Best Portable Heater For Large Room in 2023 (Reviews)

best portable heater for large room

When selecting the ideal portable heater for large room, several key factors need to be taken into account, including power rating, size, and cost as well as reliability.

If you want to skip the reviews, we say get the Lasko FH500.

Best Portable Heater For Large Room Reviews

Vornado AVH10 Vortex Heater

Vornado AVH10 Vortex Heater with Auto Climate Control, 2 Heat Settings, Fan Only Option, Digital...
  • HEAT DIFFERENTLY — Gently heat all in the air in a small to medium-sized room through vortex air...
  • AUTO CLIMATE CONTROL — Intelligently senses how much heat and circulation is needed to maintain set...
  • HEAT EFFICIENTLY — 2 quiet heat settings (Low/750W, High/1500W) and a fan only option to tailor heat...
  • HEAT SAFELY — Advanced safety features include a cool-touch exterior, tip-over protection, and an...
  • SUPERIOR SUPPORT — Backed by a 5-year hassle-free and supported by a customer service team based in...

The Vornado AVH10 is an innovative whole-room heater with modern styling on the outside and enhanced design inside.

Equipped with Auto Climate Control, it automatically maintains an ideal room temperature and utilizes specially tuned Vortex Action to generate rapid air currents that circulate through walls and ceilings quickly without losing efficiency – providing more even heating of an entire space while being cool to touch on its exterior to prevent overheating.

This heater boasts an array of settings and features designed to make personalizing your experience easy.

The digital display and push button controls allow for selection between two heat settings (plus fan-only mode) as well as power consumption between Low/750W and High/1500W; additionally, it boasts a built-in thermostat and a five-year satisfaction guarantee.

The heater we tested does not utilize forced air technology and takes longer to heat up than some of the others we evaluated, but still does an impressive job of warming an entire room, even when placed in a corner.

Plus, its noise-canceling design and safety features such as tip-over protection or sensing an obstruction in airflow make this an attractive solution.

This product is not suitable for RVs or boats as it must be plugged into a standard wall outlet or GFI circuit; never use an extension cord with it and don’t expect timer or remote controls!

This model stands out from its competition by allowing users to adjust the output of heat, making it perfect for small or medium rooms. There are two heating settings – one produces lots of warmth while the other can save energy by producing less.

This heater is also an ideal option for apartment or condo dwellers who require a portable way of warming their space.

As it’s lightweight and compact, this portable heater can easily be transported from room to room; plus its low profile makes it simple to store in closets or under desks; its programmable sleep function will keep your room at an ideal temperature all night long.

DeLonghi TRD40615T

DeLonghi TRD40615T Full Room Radiant Heater Heater-Mechanical-TRD40615T, 10"w x 15"d x 26"h, White
  • Easy-to-use control panel for selection of temperature and power level with programmable 24 hour timer.
  • De'Longhi Exclusive: 75% more radiant surface area than RadiaS due to unique design*- the more radiant...
  • Quick Heat Up: Warm air is rapidly distributed thanks to the increased convection heating effect and...
  • Better Heating: delivers gentle heat minimizing dry air, creating a better breathing environment that is...
  • Integrated handles and control panel: Allows you to easily operate and relocate your heater at any time.

DeLonghi TRD40615T radiator-style space heater is designed to evenly and quickly warm an entire room.

Its unique design aims to deliver more heat in less time than similar models; moreover, its flat panel design boasts 25 percent more heating surface area compared with oil-filled radiators, thus helping this heater warm rooms faster and more evenly than similar products.

Furthermore, it boasts an onboard handle to make moving from room to room simpler.

This space heater is user-friendly with its simple digital display that makes setting the desired temperature straightforward.

Furthermore, its built-in fan helps circulate air for warmth circulation – and its rating as quieter than comparable models makes this an excellent solution for those seeking affordable ways to heat their home.

Though capable of heating large rooms, this space heater isn’t particularly efficient at dispensing hot air. Furthermore, its portability may make moving between rooms difficult – however, it makes an excellent option for smaller spaces when combined with a quiet fan to increase the effectiveness of the system.

One of the key advantages of this space heater is its ability to automatically adjust power levels according to room temperatures, saving up to 20-40 percent in energy costs compared to traditional models.

Furthermore, this model includes an innovative thermostat that prevents overheating.

