Best Knives Set Brands in 2023 (Reviews)

best knives set brands

An effective knife set is essential in any kitchen, yet selecting one can be challenging. Keep several considerations in mind when making your decision, such as the number and types of knives included with each set and any unique blade options included.

No kitchen can be considered complete without quality knives, so when making your purchase be sure to purchase the highest quality set within your budget.

If you want to skip the reviews, we say get the MIYABI Mizu SG2 Set.

Best Knives Set Brands Reviews

ZWILLING Twin Signature 3-pc German Knife Set

ZWILLING Twin Signature 3-pc German Knife Set, Razor-Sharp, Made in Company-Owned German Factory...
  • ULTRA RAZOR-SHARP: ZWILLING knives start out razor-sharp and stay sharper longer, even with minimal care....
  • THE LAST KNIFE YOU’LL EVER NEED TO BUY: Zwilling knives are built to last. They are German engineered...
  • WE KNOW MORE ABOUT KNIVES THAN ANYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD: ZWILLING has been making knives since 1731 in...
  • LARGEST MANUFACTURER OF KNIVES GLOBALLY: As the largest manufacturer of knives globally, we own our...
  • SUPERIOR CRAFTMANSHIP: Special formulated German stainless steel perfected for almost 300 years....

If you’re on a tight budget but in search of an excellent knife set, look no further than this Zwilling Twin Signature 3-Piece German Knife Set.

It includes three essential knives in any kitchen: a paring knife for smaller tasks like peeling citrus fruit or segmenting citrus peels, a utility knife to handle larger cutting jobs, and an all-round chef’s knife that can take on just about any task in a kitchen.

Each blade in this set is precision stamped from one piece of steel using Friodur ice-hardened technology to stay sharp longer while resisting staining better than many other brands of kitchen knives – Plus it comes complete with kitchen shears as well as 14 slot block which can accommodate two more knives!

This Zwilling set features their Classic Ikon handles that are contoured for comfort and securely riveted to the tang, so they won’t loosen over time like cheaper knives do.

Furthermore, the tang has metal end caps added for extra strength; I think these blades might even be made from German 1.4116 steel!

While their edge quality might not compare to some of the higher-end sets on this list, these still perform very well at a reasonable price and make for great medium to heavy usage options; definitely consider these if looking for top-quality knives without breaking your wallet!

Zwilling offers an assortment of blade styles, but most of their forged collections feature traditional Western blade styles with thicker and more durable blades that feature full tangs exposed through handles.

Their premium Japanese-influenced sets such as Kramer Euroline and Pro Holm Oak collections use Damascus blades that add an eye-catching element – though these items tend to be quite pricey.

Zwilling offers several budget-conscious knife sets, with their Now S series being one of them. Offering eight knives in an economical vertical block that takes up less space on your counter than conventional sets would, these eight knives come in various vibrant colors for added fun!

Chicago Cutlery Insignia Triple Rivet Poly 18 PC

Chicago Cutlery Insignia Triple Rivet Poly (18-PC) Kitchen Knife Block Set With Wooden Block &...
  • 18 PIECES: The Chicago Cutlery Insignia set features 17 specialty knives and 1 pair of scissor - made...
  • BUILT IN SHARPNER: With a unique built-in sharpener in the acacia wood block, the Insignia knife set...
  • 26 DEGREE TAPER: The blades on all the knives are made with a 26 degree taper grind edge, providing...
  • STRONG & STURDY: Excellent craftsmanship in each knife, which provides added strength and durability to...
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLES: Each handle comes with a curve-optimized handle that is ergonomically designed for...

Chicago Cutlery offers several knife sets designed specifically for home chefs at an affordable price. Their blades are constructed of high-carbon stainless steel that provides excellent stain and damage resistance as well as having sharp edges which are easy to maintain or replace as required.

Many knife collections include both stamped and forged blades in their collections. Forged knives are formed from single bars of steel that have been heated and pounded into shape, creating thicker and more durable designs than stamped blades.

