Best Miter Saw For DIY in 2023 (Reviews)

best miter saw for diy

If you’re in the market for new home woodworking tools, investing in a miter saw can be one of the best decisions you make. These power tools offer precise cuts of crosscuts, rip cuts, and bevels with great ease of use and precision.

The top choices for DIY miter saws include single and dual compound models capable of cutting miters and bevels with sliding guide rails to accommodate longer boards.

If you want to skip the reviews, we say get the BOSCH GCM12SD.

Best Miter Saw For DIY Reviews


BOSCH GCM12SD 15 Amp 12 Inch Corded Dual-Bevel Sliding Glide Miter Saw with 60 Tooth Saw Blade
1,814 Reviews
BOSCH GCM12SD 15 Amp 12 Inch Corded Dual-Bevel Sliding Glide Miter Saw with 60 Tooth Saw Blade
  • AXIAL GLIDE SYSTEM: patented glide system allows wider cross cuts and better alignment while also being...
  • CAPACITY: expanded cutting capacity, 14 inch horizontal capacity nominal 6 1/2 inch vertical capacity...
  • ADJUSTABLE: provides easy adjustments with a large, easy-to-read uniform bevel and stainless steel miter...
  • PRECISION: square lock quick release fences lock fence 90 degree to the table and requires no adjustment,...
  • EASE OF USE: upfront bevel controls all metal bevel lock lever and range selector located upfront for...

The Bosch GCM12SD miter saw is one of the premier tools on the market. Designed to quickly cut through materials while producing quality results, its Axial glide feature stands out as being unparalleled among other miter saws and allows it to fold back, saving space by creating up to 12 inches more workspace in your workspace area – perfect for people working in restricted areas!

GCM12SD’s ease of use makes it one of its standout features, with simple adjustments using upfront bevel and miter controls and detents for common angles, high visibility dual bevel scale, 60 tooth blade, material clamp, dust bag, and miter wrench included as additional accessories.

Bosch is known for producing innovative tools, and the GCM12SD doesn’t disappoint in this respect.

It is an extremely powerful yet surprisingly compact 12-in. sliding dual bevel compound miter saw equipped with an advanced axial glide system to deliver wider cross cuts, improved alignment, and smoother operation compared to traditional sliding miter saws – and thus fits neatly in small spaces.

GCM12SD’s robust construction makes it ideal for use when working with power tools. While other miter saws may feature exposed rails that may become bent or worn out quickly, the GCM12SD uses a closed-lather system which helps prevent warping and ensures it always sits correctly positioned in its mount.

This saw is also highly versatile, making it suitable for a range of projects – it can cut drywall, trim, and moldings; make box cuts; it even works great as a band saw! This versatility sets it apart from other miter saws.

The GCM12SD miter saw is an excellent option for anyone looking for a high-quality miter saw at an economical price. Although its higher cost may make other miter saws more appealing, its comprehensive list of features makes this investment worth your while.

Delta 10″ Sliding Compound Miter Saw 26-2241

Delta 10" Sliding Compound Miter Saw 26-2241
  • Shadow guide cutting line projects a consistent and accurate cutting line on your work piece
  • Product dimensions – 29.5” D x 22.5” W x 20” H | Weight – 55 lbs. | Voltage – 120V | Blade...
  • One-hand front miter Controls with push button miter detent override and front bevel release for quick...
  • Molded handle and full size trigger is comfortable for right or left handed users 15 amp motor for...
  • Dual bevel 45° left/45° right with front bevel release and 7 positive bevel stops at the most popular...

The Delta 26-2241 miter saw is one of the best-selling on the market, thanks to its many unique features that set it apart. These include its innovative slide lock which prevents forward sliding while in use or transport, thus saving space.

Furthermore, there’s an ergonomic carry handle to make transport easy, while its built-in dust collector helps simplify clean up!

Delta Cruzer features a frame constructed of military-grade aluminum and heavy-duty bearings to deliver unparalleled accuracy right out of the box.

Furthermore, its bevel adjustment feature is easy to use and locks securely, with stops at popular bevel angles as well as an easy lever override switch for quick switching between them.

This saw is powerful enough to cut through most wood species, from softwoods to hardwoods.

Equipped with a 15 amp motor capable of producing superior cuts, as well as blade brake and safety switch features for extra security, this powerful miter saw is an excellent choice for anyone seeking long-lasting power miter saw performance.

Shadow Line Technology makes this saw even more user-friendly by helping to show where its blade will be cutting before making cuts. This feature makes working with difficult pieces of lumber more efficient.

