Best Snow Blowers 2022: Reviews and Buying Guide

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best snow blowers

Years ago, snow shovels were everyone’s best friend who wanted to provide full-fledged conditions for moving around their home during the snowiest winter days.

Today, however, the advancement of technology is a fact and compact home snow blowers have definitely become the most effective choice in the fight against the snow.

Thanks to snow blowers, cleaning this beautiful, but complicating winter phenomenon is now a quick, easy and enjoyable task. Say goodbye to the winter inconvenience and ensure comfort, peace, and security at all times.

In this guide, we have introduced all the most important things to keep in mind when choosing the best snow blower. If you are in a hurry, we recommend getting the Snow Joe SJ625E 21in Electric Single-stage snowblower.

A Spotlight on Some of the Best Snow Blowers 2022

Ariens 921046
235 lbs
Power Source: Gas Powered
Auto-Turn Triggerless Steering
24-30” clearing width
Toro 38381
25 lbs
Power Source: Corded Electric
Power Curve technology
18” clearing width
Snow Joe SJ625E
35.7 lbs
Power Source: Corded Electric
Adjustable Directional Chute
21” clearing width
Worx WG471
46.7 lbs
Power Source: Battery Powered
Brushless high-efficiency motor
20” clearing width
PowerSmart 80V
126 lbs
Power Source: Battery Powered
Heavy duty all-steel auger
24” clearing width

Snow Blowers Reviews

Ariens 921046 Deluxe 28 in. 2- Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower

With various models to choose from, the Ariens Deluxe series has become a consumer favorite. It’s a great fit for homeowners since it combines a high-quality build, excellent performance, and reasonable pricing—one of the best two-stage snow blowers for home use, in my opinion.

The 254cc Ariens AX 4-cycle gasoline engine that powers the Deluxe 28 (STL28DLE) is what gets the job done. LCT, a Chinese company, is responsible for producing the engines. You won’t have any problems taking it across most United States and Canadian regions.

They start up more quickly than other engines on the market. It has idle speed control and a twin belt drive making it more user-friendly. Because it has a gasoline cut-off valve that is simple to use, emptying the carburetor in preparation for spring is a breeze.

Even though the engines are powerful, I cannot say they are on par with Honda’s. But an Ariens costs way lesser. This particular impeller comes in at a size larger than the standard 12 inches. Thanks to its bigger discharge chute, this snow blower can expel plenty of snow at once.

This self-propelled snowblower has 6 forward speeds and 2 reverse modes. Most of the time, you won’t need to transition into a gear higher than the third unless you want a workout. It’s simple to change gears as you work, and you can do it all by yourself.

  • Excellent deal at the time of purchase
  • The 254cc AX Engine is robust
  • The Auto-turn is a delight to use
  • The engine is louder than usual
  • The Stock skid shoes irritate and cause friction
  • The Headlights are made of Halogen instead of LED

Toro 38381 18-Inch 15 Amp Electric 1800 Power Curve Snow Blower

Toro is a popular brand in the snowblower industry. Toro’s Power Curve 1800 is the sole electric snow thrower that the company presently has in its product line-up after discontinuing the Power Curve 1500 model. It sports a powerful engine and has superior construction quality to its rivals.

The electric motor within the device is rated at 15 amps. That is the highest power rating attainable in an electrical snowblower in the US. The motor is powerful, well-made, and very quiet. About as loud as a vacuum cleaner. This is probably suitable for usage in the early hours of the morning without disturbing the nearby residents.

For rotors, “Power Curve Technology” is the buzzword du jour. The Toro’s rotor is curved to direct snow toward the center. Because of this, the snowblower can move 700 pounds of snow every minute without getting clogged up. The device is capable of packing snow within 18-inch at a time. Overall, the Toro 1800 is suitable for home use and is extremely light.

  • Powerful motor rated at 15 amps
  • Better construction quality than typical electric snow blowers
  • The machine can clear 700 lbs./min of snow
  • The chute crank is not in an ergonomically sound location
  • Expensive electric snowblower

Snow Joe SJ625E 21in Electric Single-stage snowblower

You don’t have to worry about running out of gas or having to maintain your corded electric snow blowers like the gas-powered variants. The problem is that the power cord is annoying, and they produce a limited amount of power. However, they might be an effective option if you only care about removing a thin layer of snow off a patio, deck, or small sidewalk.

Despite not being as potent as its battery-powered counterpart, the Snow Joe’s corded single-stage snow blower is more than adequate for minor snowstorms. In addition, it can clear snow within 21-inch anger along its path and achieve a reported throw range of 20 feet. And, that’s why it’s in first place on our best snow blowers list.

The SJ625E’s 15-amp engine is the most powerful you’d get in this review. Moreover, Snow Joe does a good job of maximizing the potential power of this motor by extracting every last drop of torque it can.