Another fantastic feature of this space heater is its 24-hour timer. This feature can come in handy if you want to heat a room while away from home; simply set it and then come home to find an invitingly warm space waiting for you!

The timer can turn on automatically just before it detects your arrival home for added peace of mind!

This space heater is easy to use and comes equipped with numerous safety features, including tip-over protection that will shut it off if it falls over, overheat protection that automatically turns the heater off when its temperature reaches too high, and even child lock protection to stop children accidentally turning it on and getting burned by accident.

Vornado Heat EH1-0092-69 VH200

Vornado Heat EH1-0092-69 VH200 Vortex Heater
  • 3 Settings: 1500W, 1125W & 750W
  • Mechanical Thermostatic Temperature Control
  • Cool Touch Cabinet
  • High Gloss Finish
  • Safety Tip Over Switch

The VH200 whole room heater uses vortex action to gently and quietly heat a room, quickly heating air from all directions at once.

Its low-intensity heat distribution helps it warm rooms faster than competing models while its patented fan design produces more warmth with less energy consumption – saving on your electric bills while producing greater warmth more efficiently.

Plus, this model boasts numerous safety features, such as cool-touch exterior materials and a tip-over shutoff system for worry-free operation!

The top thermostat dial has seven heat settings ranging from 98 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, making this an adjustable temperature control device that can be set according to your comfort level.

In our tests, this unit reached 74 degrees in roughly 20 minutes while also featuring three fan settings for precise temperature regulation and silent operation.

The VH200 space heater is easy to use. The controls are discreetly concealed on top, preventing accidental knockoff. A single rocker switch allows you to turn it on or off; an LCD display keeps track of temperature settings so you can keep an eye on everything!

Though the VH200 portable heater for large rooms offers some advantages, its controls may be confusing for first-time users and it may become loud when set to high heat with fan on.

Still, its small size and low power consumption make it a great option as a room heater; plus its 5-year warranty provides peace of mind.

Not to mention its attractive, modern-looking appliance can fit in well with home decor; plus energy savings are boosted through using this compact yet efficient space heater! For more information about this product visit manufacturer’s website for further details about VH200 heater space heater product details!

Lasko Ceramic Adjustable 754200

Lasko Ceramic Tabletop Space Heater for Home with Adjustable Thermostat and 2 Speeds, 9 Inches,...
  • ✅【3 QUIET SETTINGS】Including high heat, low heat, and fan only make this electric space heater...
  • ✅【ADJUSTABLE THERMOSTAT】Allows you to adjust the heater's 1500 watt ceramic heating element. With...
  • ✅【CONVENIENT CARRY HANDLE】The built-in handle makes it easy to move the space heater. Thanks to the...
  • ✅【BUILT-IN SAFETY FEATURES】Overheat protection ensures the space heater does not overheat even if...
  • ✅【FULLY ASSEMBLED】Allows you to take the heater out of the box and have it working it minutes....

Space heaters can provide much-needed relief in drafty rooms of the home or offices that remain cold throughout the year, providing a steady stream of warmth while taking up minimal floor or desk space.

Many models feature handy carrying handles for easy transport between rooms – making these versatile heaters great options if frequent moves need to take place within either home or office environments.

Lasko Ceramic Adjustable 754200 heaters are compact yet powerful heaters. Though relatively compact in terms of footprint and height, its 1500W of heating power produces plenty of warmth to warm any area around it.

Equipped with two power settings and an adjustable thermostat, it makes an excellent personal heater or supplement in larger rooms, with quiet operation and user-friendly controls making it suitable for home or office.

Even though this fan can get warm on its surface, designed for human contact, it doesn’t become unbearably hot to handle, making it easy to lift or move as required.

Furthermore, its fan-only setting makes it great for use during warmer climates when air circulation may be necessary without heating your space up further.

This little heater only comes with one drawback – no tip-over shutoff switch! That could pose an issue if there are children or pets present, especially when keeping it near other flammable objects like tables and bookshelves.

Also, unlike more premium space heaters on this list, it doesn’t come equipped with oscillation settings that distribute heat more evenly across rooms.

Overall, this little heater is an excellent way to stay warm in limited spaces without moving around too often in their room. Plus, its affordable price makes it a fantastic solution if you need something to warm a corner where no other heater can.