While forged knives typically boast classic German designs and tend to cost more, their ease of maintenance makes up for it, with them lasting through more abuse than their stamped counterparts.

The Chicago Cutlery Insignia Triple Rivet Poly 18 PC Set is an ideal way to build up a diverse and affordable knife collection.

It comes complete with 17 specialty knives and one pair of scissors made of high-grade materials that resist rust and corrosion, featuring ergonomic handles with triple riveted designs for comfortable holding. Plus, this set comes complete with a wooden knife block and sharpener to easily store and organize all 18 PC knives!

Consider what kind of kitchen tasks you will be performing before shopping for a knife set. An essential set will contain essential kitchen knives such as a chef’s knife, bread knife, paring knife, utility knife, and serrated knife; additionally, it should include a slicing and fillet knife to prepare meat, fish vegetables, and fruits.

Consider how you will store your knives when not in use – some sets come with magnetic strips, wooden blocks, or protective sheaths, while others may offer more space-efficient sheaths or covers. Also, take note of what type of storage options exist within your kitchen space.

Chicago Cutlery Insignia2 is another top choice when searching for high-quality kitchen knife sets, boasting an average rating of 4.8 out of 5.

Crafted from high-grade stainless steel, its knives are easy to maintain while providing a professional appearance – great for impressing guests! Additionally, the handles provide easy gripping that’s great for those with arthritis in their hands.

Victorinox Swiss Classic Kitchen Knife Set 5 Piece

Victorinox Swiss Classic Kitchen Knife Set, 5 Pieces - Paring Knives, Utility Knife, Carving Knife...
  • Set contains: Paring knife (wavy edge), Paring knife (straight edge, pointed tip), tomato and table knife...
  • Quality: high-carbon stainless steel blades with a tapered cutting-edge stays sharper longer
  • Care: dishwasher safe, but hand washing recommended
  • Lifetime against manufacturer defects
  • Expertly made in Switzerland

A quality set of knives is key to culinary creativity (and your meal dreams!). No matter if it is for cutting, mincing, paring, or other applications; when it comes to culinary creativity or creating delicious meals with ease you need an adequate set of blades that lasts the distance.

The Victorinox Swiss Classic Kitchen Knife Set 5 Piece has all of these essential tools in one convenient set – with 3-1/4″ yellow straight edge paring knife, 4-1/2″ green serrated utility knife, 7″ santoku knife and 8″ bread knife all of which come complete with their respective wooden storage blocks slanted for optimal storage space!

Victorinox is best known for its iconic Swiss Army Knife; however, its range of household and professional cutlery, knives, cookware, travel gear, and other kitchen tools span far beyond this iconic knife. Their name derives from Victoria being its founder’s surname combined with the Latin word inox (iron or stainless steel).

Victorinox provides several collections, with materials, design, and performance differing depending on which collection one purchases. For instance, only their Grand Maitre collection features forged blades; all other collections use stamped blades instead.

Forged blades tend to be more rigid than stamped ones and allow users to slice through thick meat cuts more effortlessly or thick vegetables more precisely; plus they tend to be less costly overall!

Stamped blades, on the other hand, tend to be lighter and nimbler, capable of handling most culinary tasks while not excelling as much in tougher situations like thick vegetables or tough cuts. Furthermore, stamped knives tend to be cheaper than their forged counterparts.

Victorinox employs various materials in their handles, such as polyoxymethylene (POM), which is dense moisture and heatproof plastic; polypropylene copolymer (PPC), which is hardier but more cost-effective; thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), which offers soft yet secure gripping when wet.

As well as rosewood and walnut handles that offer natural appearances as well as ergonomic gripping solutions to fit perfectly into human hand contours. Victorinox Grand Maitre knives also come equipped with natural rosewood and walnut handles which offer comfortable fits into human hand contours.