In most snowy situations, the engine’s torque is sufficient to keep it from slowing down. It is the only time it doesn’t move as fast as when there is heavy, wet snow. If you put too much force into pushing through the deeper snow, you’d risk wearing out the engine.

You are likely to find Plastic augers in most electric snow blowers. Snow Joe, on the other hand, prefers to use steel augers. Although the steel is not as thick as some others within that price bracket, it is still very high quality. It is expected to last a long time.

Firm rubber is used to make the auger blades. When the original blades become worn out, you can get replacements from Snow Joe stores. They’re not very easy to switch out, though.

This Snow Joe SJ625E performs well if you can get past the hurdles of the extension cable. Despite not having a self-propelled gearbox or power steering; yet, it is light enough that neither of these deficiencies is noticeable.

It moves forward smoothly and makes seamless turns. The tires with an 8-inch diameter give some grip but cannot handle steep slopes in slippery conditions. It will help if you exercise caution because the handles have a weak feel.

  • Incredibly low prices
  • Low-noise
  • Refueling or charging is not required
  • It’s not self-propelled
  • Power cable required

Worx 40V 20″ Cordless Snow Blower Power Share with Brushless Motor – WG471

Most power and gardening equipment from WORX is well-known for its superb quality. Snowblowers have a broad variety of prices, but cordless snow blowers are among the most popular ones.

Because of its tiny size, the Worx WG471 cordless snow blower is extremely maneuverable. It has a single-stage rotary auger that easily and quickly grinds through packed snow. It utilizes a high-efficiency brushless motor, making it capable of producing greater power while consuming less battery.

This snow blower will endure a long time because of the high-quality materials utilized in its construction. It is sturdy and compact. It supports 20v and 40v tools, including outdoor power equipment. You can throw snow 20 feet in any direction with the included 180-degree spinning chute.

The twin LED headlights on this snow blower let you remove the snow even in low-light conditions. The Worx WG471’s handle is foldable, allowing you to store it when not in use. This handle includes a cushioned grip that makes it simple to maintain control even when the on-season is in full swing.

  • Self-propelled
  • Minimal weight.
  • High-capacity output
  • Simple to use
  • Warranty not certain

PowerSmart 80V 6.0Ah, 24Inch Cordless 2-Stage Snow Blower with Battery and Charger

A cordless snow blower with two stages and an 80V 6.0Ah battery and charger is available from PowerSmart.

If you want a 24-inch two-stage gas snow blower that won’t break the bank, the PowerSmart DB7624E is a good choice. There are certain elements to admire at this price, like its decent engine and steel chassis, but it is riddled with inferior components and poor construction, which can irritate the buyers.

The 212cc 4-cycle OHV engine that powers the DB7624E is a real treat. The Loncin engine makes this from China. The same engine is found in the single-stage version of the Toro Power Clear 721E.

This snow blower isn’t as powerful as other two-stage blowers, but it’s not terrible. It’s a breeze to get up and running. Outside of folks misusing the system, I seldom come across issues with this blower. It will serve you well if you follow the maker’s maintenance guidelines.

The all-steel construction ensures the 12-inch serrated auger’s durability. Compacted snow is no match for the blades’ cutting ability and piercing power. Heavy circumstances cause significant delay, and it isn’t designed to handle pieces of ice. As a two-stage model, I expected the 24-inch blower to be more efficient at clearing snow and slush, but it wasn’t.

  • High-performance engine
  • A variety of self-propelled speed options
  • The prices are low, and they offer regular promotions
  • Defects in the product’s durability
  • It’s hard to use the remote chute
  • Turning is difficult and cumbersome when there is no power steering

Snow Blowers Buying Guide

How to choose a snow blower?

Snow blowers are special devices designed for processing snowy areas, in order to create clean and easily accessible corridors during winter.

Their mechanism of operation is not complicated at all and is a process of suction, compression, and disposal of snow from one place to another (usually away from the main route of cleaning).

Snow blowers are a perfect choice for the maintenance and cleaning of yards and gardens, alleys, sidewalks, small streets, and parking lots. There is a really wide variety of products on the market in the field, differing in their way of working, practicality, and functionality.

And in order to make the right choice, we advise you to adjust your purchase to the conditions in which you will use it.

And of course – be precise and careful.

Snow blowers are impressive, but in proportion to that, they are quite expensive.

That is why we recommend you not to be too superficial in your search and to really study the different options on the market, paying special attention to their technical characteristics, their work capacity, and their design.

What kind of snow blower to choose?

First of all, when choosing, you should consider what type of snow blower (electric or motor) is the most practical option for your snow removal.

Electric snow blowers

Electric snow blowers have been a very popular choice in recent years. They are extremely economical and easy to use and maintain and are available at very affordable prices.