Lasko FH500 Fan & Space Heater

Lasko FH500 Fan & Space Heater Combo Tower, 42 Inch, Black White
  • FAN & HEATER IN ONE – Powered by a 3-speed 1500 watt ceramic heater and 4 quiet fan speeds, this...
  • BUILT IN SAFETY FEATURES – Tip-Over Safety Switch and Overheat Protection take the worry out of using...
  • A REAL SPACE SAVER – Standing 42 in. tall with a small 13” x 13” footprint, the sleek, dual purpose...
  • SLEEP LIKE A BABY – Perfectly sized to aim over a high bed to circulate the air so you can get some...
  • EASY TO USE – Simple base assembly requires no tools. Easy to clean filter keeps the unit running...

This space heater is an excellent addition to a living room or basement because it heats quickly while using minimal energy.

With a built-in carry handle and oscillation to help distribute heat evenly across the room, as well as remote control capabilities and an adjustable digital thermostat that offers low and high power settings and eco mode to maintain temperatures with lower energy use.

This model stands over three feet and features a sleek, uncluttered design in black or white colors to complement any room decor.

Additionally, its cool-touch cabinet and user-friendly LCD display with push button controls provide user convenience; digital temperature and time displays as well as a countdown timer are among its many features. Furthermore, automatic tip-over shutoff and overheat protection come standard.

Another feature that sets this space heater apart is its automatic nighttime dimming feature, which automatically shuts the display off after 10 seconds to help you drift off into sleep without being surprised by a bright screen in the morning.

Furthermore, it features a fan-only mode with lower noise emissions for quiet operation.

In our tests, the Lasko FH500 quickly reached an even 84 degrees Fahrenheit within eight minutes – beating all other space heaters we evaluated! At its highest setting, it uses approximately 1,500 watts. There’s even an indicator light located on its base!

The Lasko FH500 offers numerous top-quality safety features.

These include its tip-over shutdown mechanism, overheat protection, and flame-retardant materials. Furthermore, there’s an integrated safety net to prevent children and pets from coming too close to its top without getting burned; plus there is also a hidden cord wrap on its underside for storage when not in use.

The Lasko space heater combo tower is easy to set up and use, offering great value when compared to more costly models. Its three heating settings and dial thermostat provide flexibility in meeting varying climate conditions; you could even save money by pairing it with air conditioning during warmer months!

Lasko CD08200 Small Portable Ceramic Space Heater

Lasko CD08200 Small Portable Ceramic Space Heater for Bathroom and Indoor Home Use, White, 6.25 x...
  • HEATS UP THE BATHROOM FAST – Say goodbye to stepping out of the shower during the cold winter mornings...
  • SMALL & MIGHTY – Powered by an energy efficient 1500-watt ceramic heating element with 3 heat settings,...
  • EASY TO USE – No assembly required. Simply take it out of the box and plug it in directly to a wall...
  • APPROVED FOR BATHROOM USE – Comes with an integrated ALCI safety plug (a device that shuts off power to...
  • TRUSTED FOR GENERATIONS – Lasko has been making quality products for over 100 years, so you can be...

Lasko offers this compact and user-friendly heater designed with ceramic heating elements, multiple settings for customized comfort, safety features such as overheat protection and a tip-over switch to avoid accidents, an ALCI plugs that instantly turn the power off, as well as its exterior staying cool to the touch so as to be safe for households with children and pets.

With 11 adjustable heat settings and an energy-saving thermostat that only warms when needed, finding a comfortable temperature for any room should not be difficult. Plus, with its portable size and convenient carry handle you can easily move it between rooms when required.

EFFICIENT HEATING The 1500-watt ceramic heating element delivers quick, even, and efficient warmth to any room. With its self-regulating properties, you’ll experience warm comfort all around.

REMOTE CONTROL The remote included with this space heater makes it simple and straightforward to adjust timer, temperature, and oscillation settings – and keeps itself safe on the back of the heater so as to never be misplaced! It even stores away neatly on its back.

Protect Your Home From Electrical Fire

Tip-over and overheat prevention switches help shield your home from accidents caused by space heater use. Overheat and tip-over sensors detect when the heater tilts or gets too hot; these features are especially valuable if there are children or animals present; it could potentially avert potential accidents that might otherwise become dangerous.

This heater is known for being quiet and simple to maintain, making it popular with many users. Furthermore, it comes with a 3-year limited manufacturer’s warranty to cover you against potential defects.

