Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes 2021 Reviews

Basketball can be an incredibly good way to stay in shape, have a ton of fun, and connect with a group of friends. However, if you play basketball without proper shoes, then you are risking serious injury.

It may sound overexaggerated, but without proper shock-absorbing shoes, you can seriously damage your knees and ankles when playing even semi-competitive basketball.

To help mitigate the risk of damage to your legs, you need to invest in some good basketball shoes that will absorb the shock created by playing. In this article, we are going to look at the best outdoor basketball shoes. If you want us to just recommend you a pair, we would say to go for the Under Armour Men’s Curry 3Zero Basketball Shoe.

A Spotlight On Some of The Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes 2021:

Nike Air Visi Pro VI
Self-tie Closure
Shock Absorption
Reinforced Mesh Upper
High Density Midsole
Under Armour Curry 3Zero
Self-tie Closure
Shock Absorption
Reinforced Mesh Upper
High Density Midsole
Nike Air Jordan Protro Max 720
Self-tie Closure
Shock Absorption
Reinforced Mesh Upper
High Density Midsole
AND 1 Chosen One
Self-tie Closure
Shock Absorption
Reinforced Mesh Upper
High Density Midsole
Adidas Ownthegame
Self-tie Closure
Shock Absorption
Reinforced Mesh Upper
High Density Midsole

Outdoor Basketball Shoe Reviews

Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro Vi

For the first review on our best outdoor basketball shoes list, we are going to be taking a look at a shoe from one of the kings of basketball shoes, Nike. It wouldn’t be a basketball shoe list without at least a few entries from Nike.

They are the favorite shoe of many NBA players for a good reason after all. In this case, we are looking at one of Nike’s less popular and more affordable shoes in the form of the Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro Vi.

We will look at some higher-end options from them later on in the review list, but for the moment, we wanted to review a more affordable option that still keeps that signature Nike quality.

In terms of heel and sole support, the Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro Vi is equipped with a few different features to help in this area. For example, the shoe has a very nice rubber sole that really does a good job of not only providing support but also providing that very crucial shock absorption that you are going to hear quite a lot about during the course of this article.

Are there shoes out there with even better support? Sure, in fact, some of them are on this list. But, this entry from Nike is no slouch in this regard either, so it deserves some recognition.

Something that is really notable about this shoe is its weight. This is an exceptionally lightweight shoe. How heavy a particular shoe isn’t exactly something that one thinks about a lot, but it can be very important when picking a basketball shoe (for reasons that we will talk about later on in our buying guide).

A light shoe like the Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro Vi can be great for playing basketball, or any other kind of sport for that matter, because it takes less energy and less effort to move with the shoes on, which is obviously quite helpful when playing ball.

The only real issue that we can bring up regarding the Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro Vi is that it could use a bit more ankle support. It is pretty good in this department as is, but if it were a high-top shoe, it would obviously offer a bit more support.

If you want the absolute most ankle support possible, then you may want to look for one of the high-top options on our best outdoor basketball shoes article.

  • Affordable option that still has the quality of a Nike shoe.

  • Good heel and sole support.

  • Very lightweight shoe.

  • Can be quickly tied up and tightened.

  • Could use a bit more ankle support.

Under Armour Men’s Curry 3Zero Basketball Shoe

For the next review, we are going to be looking at a shoe that is definitely much pricier, but also much higher on the quality spectrum. The Under Armour Men’s Curry 3Zero Basketball Shoe is not only a higher quality shoe than the previous entry, but it also sports an important pedigree.

Normally, it doesn’t matter who sponsors a particular shoe. However, anyone who follows basketball knows that it is important for a lot of people to buy shoes associated with players, both for style and because the player often has some input on the shoe. This particular shoe is endorsed by one of the best NBA players in the world, Steph Curry.

First off, you can tell that this is a high-end shoe the moment that you see how well-made it is. The shoe uses both high-quality and similarly well-made materials. For example, the exterior of the shoe is made using synthetic mesh.

