specialized staple guns.

In addition, these tools are just perfect for fixing certain external wiring, attaching textiles to textiles, and others.

With the help of such a device, you can service and refresh much of the furniture in your home and do a lot of other home tasks. Keep in mind, however, that the above does not limit the range of opportunities that a staple gun can offer.

What types of staple guns are there?

The main purpose of different types of staple guns does not differ much. However, as we have already hinted, not all devices of this type work in exactly the same way.

There are currently three key types of staple guns on the market. These are mechanical, electric, and pneumatic staple guns.

Each of these types has its own characteristics and is usually more suitable for use in certain situations than its competitors. If you want to make the right choice, it is definitely desirable to be aware of all this.

Mechanical staple gun

The mechanical staple gun definitely has the simplest construction of all other types. In fact, it comes closest to what a classic stapler is.

In mechanical staple guns, the metal clamp is driven in by means of a spring that shrinks as a result of manual actuation. This is a relatively simple mechanism, which, however, requires a certain amount of effort on the part of the user.

Mechanical staple guns may not be the most productive and easy-to-use devices, but they definitely have a number of advantages over others.

Their prices, for example, are the most affordable. At the same time, mechanical staple guns do not require much special maintenance. There are almost no wearing parts in the device. In general, all you need to do to make your device work properly is to take care of its regular lubrication.

These types of staple guns are extremely light, compact, and easy to use. At the same time, you will save yourself from entanglement in various cables, and hoses.

Mechanical staple guns are actually the most popular among non-professionals who intend to use such a tool only occasionally. With their help, you could easily fix the upholstery of your kitchen chairs, for example.

Of course, the design of different mechanical staple guns can vary. Different models are suitable for use in different conditions.

One of the main variants of the mechanical staple gun, however, is the so-called “shock tacker”. This is a much smaller device, the bracket of which is again hammered in with a powerful blow.

The only difference is that you strike it with the device itself. The whole action is not much different from a simple hammer blow.

However, the force and speed of such a device are significantly higher than those of a conventional mechanical tool.

You decide exactly what you need. Choose the device that meets your own needs and will do the best job for you.

Electric staple gun

Staple guns powered by electricity are significantly more functional than their mechanical competitors. The main advantage of these devices comes from the fact that their motor does all the “dirty” work for you.

The difference in the device of these models is not so big in comparison to mechanical variants. However, having a motor has many key advantages.

For example, electric staple guns can use significantly tighter and stronger springs. This in turn means many times higher productivity, power, speed, and impact capacity.

No extra effort is required on your part, except for the periodic but decisive pressing of the drive button. The motor drives the whole device and takes care of everything else.

That is why the electric staple gun allows you to work with significantly thicker and more durable materials. At the same time, however, it provides you with a much more stable fastening, as it guarantees you maximum efficiency with each fastening.

The question in this case when choosing such a tool is based on a key opposition – with or without a cable.

Electric staple guns, which work with the help of a cable, usually manage to give you ​​more power. This is because the cable means a constant connection to a constant source of power.

However, a constant connection to an external power source is as expansive as it is limiting your capabilities. Not only you will have to adjust your work area to the presence of a socket, but you will also need to constantly take care of the position of your cable.

The modern alternative to cable staple guns is battery models. They are more compact, portable, and expand your work capabilities. Their operability comes from a rechargeable battery that takes care of its full power supply.

However, the battery makes the model heavier. In addition, the battery is not without limits – the space constraint is replaced by time.

Pneumatic staple gun

Pneumatic staple guns are the third major variety of these tools. They definitely benefit from the operational power they can provide to their customers.

Such models differ in their working mechanism from all other staple guns. Instead of a spring, these tools use compressed air to fire the metal brackets.

Air is supplied to the pneumatic cylinder by a specialized pneumatic valve. This is usually done with a pedal on stationary models or with a trigger on hand tools.

Pneumatic staple guns are designed extremely simply. At the same time, they are great to use and extremely productive.

In most cases, however, they are used by specialists in special furniture factories or other similar work areas.

This is because, in such uses, workers strive to benefit from the highest possible productivity that the market can offer. At the same time, the need for the tool to be local and prepared for work repeatedly is simply absent.

Pneumatic staple guns are far from preferred for periodic home use. Their shortcomings stem from the way they work.

