Best Golf Balls For Low Spin in 2023 (Reviews)

best golf balls for low spin

Low spin golf balls are designed to fly straighter without too much backspin, often featuring harder covers and being less costly than their higher-spin counterparts.

Golf balls with low spin rates may be perfect for players who typically slice or hook their drives; however, they may lack the short-game control required for chipping and putting.

If you want to skip the reviews, we say get the TITLEIST Tour Speed.

Best Golf Balls For Low Spin Reviews

2021 Taylormade TP5X Golf Ball

The 2021 TaylorMade TP5X golf ball is firmer of TaylorMade’s TP5 line-up and offers a balanced combination of spin and speed for low-spin players.

Utilizing their new Tour Flight Dimple Pattern technology, volume and depth adjustments of its dimples are tuned to optimize lift without negatively affecting greenside spin resulting in a more stable ball flight that allows golfers to approach greens with confidence.

The TP5x uses an innovative Dual-Spin Cover designed to reduce driver spin and provide an exceptional feel. HFM, the new material used, stores and releases energy quickly so the ball regains more speed as it travels through the air – creating an exceptional distance off-tee ball with less driver spin than previous generations of TP5 golf balls.

TP5x’s low compression is another advantage, providing golfers with higher swing speeds and more distance by keeping backspin under control. Furthermore, its soft compression makes it attractive to beginners seeking a fastball with a soft feel.

Simply stated, TaylorMade’s TP5x golf ball is an outstanding choice for players who generate high amounts of spin but are looking to conserve power so as to extend their drives further. In short, this product represents one of its strongest low-spin offerings.

Spin refers to backspin, and most golfers (except those with a slice) generally dislike backspin. Unfortunately, even high spin rates can impede ball flight and stop it from traveling as far down the fairway as possible; that is why many players opt for golf balls with high initial velocity but lower spin rates.

The TP5x boasts the perfect combination of initial velocity and spin to maximize distance on approach shots. Its tour-inspired dimple pattern offers high degrees of lift for longer carry distances as well as steep angle descent to increase stopping power in greens.

Furthermore, this ball’s proprietary five-layer construction includes both Tri-Fast Core technology and Dual Spin Cover wrapped within a cast urethane shell for complete tee-to-green performance.

Callaway Golf 2022 Chrome Soft X LS Golf Balls

Jon Rahm announced when he joined Callaway Golf that he would only use their Chrome Soft X golf ball from day one, it didn’t surprise many observers.

Rahm enjoyed an outstanding 2021, winning multiple majors and taking over as world number one (winning US Open at Torrey Pines and Olympic gold with Xander Schauffele at Tokyo Games being notable highlights), however, their performance as the Chrome Soft X became their most-played tour ball at 18% of sales; also, its faster speed means that drivers produced 0.7mph more ball speed than before!

The ball remains a four-piece design with a large core, two mantle layers, and a urethane cover. It has an extremely low spin profile, which provides plenty of distance when hitting iron shots off the tee or off irons.

Plus, its new cover has become even softer for wedges and short irons; plus its low co-efficient of drag should help ensure shots into windy conditions go as planned.

Additionally, Callaway have included a Hyper Elastic SoftFast core designed to increase speed. They say this change makes the X a natural competitor for Titleist’s Pro V1x.

The X LS is ideal for experienced golfers seeking maximum distance with low spin in a precisely tuned flight profile. While not suitable for high handicappers due to its length, those able to work their irons around the green and add spin with spinners might find this ball suitable.

We were able to play four rounds without experiencing shape loss; its feel may be firmer than Chrome Soft but this may appeal to higher handicappers more. For wedges and shorter irons with more spin, use standard Chrome Soft instead.

Srixon Q Star Tour Golf Balls

Srixon Q Star Tour golf balls are an ideal choice for moderate-swing speed golfers who desire the feel and performance of premium balls at an accessible price point.

Offering a soft feel with excellent distance capabilities at a highly cost-effective price point. Plus they feature some of the highest greenside spin rates among low-compression models for close shots to the hole!

Srixon’s Spin Skin technology helps the ball retain more energy on impact, helping it fly higher and farther.

With a compression rating of 75 – relatively low for premium balls – and featuring an ultra-thin ionomer cover designed for feel and control as well as its FastLayer Core with soft center sections and hard edges designed for distance, these balls also boast the 338 dimple design to reduce drag for improved flight.