TPE food-grade safety certification ensures its use within food industries worldwide. TPE materials come with food-grade certification for food-grade use within foodservice environments – while rosewood and walnut handles offer a natural appearance while fitting perfectly into human hand contours – while offering ergonomic gripping power when wet.

TPE used on the Grand Maitre collection features rosewood handles with its natural appearance reminiscent of a human hand gripping power when wet!

This angled beech wood knife holder is intended to save space in your drawer by keeping the 5-piece set safely tucked away.

With slots designed specifically to accommodate easy insertion and prevent overlapping knives from colliding, as well as rubber feet on their bottom for stability, this beech wood knife holder makes optimal use of space in your drawer.

Global 3 Piece Starter Set

Global G-663738 -Global Knife Set, 3 Piece
  • Since 1985, Komin Yamada has always used revolutionary materials and the latest manufacturing techniques...
  • Global knives are made of the finest high carbon stainless steel
  • CROMOVA 18 = CRO is 18-percent of Chromium and MO and VA are molybdenum and vanadium
  • Signature sharpness with superior edge retention
  • Lightweight and balanced for easy handling in the kitchen

This Global knife set is ideal for novice chefs or those who merely have to cook occasionally; It features three key knives crafted from high-quality German steel with hard plastic handles.

Although they won’t last as long or provide professional-level performance as Zwilling Twin Signature or Karamer by Zwilling Euroline sets do, these will still give you a reliable experience in your kitchen.

What sets this set apart is its design: hybridized between Western and Japanese styles, the knives themselves feature thick blades like traditional Western knives but thin behind the edge at 16-degree angles similar to Japanese knives for easy resharpening as well as resistance against corrosion and rusting.

Furthermore, their handles are constructed of CROMOVA 18 stainless steel with an anti-microbial sand-filled design for safety and hygiene purposes.

The handles on this set are also very comfortable to use, with their octagonal shapes creating an ideal spot for pinch gripping in most hands.

While their rough texturing and grippiness aren’t quite as smooth as other sets on this list, their rough grippy nature proves very effective against heavy use, keeping fingers from fatigue.

Global’s manufacturing and quality control standards are so impressive that even their stamped knives can stand up to many of the finest forged sets from other leading brands. Additionally, without bolsters on these blades, they’re lighter which helps alleviate hand fatigue when using Western-style knives for extended periods of time.

Global has an alternate version that does come with a storage block if needed; their 15-piece set #AD features both a cleaver and kitchen shears as part of this set.

MIYABI Mizu SG2 Knife & Sharpener Set 4 Piece

MIYABI Mizu SG2 Knife & Sharpener Set, 4 Piece
  • Miyabi knife set includes Mizu SG2 3.5" Paring Knife, 5" Utility Knife, 8" Chef's Knife & Miyabi...
  • Premium SG2 Micro-Carbide Powder Stainless Steel with hammered ("Tsuchime") Damascus finish; Cryodur heat...
  • Traditional Honbazuke sharpening method that originated from traditional Japanese sword making; 3-step...
  • Durable Micarta D-shape handle with bolster and metal end cap for the perfect comfort and balance;...
  • Made in Seki, Japan; Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Miyabi SG2 Knife is an exceptional knife at an excellent value. Crafted with premium grade steel and featuring an attractive design, it boasts great durability while boasting superior grip.

The 8-inch long knife blade makes this ideal as a chef’s knife. Additionally, its double bevel means it remains razor sharp on both sides, and its ergonomic design accommodates right-handed users without leaving lefties out – although its curve may be less aggressive for them than traditional chef’s knives.

Cryodur technology makes the blade extra hard and durable, then finished off with an eye-catching hammered Damascus pattern for added visual appeal and air pockets that prevent food from sticking to it.

Full tang construction further strengthens this knife’s durability, making it feel good in your hand and comfortable to use. Plus, its antibacterial surface and handle material make for easy maintenance!