These types of snow blowers are the ideal choice for processing smaller and compact spaces (stairs, paths, gardens) and this is due to their fine and light, almost silent, highly maneuverable design.

Also, keep in mind that despite their low power, electric snow blowers are also characterized by high efficiency and fast work process, even on the coldest days.

It is important to know, however, that this type of snow blower needs a constant mains connection, which makes them a little more impractical if you do not have a power supply near the cleaning site.

Motor snow blowers

Snow blowers are a classic, multifunctional choice, characterized by really high productivity and always a perfect process of work in both light and extreme snow conditions.

This type of snow blower is powered by a fuel engine (gasoline) and is characterized by exceptional power and precision.

They are a suitable choice for processing both small and very large spaces, whether they are in close proximity or at a greater distance from your home.

Just keep in mind that these snow blowers are significantly more expensive. However, their high quality and the wide-ranging principle of operation fully justify their value.

Stages of a snow blower and what to choose?

Another important feature to keep in mind when choosing the best snow blower is its mechanics in terms of its process of collecting, processing, and disposing of snow.

Choosing the stages of a snow blower is of great importance for the quality of the machine and its functionality and practicality.

Single stage snow blowers

These are the simplest snow blowers in terms of mechanical action, in which the snow mass sucked by them is thrown directly, in one motion, through the chute at the top of their structure.

Therefore, they have less power – 2.5 – 3 hp, relatively low maximum working area – 22 x 10 inches (width of arable snow up to 22 in and height up to 10 in) and much more fine and fragile principle of operation.

That is why they are most effective in cleaning easy to handle, fluffy, fresh snow, poured on a flat surface. We advise you not to try to use a single stage snow blower on trampled or icy snow, as this can only overload and damage the machine.

Two stage snow blowers

If you want to handle larger areas with a rough surface and heavy snow cover, two-stage snow blowers are the best choice for you.

They are the most universal option, combining a mechanism with two stages in snow processing and a very stable structure. The mechanism of this type of snow blower sucks the snow and transfers it to the center of the machine, from where the working propeller throws it through the chute in a compressed form.

This specific method of operation of this type of snow blower gives you the opportunity to be more efficient – good power in the range of 4.5/5.5 hp, and a more impressive working area of 39 x 16 inches.

Three stage snow blowers

Three stage snow blowers, on the other hand, can rightly be called completely professional. They are very powerful, and functional and are characterized by exceptional strength and durability.

They operate on the basis of an optimized mechanism for collecting, processing, and disposing of snow, which allows the perfect cleaning of areas with many irregularities and hard, heavy, and even completely icy snow cover.

The three stage snow blowers are really impressive and have a very high power – over 5.5 hp, and a large working area – 60 x 20 inches.

What else to keep in mind when choosing a snow blower?

Once you have chosen the most suitable type of snow blower and you have adjusted its degree of work to the specifics of your work process, it is time to take into account several other important factors.


Snow blower tires are of great importance for the stability and quality of work.

What material they are made of and how you maintain them will definitely play a key role in the full operation of your snow blower.

The best snow blower tires are those with a fine polymer coating and a pronounced grip. They are strong and high quality and will help the movement of your machine with ease without causing a moment’s load on the body and its mechanics.


The chute is one of the most critical parts of the construction of any snow blower, having the most direct significance for its productivity.

The best chutes are those made of plastic. They are high quality and durable, do not clog, do not freeze, and do not deform.

As for the distance of snow removal from them, it has mostly a direct connection with the overall power and construction of the machine.

The most optimal option is the chute, throwing snow at a distance of more than 16 ft. Otherwise, the effect of cleaning will not be completely satisfactory.

Control system

In recent years, machines with a hydraulic control system have become increasingly popular in the production of the best snow blowers. They are definitely the best choice that will provide you with comfort, lightness, and peace of mind during the snow removal process.

Hydraulic systems will make it much easier for you to drive even the heaviest snow blower models and will undoubtedly make changing the direction of the machine much easier and safer for your back and arms.


After all, what could be more practical than a snow blower with its own lighting? It will definitely make your work very comfortable and fulfilling even in the early morning or evening when it is dark outside.

This way you will be able to see the situation around you as clearly as possible so that you can be as precise as possible in your work at any time of the day.


If you choose a heavy snow blower, pay attention to the possibility of unlocking the connection between the maneuvering wheels. There are several mechanisms for unblocking.

The most common are quick-release axle pins. A convenient option is buttons, also located on the axes. Finally, the most convenient option for the operator – turning on the differential and forcing one of the wheels from the control panel.


The relative position of the center of gravity of the machine and the wheel axle is also an important feature, as it determines the balance of the overall structure. Тhe best balance has the unit, whose center of gravity is located just above the axis. For the user, this means ease of operation – just a light push of the handle is enough to lift the nose of the machine.

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