This is a material that gets used on a lot of the more expensive basketball shoes, including ones from Nike, Adidas, and yes, Under Armour. The synthetic mesh that is used on this shoe, and on other high-end shoes, is so good because of how it manages to be strong, breathable, and light, all in one package.

Like any good basketball shoe, the Under Armour Men’s Curry 3Zero Basketball Shoe provides a lot of support and force absorption. You are going to be jumping up and down a lot in these shoes if you play ball regularly, so it is nice to know that the shores are going to stop a lot of that excess force from being transferred directly to your ankles and heels.

It can help cut down not only on muscle soreness, but can also reduce potential muscles injuries like ACL tears, sprains, and much more. The shoe also has what is called a carbon fiber shank, which adds stability to the shoe. So, when you land, you are going to be able to immediately break into a sprint or get your balance quickly. It is a good basketball shoe all-around.

  • Endorsed by Steph Curry.

  • High-quality design and materials.

  • Made using mesh for breathability.

  • Manages to be both supportive and surprisingly light.

  • Tight shoe that can sometimes be difficult to get on and off in a pinch.

Nike Jordan Proto-Max 720

In an earlier review of our best outdoor basketball shoes list, we looked at a cheaper Nike shoe in the form of the Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro Vi. However, we also mentioned in that review that we would be taking a look at some of the pricier, higher-end shoes that you typically associate more closely with Nike.

So, for this review, we are going to be taking a look at one of Nike’s better basketball shoes in the form of the Nike Jordan Proto-Max 720. This is a very well-made shoe that is sure to become the pride of any player’s shoe collection.

As you can see from the name in the product, these Nike shoes are endorsed by none other than the most famous basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan. They are colored in his signature Chicago Bulls red and black, and they sport a sleek design.

So, right off the bat, you can see that these shoes are going to net you a lot of style points as anyone who plays basketball is familiar with Michael Jordan and his shoes are pretty recognizable too.

Now, these shoes obviously have a lot of really great features as they are from Nike, but the feature that we particularly want to highlight is how good they are providing shock absorption. As you can see, the shoes are equipped with this really large outsole.

This outsole provides extremely good shock absorption so that your muscles and joints are receiving a minimal amount of wear and tear when playing basketball. It also helps to make the shoes more comfortable overall.

Despite being a very snug-fitting shoe overall, the Nike Jordan Proto-Max 720 manages to avoid feeling like it is constricting your foot. It remains comfortable and relatively breathable as well, which can really be great for long play sessions.

Look, this is a pricey shoe, there is no way to get around that fact. But when you consider just how long the shoes will last you and the sheer quality of them, the price becomes a whole lot more bearable.

  • Very high-quality shoes that should last you for a long time.

  • Provide tremendous shock absorption to prevent injuries.

  • Endorsed by NBA legend Michael Jordan.

  • Sports Jordan’s signature color scheme.

  • Extremely comfortable.

  • An extremely expensive pair of shoes.

AND 1 Men’s Chosen One Ii Sneaker

While AND 1 isn’t quite as famous when it comes to shoes as say Nike or Adidas, their brand profile has risen a bit since they started working with up-and-coming NBA superstar Fred VanVleet. So, their shoes are a bit higher in status now, which is great since they make some pretty good (not to mention affordable) basketball shoes.

The shoe from them that we are going to be taking a look at is the AND 1 Men’s Chosen One Ii Sneaker. This is a surprisingly well-made basketball shoe that comes equipped with a ton of great features and that won’t bankrupt you, what more could you really want out of a pair of basketball shoes?

The shoes, despite being one of the most affordable options on our best outdoor basketball shoes list, are made from surprisingly high-quality materials. The AND 1 Men’s Chosen One Ii Sneaker is actually made from imported leather that is tough and comfortable. It makes for a really good base for the shoe.

Also used in the shoe is a very helpful mesh material that is great for letting air circulate throughout the shoe. As we have said in countless other reviews, this is great for helping to keep your feet comfortable during long games.