As with other Miyabi knives, this one is very sharp and has excellent edge retention. Though maintaining sharpness may take some work, it’s worth the effort – SG2 steel holds an edge much longer than traditional kitchen blades!

This set includes all of the accessories necessary to keep your knives in top condition, including a bamboo storage block and Miyabi sharpening steel. Ideal for those seeking high-end knife sets that will last a lifetime. Although more costly than Kaizen (10 pieces), this Ferrari of kitchen knives truly delivers.

Shun Classic 10-piece Knife Block Set

Shun Classic 10-piece Knife Block Set
  • Set includes: 3.5-inch Paring Knife, 4.5-inch Honesuki Knife, 5-inch Hollow Edge Nakiri Knife, 6-inch...
  • Set also includes: 8-inch Chef's Knife, 9-inch Hollow Edge Carving Knife, 9-inch Combination Honing...
  • VG-MAX cutting core with 34-layers (each side) and stainless Damascus cladding. Rockwell Hardness: 60-61;...
  • D-shaped ebony PakkaWood handle is strong, durable and resists moisture
  • Handcrafted in Seki, Japan; Hand wash with gentle dish soap and dry immediately

This Shun Classic set offers the essential kitchen cutlery you’ll need to start cooking right. Included are an 8-inch chef’s knife, a Classic 7-inch santoku knife, and a Classic 3.5 paring knife along with kitchen shears designed for trimming pie dough or herbs or even trimming fat from raw poultry, plus low-frequency serration bread knives with low-frequency serrations.

Each is carefully hand forged and with Damascus steel features for visual interest to complement PakkaWood handles for even longer-lasting sharp edges than machine-made blades do!

Shun’s Premier series is among its largest offerings, featuring both Japanese and Western-style knives.

This line differs slightly from its Classic line in that the handles feature a more contemporary design with a walnut finish instead of traditional pakkawood finishes; also, hammered blades add both aesthetic value and practical benefits (wavy patterns reduce drag to reduce food sticking onto the blade).

These knives are constructed from VG-MAX steel, an upgrade over its counterpart VG-10 with carbon, chromium, molybdenum, and vanadium for strength and durability. Their hammered finishes add visual distinction from other Shun knives while creating an aesthetically refined aesthetic.

Shun offers two versions of their collection to fit different aesthetic preferences: Blonde is available with all the same blades and handle material in a blonde hue; the 8-piece Professional adds Santoku plus an 11-slot block storage capacity.

The Kanso line is an affordable series designed for budget-conscious customers, featuring several Japanese-style knives with slanted Tagayasan handles and utilitarian aesthetics that may not suit everyone.

However, this series still makes an excellent introduction to Japanese cutlery without breaking the bank – perfect for beginners looking to experience Japanese cutlery without shelling out for its full Shun Classic set! Furthermore, this set also comes equipped with combination honing steels.

Wüsthof Classic Hollow Edge 2-Piece Chef’s Set

Wüsthof Classic Hollow Edge 2-Piece Chef's Knife Set, Black, 6 nd 3.5-inch
166 Reviews
Wüsthof Classic Hollow Edge 2-Piece Chef's Knife Set, Black, 6 nd 3.5-inch
  • KITCHEN WORKHORSE COMBO – The WÜSTHOF 6” Hollow Edge Classic Chef's Knife is essential for preparing...
  • WÜSTHOF CLASSIC SERIES – The Full Tang, Triple Riveted handles of the Classic Line offer the widest...
  • RAZOR SHARP – High Carbon Stainless Steel Blades, precisely cut with the latest state of the art...
  • PRECISION FORGED – The 6” Chef’s Knife is forged from a single block of High Carbon Stainless Steel...
  • CENTURIES OF TRADITION – Family owned for seven generations, WÜSTHOF was founded in Solingen, Germany...

This set includes a 3 1/2″ paring knife and a 6″ chef’s knife forged from high carbon steel for corrosion resistance and edge retention, featuring full bolster and triple rivetting for extra durability and solid use in food prep tasks.