Unfortunately, not many other miter saws offer it, but this unique addition definitely makes this saw more user-friendly!

The Delta Cruzer miter saw is an outstanding miter saw with an excellent crosscut capacity and dual bevel capability, plus an extended crosscutting capability thanks to its flip-down fence system and 16″ cutting capacity – more than sufficient for most jobs! In terms of accuracy, its tolerance of only 1/32 inch at full extension makes it one of the most precise miter saws on the market.

Metabo HPT Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Metabo HPT Sliding Compound Miter Saw | 12-Inch Blade | Double Bevel | Laser Marker | 15-Amp Motor |...
  • AWARD: Rated Best Miter Saw for the Money for Pros by Pro Tool Reviews 2022
  • MOTOR: Powerful 15 Amp motor to tackle tough cutting jobs with ease
  • LASER: Laser marker system from Metabo HPT increases cutting accuracy
  • FENCE: Large sliding fence raises fence height to 5.125 In. to cut up to 7.5 In. crown molding vertically
  • MITER: 0-57 degree miter angle to the right and 0-45 degree to the left for flexibility

This miter saw is ideal for beginners or budget-minded woodworkers looking to expand their hobby of woodworking, featuring easy operation and an excellent set of features such as mitering up to 52 degrees left or right, bevel cuts up to 45 degrees on both sides, positive stops, a laser marker for setting accurate blade positioning, positive stops, and positive stops; laser marker easy reading laser marker accurate blade setting laser marker

The only drawback with this miter saw is a lack of a cam system that would enable workpiece holding, creating extra time-consuming frustrations

Another great aspect of this saw is its lightweight frame at just 24.2 pounds, making it one of the more portable miter saws on the market.

Furthermore, its 15 amp motor provides enough power for even tough cutting tasks and its miter scale has both positive and negative detents to make reading and adjusting easier than many other models.

The saw features a sliding compound miter saw design with an increased cutting capacity of up to one inch, which allows more complex and longer cuts than would normally be possible with traditional miter saws. It is perfect for trim carpentry or framework projects.

Unlike some of the miter saws on this list, the Metabo HPT C10FSHCT lacks a cam system for clamping workpieces in place – something which could prove inconvenient when dealing with larger pieces of stock.

Still, this miter saw is still an excellent tool capable of handling most projects.

This miter saw’s only real downside is its brushed motor, which may wear out faster than some. Luckily, brushes can be easily and affordably replaced.

Furthermore, this saw has several ergonomic issues such as its cumbersome handle, hard-to-reach bevel lock, and insufficient lighting when used under dim conditions.

Metabo HPT 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw

Metabo HPT 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw | 0-52 Degrees Miter Cutting Range (Left/Right) | 0-45 Degrees...
  • MOTOR: 15 Amp motor delivers high power for the toughest of cuts generating a no-load speed of up to...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Only 24.2 lbs. to facilitate maneuverability and portability
  • MITER ANGLE RANGE: 0-52 degrees, to the right and left for increased flexibility
  • BEVEL RANGE: 0-45 degrees, to the left with adjustable bevel stops for precision cuts
  • LARGE TABLE: Offers better material support with vice clamping system to secure work piece

Metabo’s (formerly Hitachi’s) miter saw is an ideal option for DIYers in search of high-quality yet cost-effective tools.

Boasting a 15 amp motor and 10-inch tungsten carbide-tipped blade for precision cuts through various materials with ease and accuracy, as well as boasting quality construction with an extended warranty, it makes an ideal tool for both amateurs and professionals alike.

This tool is an ideal solution for cutting trim, creating window frames, or working on other wood projects.

It boasts an exceptional miter cutting range and dual bevel that allows it to cut at angles up to 48 degrees left and right; additionally, it comes equipped with a large extended flip fence that rises 4 inches to accommodate larger workpieces as well as an inbuilt dust collection system that helps ensure a clean workspace environment.

It features simple thumb-activated positive miter stops for quick and easy adjustments, along with a bevel-cutting range of 0-45 degrees left or right for versatile cuts. Furthermore, its sturdy frame has a durable blade brake and comfortable handle suitable for right-handed and left-handed users alike.

One of the great things about this miter saw is its portability; at only 34 pounds it’s lightweight enough for easy portability between shops or job sites. Plus, you don’t need extension cords to plug it in! Perfect for anyone who doesn’t enjoy dealing with cords!

As well as offering a convenient carrying handle and an accurate laser that can be moved on either side of the blade, this saw also features a forward-facing rail design for easy wall pushing – perfect for tight spaces! However, its limited cutting width may limit some tasks.