In order for such a tool to function properly, you need a compressed air container, which you must provide yourself. At the same time, the connection to this container is necessarily continuous and restrictive. The situation is similar to that of electric models that work with the help of a cable.

All this means more thorough preparation before the work process itself. At the same time, while using your pneumatic tacker, you find yourself much more limited and difficult to maneuver.

As powerful as pneumatic staple guns are, think carefully about whether you really need something like this. Yes, such models will certainly do their job extremely efficiently. At the same time, however, you could save yourself the hassle and limitations.

What to consider when choosing a staple gun?

Well, you already know everything you need about the basic types of staple guns. We are sure that you have focused on a certain variety of these tools and you can’t wait to get it.

Keep in mind, however, that regardless of the model, each staple gun has a bunch of features and characteristics. If you want to choose the best possible product on the market, you must first get acquainted with them.

Many of the features of these devices are important. Many others, however, turn out to be just superfluous and annoying details.

However, you should not worry. In this section, we will draw your attention to all the key things to consider when choosing your staple gun.

Size and brackets

Choosing the right staple gun size, in any case, depends on what you want to use it for.

The size of these devices is determined by the brackets themselves. In turn, the features of the various brackets make them suitable for use in certain situations.

However, the brackets themselves can differ not only in size but also in their type and the materials from which they are made.

There are many types of brackets. Aluminum, for example, is suitable for working with soft materials, while copper is used when interacting with softwood.

However, steel brackets are suitable for a harder material. With them, you can choose between plain, stainless, and galvanized steel.

As for the type of brackets, you can come across both U-shaped and T-shaped models. U-brackets are standard and can be used for many purposes. T-shaped ones are specialized for use when the bracket needs to be hidden.

In any case, among the huge variety of staple gun brackets, there are many different models. Different staple guns work with different sizes of brackets, so it is essential to choose your tool and consumables in a coordinated manner.

Mechanical staple guns, for example, only work with 0.5-inch brackets, which are considered standard. However, electric and pneumatic models offer you significantly wider possibilities.

In most cases, modern tools of this type are designed with a special dial. They allow you to adjust the size depending on the brackets you want to use in the situation.

The possibilities are usually wide enough so you don’t have to worry. Just make sure, when you get the brackets, to match them to the capabilities of your own staple gun.


Of course, the more powerful a staple gun is, the better.

However, you don’t have to need the most powerful device you can afford. In many cases, a much simpler model will cope with the task fully enough.

That is why it is crucial to pay attention to the power of a staple gun before focusing on it.

The quantity we are talking about in relation to the power of the various staple guns is called the “force of impact”. Naturally, a pneumatic staple gun will provide you with the highest impact force. Next, comes the electrical and mechanical models, respectively.

The determining factor in this case, however, is again the brackets. It is crucial to realize that the impact force of a staple gun depends directly on the length of the brackets with which you want to use it. In short – the longer the brackets, the more impact force you need.

Don’t worry too much about it, though. In any case, most modern devices will allow you to use brackets of different lengths.

For example, a device could work with brackets between 4 and 12 mm. However, the impact force of such a staple gun will be lower than that of an instrument that works with more than 14 mm brackets.

In any case, the maximum impact force, as well as the length of the brackets used, are directly related to the materials with which a staple gun can interact. The greater the force of the impact, the harder your brackets will be able to drive into harder materials.


Of course, it is natural to seek the highest quality from your future staple gun. The better a product is, the better it will do.

That is why our advice is to avoid compromises in terms of quality. As long as you can afford it, of course.

If you do not intend to use your future acquisition not so often, you do not need a first-class pneumatic staple gun. However, if you intend to interact with very hard materials, a high-quality appliance may be unavoidable.

Our advice is to carefully consider exactly what you need and accordingly save what is unnecessary. However, whatever you do, it is definitely worth getting a durable staple gun. The most durable models will offer you the most serious set of advantages.

Different devices are made of different materials, each of which can withstand different types of loads. Plastic, steel, and various metals are usually used to make a staple gun.

It is good to choose your future tool depending on what you intend to use it for. Of course, some materials and models are more durable and will serve you longer in harsher conditions.