Testing revealed that the Q Star Tour performed very well across all areas of the course.

It offered great distance from both drivers and approach shots with very minimal side-spin; making it an ideal option for mid to high handicap golfers looking to increase carry and accuracy. Furthermore, its greenside spin proved extremely soft under putts.

At a recent TGW Master Fitter/product expert test, Rick Hatfield used both his 7 iron and driver to test the ball using Foresight Sports launch monitors.

For half wedge shots, he averaged 6,819rpm of spin which is an adequate level; when switching over to his driver this decreased significantly to 4,760rpm – helping achieve more carry distance off of tee shots and longer yardages on approaches with this combination of low spin/high ball speed combination. Now available at TGW.

TITLEIST Tour Speed Golf Ball

TITLEIST Tour Speed Golf Ball
  • A multilayer, thermoplastic urethane covered golf ball
  • Penetrating flight on long game shots
  • Precise scoring control
  • Technology driven core design
  • Fast Ionomer casing layer

The Titleist Tour Speed multi-layer golf ball was specifically created for golfers who prioritize distance over spin on the greens.

Its high-energy Speed-Layer system accelerates ball speeds across the face of their club to help improve long-game distance and short-game control while its proprietary Titleist Performance Urethane cover generates low greenside spin and offers penetrating flight trajectory while its core and casing layers help sustain low long-game spin levels.

The Tour Speed is Titleist’s follow-up to their 2020 EXP-01, which caused quite a stir among our robotic ball-testing lab participants with its excellent balance between distance and control.

Like its predecessor, this new ball features the same 346 quadrilateral dipyramid dimple pattern; Titleist R&D chemists believe this configuration offers optimal speed/spin dynamics on greens.

Titleist set out to design a premium golf ball tailored specifically to club golfers that offered category-leading distance, pinpoint short game control, and an ultra-durable cast urethane cover similar to its market-leading Pro V1 and Pro V1x balls – at an economical 20 percent cheaper cost.

Their 2022 Tour Speed delivers this level of performance at an incredible 20 percent reduction over their other urethane balls from Titleist.

Blind tests showed that golfers who played the previous Tour Speed model rated it higher in all areas than comparable balls such as TaylorMade TP5x and Srixon Z-Star, although these latter two offer slightly firmer feel, making them better suited to swing speeds over 100mph than Tour Speed.

The TP5x also boasts a harder core than Tour Speed, meaning it may not offer the same levels of greenside control and spin as its original EXP-01 predecessor; however, its high-speed construction enables it to fly higher with greater velocity than other competitor balls.

Although both Tour Speed and TP5x feature lower spin levels, both still provide ample greenside grip when hit on an upswing or heel strike. Plus, each offers various color choices so players can find one that best complements their personal golfing style.

Honma D1 Golf Balls

Honma is best known for its top-of-the-line golf clubs, but they also produce top-quality multi-layer balls to help improve players of all levels game. Crafted with top-quality materials and innovative designs for maximum performance.

Honma offers multiple colors and options so that everyone can find one suitable to their needs.

Honma D1 golf balls provide low spin, making them perfect for players with slower swing speeds and slower swing speeds.

Thanks to a soft rubber core and an ionomer cover, this two-piece ball features a high launch angle that generates significant distance even with slower swing speeds; its urethane cover ensures a smooth feel during every shot.

TaylorMade RBZ balls offer another excellent low spin option, featuring a two-piece ball composed of energy react core and urethane cover to deliver exceptional distance off of tee shots with less spin during approach shots.

There are multiple colors to choose from so you can pick out one that best matches your play style.

Titleist Velocity golf balls offer another great low-spin option. Crafted with four pieces and featuring a dimple pattern design and urethane cover for enhanced feel on approach shots, the Velocity offers superior flight control while still offering ample distance.

Perfect for beginners as well as advanced golfers.

Pinnacle Golf offers some of the best value golf balls on the market. Their ionomer-covered range is suitable for players at every level – beginners to pros. Ionomers help produce low spin for long distances, while 332 dimples ensure consistent trajectory.

Soft and Rush models of this ball can help find something suitable for your game.


Mizuno RB 566V golf balls are an excellent way for high handicappers looking to increase distance while simultaneously increasing control.

Their low spin helps reduce slicing while the soft cover offers additional grip around the green. In addition, these affordable balls have earned endorsement from tour pros as well as multiple awards from Golf Digest.