Another factor when purchasing a miter saw is whether or not you prefer cordless functionality. Some individuals appreciate its portability while others require corded models for specific projects.

Skil 10″ Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Skil 10" Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw - MS6305-00
  • POWERFUL 15 AMP MOTOR - Delivers 4,800 RPM for quick, detailed cuts
  • DUAL BEVEL – Perform cuts in four positive stop positions at 48° & 45° left, 0°, and 45° right
  • LED SHADOW LINE - Provides high precision cuts with greater accuracy than lasers
  • 2x12 CUTTING CAPACITY – Cross cuts lumber up to 2x12 at 90 degrees, and 2x8 lumber at 45 degrees
  • CUTS AT COMMON ANGLES - Cuts up to 50 degrees left and right with 11 positive stops at most used angles

Skil MS6305-000 Miter Saw is one of the best miter saws for DIYers and beginner woodworkers, designed as a portable saw that can easily be taken on and off job sites.

It excels in basic framing and carpentry tasks but lacks crown molding capacity preferred by professional trim carpenters; nonetheless, it remains a tremendous value in miter saw technology at this price point.

The first thing that struck us about this saw was its quality build. While substantial, yet light enough to carry comfortably with either top or side handles.

Plus, its compact dimensions made it suitable for most work trucks. Furthermore, this saw has an easy-to-read sliding miter gauge as well as an adjustable bevel lock on the back that allows users to set any angle with just one turn of a dial.

As with other miter saws, this one comes equipped with a dust bag; however, you can connect it to a vacuum system to achieve even greater results. Not only is using the vacuum safer than manually reaching into its dust bag with your hands but it will also keep fine particles out of your eyes and lungs.

During our tests, this saw was highly accurate; making clean cuts with little effort required.

Unfortunately, its detents were somewhat loose; therefore we needed to tighten its miter lock knob more often than on other saws in order to ensure its security – this may not be a major issue, but can become irritating when cutting complex angles.

One feature we particularly appreciated about this saw is its easy blade change process, taking less than a minute.

While the guard automatically holds up during the change process, you will still need to pull a lever to retract and remove your old blade before easily installing your new one and sliding down its guard back down afterward.

One minor gripe we had about this saw is its lock-off switch is placed for right-handed operation and makes left-hand operation challenging. For improved use, we suggest moving it closer to the front of the saw where both hands could easily press it to lock or unlock.

Makita LS0815F Slide Compound Miter Saw

Makita LS0815F Slide Compound Miter Saw
265 Reviews
Makita LS0815F Slide Compound Miter Saw
  • Compact and Lightweight Design for Job Site Portability
  • Powerful 10.5 AMP direct drive motor requires less maintenance and delivers 5,000 RPM
  • Miters 0-50 Degrees left & 0-60 Degrees right, with positive stops at 0, 15, 22.5, 31.6, 45 and 50...
  • Compact and lightweight (31.1 lbs.) for job site portability
  • Cuts up to 12" at 90Degrees and 8-1/2" at 45Degrees

This Makita miter saw is packed with advantages. Not only does it boast exceptional miter and bevel abilities, it is also extremely lightweight for easy transportation between jobs, making it suitable for DIYers as well as contractors alike. Furthermore, its user rating scores make this saw excellent value for the price tag.

This miter saw features a compact footprint that makes it ideal for tight spaces where traditional sliding miter saws cannot.

It comes equipped with dual rear handle bevel locks and an LED task light to enhance cutting accuracy, along with a linear ball bearing system for precise cuts and a soft start feature to avoid kickback.

Overall, this miter saw is an outstanding value option to add quality miter sawing capability without breaking the bank!

Another benefit of this saw is its ease of use: you don’t require a table extension to cut wide dimensional lumber and plywood sheets.

You can cut 24′ boards at 90 degrees, making this ideal for framing, deck building, renovation, and most finish jobs; additionally, it can make 60-degree bevel cuts on 12″ boards allowing it to handle more difficult crown molding applications.

This saw only has minor drawbacks, including its standard dust collection system and lack of laser light, but these should not dissuade anyone from considering it as an option.

Purchasers of this saw can rest easy knowing it is covered by both a 30-day return policy and a 1-year limited warranty, offering buyers peace of mind when trying out this product and, should anything go wrong or break within 12 months, being repaired for free by any factory authorized repair center.

Furthermore, Makita provides free tool repair and replacement service at any of their factory-authorized repair centers, giving customers a firsthand experience of their commitment to customer satisfaction – plus many positive customer reviews make this Makita miter saw an ideal choice for homeowners or contractors alike!