Something that we always talk about in these reviews is how well a particular shoe does when it comes to providing support for your feet. As always, you want to make sure that your basketball shoes provide that crucial shock absorption.

The AND 1 Men’s Chosen One Ii Sneaker does a pretty good job in this regard. The shoe has a nice rubber sole and a dual-strap system to provide even more stability and support.

  • Dual-strap system provides more stability and support.

  • High-quality materials are used.

  • Available at a very affordable price.

  • The brand is rising in status and style.

  • Doesn’t have quite the same pedigree as Nike or Adidas.

Adidas Men’s Ownthegame Wide Basketball Shoe

For the final review on our list, we are going to be taking a look at a basketball shoe from one of the other major shoe manufacturers out there in the form of Adidas.

The Adidas Men’s Ownthegame Wide Basketball Shoe is one of the best pairs of basketball shoes currently available from Adidas and so it was a no-brainer to include it on our review list.

These shoes are designed to be both comfortable and to fit very snugly, which is a nice combination. It ensures that the shoe fits comfortably on your feet, without giving your feet so much room to move around that you risk injury when playing.

The end result is a very comfortable shoe that is amazing for playing any type of sport, but especially excels when it comes to basketball.

The base of the shoe is made using imported mesh fibers. As we have said in many other reviews on this list, the imported mesh fibers help to give the shoe a lot of strength and durability, while also keeping it very breathable.

Despite the great design and construction of this shoe, it actually isn’t all that pricey. We wouldn’t call the Adidas Men’s Ownthegame Wide Basketball Shoe “cheap,” but it is noticeably easier on your bank account than similar shoes from Nike or Under Armour would be.

The sole on the Adidas Men’s Ownthegame Wide Basketball Shoe is pretty good and deserves some mention in this review as well. The rubber is very high-quality, and it provides a great base to absorb impact when you run or jump. It takes a lot of strain off your muscles that could potentially cause both pain and injury.

The only issue with this shoe is that it is a bit plain. It doesn’t come with any sort of endorsement.

  • Great combination of strength and breathability.

  • Both tight-fitting and comfortable.

  • Imported mesh fiber remains very breathable.

  • Well-designed rubber sole.

  • Made with that patented Adidas durability.

  • Doesn’t come with any sort of endorsement.

Outdoor Basketball Shoes Buying Guide

If you enjoyed the first part of our article, then you may also enjoy this second part of our best outdoor basketball shoes article. In this buying guide, you are going to find out exactly what the most important criteria are to consider when buying a pair of basketball shoes.

These are the same criteria that we used when deciding which basketball shoes to review and which to leave off the list. Obviously, you can just buy off our list, but we also understand that some may be curious about how they can go about picking out a high-quality shoe on their own. We aim to address that in this second part of the article.

The Big 3: Weight, Comfort, and Breathability

When evaluating a basketball shoe, we would encourage you to focus on 3 criteria that we would call the “Big 3.” Those 3 criteria are the most important when it comes to determining how good a particular shoe is.

Weight is an often undervalued criterion to consider when evaluating a shoe. Think of it this way, when you are playing basketball, you need to expend energy to lift your feet off the ground. A heavier shoe is going to require more energy on your part to lift off the ground.

This leaves you with less energy for playing ball and it means that you are going to get more tired, more quickly. So, finding a lightweight shoe is extremely important if you plan to play any sort of competitive basketball.

The next big this is comfort. Even a bit of discomfort on your feet can really throw off your game and make you play noticeably worse. So, in addition, to have a lightweight shoe, you also want one that is comfortable.

Comfort is obviously heavily subjective, so it is difficult for us to tell you exactly what to look for. Personally, we would say that you want something made of a fairly soft material, as well as a shoe that is snug, which prevents your foot from moving around too much while playing.

Finally, you want to be on the lookout for shoes made from breathable material. Trust us when we say that there is nothing that is worse than having your feet feel sweaty and constrained while trying to play ball.

Having a shoe that is made out of a material like breathable mesh can really be helpful when it comes to encouraging airflow throughout the shoe and keeping your feet comfortable.

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