PEtec sharpening technology produces 20% sharper edges that maintain their shape twice longer than regular blades – something reviewers particularly enjoy in these knives, along with their comfortable grips that hold an edge well enough to easily cut through vegetables like squash or eggplant without losing its sharp edge quickly and easily.

Reviewers compare quality between these models from more expensive brands while proclaiming them well worth their cost tag!

These knives are precision-forged from one piece of exclusive Wusthof steel and boast a new handle design composed of dense synthetic material with tight molecular structure to resist discoloration and fading, creating cutting tools with longevity and lasting value for generations to come.

Each knife is hand-finished and individually inspected before coming with a limited lifetime warranty.

Apart from having superior blade and handle qualities, these knives are incredibly durable and easy to maintain. While dishwasher safe, hand washing them for optimal results will protect their delicate handles from chipping or scratching – as well as being resistant to rusting so they can be used safely in any kitchen environment.

Wusthof knives are handmade in Solingen, Germany, and include a limited lifetime warranty.

Precision-forged from single pieces and finished with durable synthetic POM handles – its special steel blend of carbon, chromium, molybdenum, and vanadium ensures maximum hardness, durability, and corrosion resistance.

As opposed to stamped blades which are laser-cut from sheets of metal, each Wusthof knife is handcrafted from one single piece of steel and then tempered to ensure strength and flexibility.

This process produces thicker and heavier blades which extend all the way through their handles with a bolster for balance, and are easier to keep sanitary due to not having gaps or cracks where liquid can seep into them.

Henckels Forged Premio 19-pc Knife Block Set

Henckels Forged Premio 19-pc Knife Block Set
  • Knife Set includes 3" Paring Knife, 3" Hollow Edge Paring Knife, 5" Serrated Utility Knife, 5.5" Boning...
  • This set comes complete with a wood knife block with an elegant Cherry finish. The block holds all 18...
  • All knives, except the steak knives which are stamped, feature a fully forged blade with a full tang,...
  • The Zwilling J.A. Henckels forged construction and bolster offer terrific balance as well as great edge...
  • Lifetime warranty; Made in China

Henckels brand knives have long been considered a go-to brand when it comes to knife sets. Made in the US and with an unlimited lifetime guarantee, their products use high-grade steel containing chromium, molybdenum, vanadium, and nickel for their blades, and feature triple rivetted construction for enhanced durability and long-lasting performance.

Furthermore, their ergonomic handles fit comfortably in your hand while remaining lightweight for easy use in your kitchen environment. This set contains everything needed to start cooking: a chef’s knife, parer serrated utility knife Santoku knife bread knife shears plus sharpening steel.

Henckels Forged Premio is an extremely popular knife set among home cooks. Featuring 19 pieces in total, this set has everything a home chef could possibly need for meal prep.

Each knife in this 19-piece set boasts full tangs – this means the blade extends all the way from its point to the butt of the handle for increased strength and durability compared to partial or untangled knives; also included are fully bolstered models to ensure a firm feel and added weight balance for added balance during prep work.

This Henckels knife set comes with several collections to accommodate your kitchen design. You can select the style that works best with your decor from Modernist, Graphite, or Solution collections.

Modernist features handle made from stainless steel with black plastic grips designed to look stylish in any setting while remaining hygienic; graphite’s handles combine stainless steel and black plastic handles while being designed to blend in seamlessly.

Finally, the Solution features sleek, lean designs made with full tang construction durable enough for daily use with weighted grips to provide comfort when using them and protect against sharp blade edges from puncture marks left from use!

Henckels cutlery sets make an excellent gift or upgrade option, boasting outstanding quality and craftsmanship that has won them the admiration of chefs and home chefs worldwide.

Their near-perfect designs, steel selection, hardening process, and blade shaping set them apart from other brands in the industry.

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