CRAFTSMAN V20 Miter Saw Kit

CRAFTSMAN V20 Miter Saw Kit, 7-1/4 inch, Cordless, Battery and Charger Included (CMCS714M1)
  • POWERFUL MOTOR: 3,800 RPM motor of CRAFTSMAN miter saw is made for cutting 2X dimensional lumber,...
  • SLIDE CAPABILITIES: The mitre saw has 8-inch cross cut at 90-degree and 5-1/2-inch cross cut at 45 degree
  • ADDED CAPACITY: The sliding miter saw cuts 3-5/8-inch nested crowns and 3-1/2-inch baseboards vertically
  • ACCURACY AND VISIBILITY: LED cut line positioning system
  • QUICK AND ACCRUATE: 9 casted miter detent stops for adjustments

The CRAFTSMAN V20 miter saw is an example of modern miter saws understanding that power comes in small packages. Though smaller than many 12-inch models, its powerful blade allows it to tackle projects such as cutting 2x4s and trimming wood trimmer boards with ease.

Plus its convenient carry handle makes this saw ideal for DIYers or jobsites with limited space or power outlets – or those looking for portable power.

This cordless miter saw is not only compact and lightweight; its capacity is truly exceptional! Capable of cutting 8-inch crosscuts at 90 degrees, 3-1/2-inch vertical cuts, and 3-5/8-inch crown cuts on a single battery charge with its 11-notched detent system for precise cuts every time, it ensures an amazing user experience!

Apart from its excellent performance, this saw is also very cost-effective. While most miter saws come at a premium price point, the V20 offers incredible value and is an ideal option for DIYers. It has one slight drawback – a slightly limited cutting capacity; but this shouldn’t pose much of a hindrance for most users.

This miter saw’s outstanding build quality is one of its biggest draws. Equipped with a powerful motor and durable components that can withstand daily use, this model also comes equipped with features such as blade guard protection from its blade as well as dust collection to minimize airborne dust emissions and an easy-to-read miter gauge and bevel lock for quick setup.

Recently, all miter saws were corded. Now however, many manufacturers have produced cordless models powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that make for easier use than their corded counterparts while providing equal levels of power output; some cordless models may even produce superior cuts than their corded counterparts!

If you’re a homeowner or DIYer tackling their next woodworking project and require large amounts of lumber cuts, miter saws are an essential tool.

Built to save both time and effort by making precise cuts with ease, miter saws should be used regularly – just remember to clean after every use so as to prevent sawdust accumulation that may hinder its movement and compromise the accuracy of cuts.

DEWALT Miter Saw 12-Inch DWS716XPS

DEWALT Miter Saw, 12-Inch, Double Bevel, Compound, XPS Cutline, 15-Amp (DWS716XPS)
  • Stainless-steel miter detent plate with 14 positive stops delivers repeatable accuracy and worksite...
  • Tall sliding fences of the mitre saw support crown molding up to 6-5/8-inch nested and base molding up to...
  • Double-bevel design of DEWALT miter saw allows saw to bevel 0 degree - 48 degree to the left and right...
  • 0 degree - 50 degree left and right miter capacity
  • Cam lock miter handle with detent override delivers quick and accurate miter angles.

DeWalt miter saws are an ideal choice for woodworkers and DIYers looking for maximum value from their investment.

Boasting an efficient motor that can effortlessly cut through materials like bricks and iron, and its precise blade, which enables accurate cuts, this saw is designed for woodworking professionals as well as DIYers looking to maximize value from their budget.

This machine’s stainless-steel miter detent plate comes equipped with 14 positive stops that enable users to create precise cuts with minimum effort, saving both time and effort in the workshop. Furthermore, its high sliding fence can support material up to 6.5 inches tall.

Another feature that makes this saw stand out is its ability to produce large crosscuts even when set on miter cuts, providing an enormous benefit when doing trim work in large rooms. Furthermore, its nested bevel setting enables it to make angled cuts easily for crown molding applications.

This miter saw features an innovative blade cover to prevent accidental cutting of people or objects when not in use, helping prevent accidents from occurring. Furthermore, its cam lock miter handle makes adjusting angles easy so users can find their ideal angles.

Though most miter saws feature a miter gauge, this model features an advanced laser. This feature can help users make more accurate cuts – perfect for newcomers to the hobby. Furthermore, its lightweight frame makes it easier to transport around workshops.

Though most miter saws feature corded operation, some manufacturers have recently begun producing cordless miter saws.

These models run on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that last for long on a single charge; they’re lighter than corded models and still come equipped with all of the same features; making this option suitable for anyone needing an easy and versatile tool that’s easily transportable.

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