This heater is small and compact, making it the ideal addition to your home or office. With its sleek and stylish design that fits in well with any decor scheme, as well as versatile functionality such as year-round climate control.

Furthermore, its automatic overheat protection and self-regulating ceramic element make this an excellent option.

Dreo Solaris Slim H3 DR-HSH003

Dreo Space Heater, Portable Electric Heaters for Indoor Use, 70° Oscillation, 12H Timer, Quiet PTC...
  • ETL-Certified Safety: Made of V0 flame-retardant materials with multiple safety features including...
  • Fast Heating: Powerful 1500W PTC ceramic heating allows this space heater to heat up in seconds, suitable...
  • Quiet Heating: 40dB - almost as quiet as a library. The fan wheel uses oblique airflow technology, which...
  • Uniform Heating: The exclusive trackball system helps create smooth and quiet oscillation. The 70°...
  • Energy Efficiency: Save on energy bills and live more sustainably. With a built-in precise temperature...

The Dreo Solaris Slim H3 DR-HSH003 space heater stands out with its sleek design and wide array of adjustable features, making it one of our favorites.

Utilizing Dreo Hyperamics technology for fast heating up times and an impressive 1500W working power.

Furthermore, its Eco mode adjusts heating settings automatically when room temperatures near desired target temps to save energy consumption – an invaluable feature if energy conservation is important to you!

Other features include a remote control, multiple heat settings (including a fan-only option), and the option to set a timer and switch off after a certain amount of time has elapsed.

Its controls are easily accessible on top of the device with an LED display that’s clear and easily read; plus it runs at just 40dB noise level – as quiet as a library! This makes it perfect for use in cold home offices or conservatories without central heating systems.

If your elderly loved one is susceptible to feeling cold, positioning this heater near them will provide them with a warm place to sit while keeping hands and feet toasty. With its compact yet portable design, this heater makes moving between rooms or even taking it upstairs for sleep much simpler.

Although this option doesn’t boast as many advanced features as some of our other picks, it still features an overheat and tip-over protection system and a UL-listed 2-prong power cord for maximum convenience.

Plus, its certification from UKCA makes this device truly safe – made of V0 flame retardant material!

The Honeywell M2GTS space heater may not be our most aesthetically pleasing pick, but its functional and durable design makes it a top pick.

Perfect for small spaces without breaking the bank, we highly recommend this option with its slim profile that features multiple colors so you can find one to complement any decor and its three-year limited warranty coverage.

Vornado VHEAT

Vornado VHEAT Vintage Metal Heater, Green, Whole Room
  • HEAT DIFFERENTLY — Gently heat all in the air in a small to medium-sized room through vortex air...
  • VINTAGE STYLE — Classic metal design inspired by the original Vornadofan from 1945.
  • HEAT EFFICIENTLY — Set your comfort with 2 heat settings (Low/750W, High/1500W) and an adjustable...
  • HEAT SAFELY — Advanced safety features include tip-over protection and an automatic safety shut-off...
  • SUPERIOR SUPPORT — Backed by a 5-year and supported by a customer service team based in Andover, KS

VHEAT heaters feature sleek designs with comfortable dials to make use more enjoyable, giving it an aesthetic that resembles high-end appliances.

There are only two heat settings and an easy thermostat dial for easily maintaining an optimal room temperature – using approximately 750W at its minimum setting and 1500W when fully powered up.

They even boast an LED display showing current room temperatures; to save energy when reaching setpoint temperature they switch into fan mode automatically!

The VHEAT space heater boasts many safety features that make it one of the safest choices available today.

These include an automatic shut-off mechanism that automatically stops it if airflow becomes blocked or it tips over, overheats protection that switches it off if it gets too hot, as well as a built-in carry handle and cord storage to make moving it around your home or storing it easily simple.

Even though the Vornado VHEAT lacks certain features – including no timer and remote control – it still managed to impress us. It features a sleek design, making it easier for tight spaces.

Plus, its sturdy metal construction adds longevity. Furthermore, controls are easily identifiable and read. Dials have solid feeling dials while there’s even an ergonomic handle on top for comfortable operation.

Another plus of the VHEAT heater we tested is its quiet operation; this can be especially important if the noise disturbs sleep. In testing, it took about 30 minutes on its highest heat setting to evenly warm a 15×10 foot room; though not among the fastest models out there.

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