However, even if you do not intend to exploit your future staple gun too much, remember one thing: a good staple gun will be fully operational even after many years of abuse.


When it comes to designing a particular staple gun, it is crucial to go a few steps beyond aesthetics.

Of course, your tool look is by no means to be overlooked. We must not forget, however, that these are primarily working devices, whose main function is reduced to their working capacity.

That is why, when thinking about the design of a model, pay attention to a few key things.

First of all, it is essential that the staple gun you get is easy to use. The easier your tool is to use, the more effectively you will achieve the desired results.

In many cases, it is very likely that you will be using your staple gun for a relatively long period of time. In this line of thinking, the less exhausting the device is, the better. Keep in mind that tired hands are a guarantee of poor results.

Lightness and shape are much more important than colors and details.

Of course, on the market right now you can find a serious variety of shapes and models. The key factor to consider in this case is the handle of your future staple gun.

The convenience of using the tool depends primarily on it. Among the variety of offers, the best staple guns are usually offered together with special ergonomic slots on the handle itself. They will certainly make the work process as convenient and efficient as possible.

The material of the handle itself is the other key feature that deserves a proper dose of attention.

Most staple guns come with specialized rubber handles. They are especially suitable for people whose hands sweat during work. (Keep in mind, however, that this includes almost everyone, as the work process itself involves sweating.)

It is important that your hands do not slide on the staple gun handle. Stable arms mean correctly placed brackets.

Accessories and functionality

As for the functionality of a staple gun, it primarily depends on the brackets with which the device can work. The variety of brackets implies a variety of possibilities.

Of course, you need to choose your brackets depending on the task you want to perform. We have already drawn your attention to the key features of the staple gun brackets themselves.

However, we will now turn you to a few other key features affecting the functionality of such a tool.

Of course, perhaps the most important factor at work is safety. That is why we recommend that you focus on those staple guns that are protected from improper throwing of the brackets.

These devices only operate in standby mode. In this way, they could protect your hands or other parts of your or someone else’s body from unwanted accidents.

In addition, however, some of the most advanced staple guns are designed with a function for recognizing poor-quality brackets. If a bracket is not inserted tightly enough, the tool will turn off and refuse to continue working. (Ah, what perfectionists!)

Of course, among the variety of models on the market at the moment, you can find a serious variety of accessories and extras. Such is, for example, the specialized window for checking the cartridge, which many models have.

However, we leave the choice of extras entirely in your hands. You need to consider which features are worthwhile and which will burden your purchase with unnecessary costs.

Know what you need, choose wisely and you will be satisfied with the choice made.

How to use your staple gun?

We are now confident that you are aware of everything you need to know before you get your future staple gun. Keep in mind, however, that buying such a device is just the beginning.

The use of staple guns, however simple, has its peculiarities. We want to be of maximum use to you and that is why in this section we will give you some key guidelines related to the safe and effective use of such a tool.

Load your staple gun

The first thing you need to do before you start work is loading the staple gun.

The charging system, as well as the methods you will need to use, will probably vary depending on the model. However, this is a relatively simple and intuitive operation, so you do not have to worry.

Be extremely careful

We want to remind you that you have to be extremely careful in the process of work. If you do not protect yourself, you can be seriously injured by using a staple gun.

In any case, keep your fingers and other parts of your body away from the tool when firing the brackets. In no case do not forget to protect the people around you.

Be careful when using an electric staple gun

You need to be especially careful when using an electric staple gun. Make sure you follow all the rules for the safe use of electrical appliances.

This means special care for the power cord. During operation, protect the cable itself, and when not using the device, unplug it.

Be especially careful with water and other liquids around your device, unless you want to risk its health and yours as well.

Take care of your battery

If you use a battery-powered staple gun, you need to take good care of it. Load it according to the instructions for use and take care not to overload it.

Also, if you want your workflow not to be hampered by power loss, make sure your battery is fully charged beforehand.

Take care of driving the brackets

In order for the activity you have undertaken to be carried out effectively, several things are required.

On the one hand, you need to make sure that each of your brackets is fully driven “right into the target”. On the other hand, it is just as important to remove incorrectly nailed brackets.

They themselves could become a potential obstacle to your machine and prevent new brackets from being driven. In addition, they may be at risk, which will make them dangerous to yourself.

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