In our tests, this ball had the second-lowest spin out of all balls in its price range. Additionally, its very high trajectory will help give your drives more air time; however, this high trajectory may limit control on short shots.

Another advantage of the ball is its low compression, making it easier to hit. Furthermore, its soft cover makes it suitable for golfers with slower swing speeds; however, this ball may prove challenging to stop on the green so may not suit everyone.

This ball is ideal for players seeking to reduce spin while maintaining control.

Featuring innovative technology that ensures a smooth, stable flight that provides excellent feel and distance, its dimple pattern has been designed specifically to minimize drag while its core and mantle create a low-spin effect for an enhanced playing experience.

Low-spin balls feature lower backspin than standard golf balls, which makes them longer and more accurate. Unfortunately, their reduced backspin also has negative consequences on your short game as they require you to use more power when hitting greens – making stopping difficult at times.

If you’re in search of a low-spin golf ball, remember that the ideal one will depend on how it feels for your individual swing.

For optimal results, professional fitting may help narrow down your options; additionally, it is wise to keep track of shaft flex to make sure you are getting the maximum benefit out of your equipment.

Titleist AVX Golf Balls

Titleist AVX Golf Balls (One Dozen)
  • Remarkable Distance and Penetrating Flight
  • Very Low Long Game and Iron Spin
  • Exceptionally Soft Feel
  • High Speed, Low Compression Core Technology
  • High Flex Casing Layer

Titleist’s AVX golf ball is their lowest spinning model and ideal for higher handicappers who struggle with spin.

A lower spin ball can help increase distance on drives by reducing side spin on tee shots and leading to greater rollout on fairways and greens; furthermore, lower spin balls make it easier to navigate from rough areas.

The new AVX features a thinner cast urethane cover than its predecessor, enabling more distance off both driver and approach shots. Furthermore, its soft cover creates an impression similar to two-piece balls when used near greens – this feature can especially benefit higher handicappers who struggle with feeling and control on short game shots.

In addition to its cast urethane cover, the new AVX features a larger core and Speedmantle layer to boost ball speeds and power for greater distance on all shots. With low spin, the design helps to prevent slice or hook shots off the tee and off the greens.

This ball is an excellent option for higher handicappers seeking increased distance off the tee and more control around the greens.

Discovering the ideal ball for your swing is of utmost importance, especially with shorter irons where high spin can negatively impact ball flight. Lowering your swing speed will boost your performance, but finding the ideal ball for your skill level can help unlock its full potential.

To find this ball, we offer ball fitting services, or check out our guide on Stiff vs Regular Flex Golf Balls for help. With some research and assistance from professionals, you can find the ball that best matches your unique game!

Keep in mind, though: your personal improvement plan should remain of primary importance! Good luck!

Vice Drive Golf Balls

For optimal low-spin golf balls, look no further than the Titleist AVX. It features a lower compression core which helps reduce driver spin for longer driving distances.

Furthermore, its flatter bottom dimple design increases carry at the apex of flight for greater accuracy when driving. Plus, both USGA and R&A approve it, making it legal to play in tournaments!

This ball is an excellent option for higher handicappers looking for longer drives without compromising short-game control. The soft feel makes stopping on green easier, making this ideal for players with slower swing speeds or slower swing speeds.

Furthermore, its accessibility both online and at local shops makes this ball an accessible solution for high handicappers.

The Vice Tour three-piece golf ball provides impressive distance at an economical price.

Utilizing a urethane cover that helps reduce spin on all shots including irons and approach shots, plus its proprietary aerodynamic design which works to increase ball speed for improved penetration trajectory, plus being highly durable; the Vice Tour can easily absorb an impactful club strike or rough lie without becoming damaged.

While the Vice Tour doesn’t provide the premium feel of other Vice balls, it still makes an excellent option for low to mid-handicappers looking for more distance in their drives.

Its low compression allows it to fly farther while its large 312 dimple pattern increases driver carry distance and total distance. Furthermore, its larger core helps reduce spin on short shots and provides superior control around greens.

Finding the ideal golf ball can be tricky, as each player’s needs vary significantly. Some may prefer slicing more than others; you may need to experiment with various models until finding one suitable for your swing.

What matters most when searching for your ideal golf ball is knowing exactly which aspect of your game needs improving and selecting one with specific features designed to meet those goals.

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