Best Glasses to Block Fluorescent Light in 2023 (Reviews)

best glasses to block fluorescent light

When purchasing glasses to block fluorescent light, be sure to select ones that fit comfortably without pinching your nose or ears, while being lightweight to reduce discomfort.

Fluorescent lights can be hard on the eyes, leading to eye fatigue, headaches, and glare stress. Blue light-blocking glasses help lessen these bulbs’ harmful effects so you can focus for longer.

If you want to skip the reviews, we say get the Sleep ZM Blue Light Blocking Glasses.

Best Glasses to Block Fluorescent Light Reviews

TheraSpecs Tatum WearOver Glasses

TheraSpecs Tatum WearOver Glasses for Migraine, Light Sensitivity and Blue Light
19 Reviews
TheraSpecs Tatum WearOver Glasses for Migraine, Light Sensitivity and Blue Light
  • Block the most harmful blue light: TheraSpecs lenses target the most harmful blue light near 480nm to...
  • 25x more protection: TheraSpecs eliminate as much as 25 times more blue light at 480nm than typical blue...
  • Feel the difference: Tens of thousands of people have chosen TheraSpecs, and TheraSpecs glasses have a...
  • Indoor lenses: Indoor TheraSpecs use FL-41 lenses and block 100% UVA/UVB light. Wear them near...
  • Lightweight, fitover protection: Tatum WearOver TheraSpecs is a sleek and modern fitover frame with a...

TheraSpecs Tatum WearOver Glasses provide an effective solution for light sensitivity, migraines, and eye strain.

They’re designed to fit over your current prescription glasses for an effortless experience – they even weigh 30% less than their predecessors! Plus they come in timeless matte black or eye-catching amber marble tortoise finishes!

The lenses in TheraSpecs FL-41 glasses have been specifically tinted to filter harmful blue light that can trigger light sensitivity, migraines, and photophobia.

Furthermore, they reduce glare from fluorescent lights, computer screens, and natural lighting sources while helping reduce glare caused by fluorescent lights or computer monitors.

Based on decades of medical research, TheraSpecs FL-41 glasses may help avoid negative side effects associated with medications and other treatments that could have previously caused discomfort for their wearers.

Migraine symptoms are caused by various environmental, food, and drink triggers; understanding their source can help avoid an attack altogether.

At TheraSpecs we offer products to lessen the severity of episodes – prescription-grade glasses, light sensitivity filters, and apps that automatically adjust screen brightness can all help manage symptoms more easily than ever before.

These glasses are specially tailored to provide relief for migraines and light sensitivity, helping you enjoy life again without the burden of medication or other treatments.

Their lightweight frames and precise-tinted lenses protect from harmful fluorescent lights, LEDs, computer screens, and more while their polarized lenses reduce glare and enhance contrast for greater comfort.

TheraSpecs FL-41 glasses not only protect your eyes, but they can also improve sleep and performance by limiting blue light exposure and helping you sleep through power naps without falling asleep – perfect for anyone needing to be productive at work or school!

Desertcart provides an ideal place to find TheraSpecs gifts for both yourself and those in your life, with fast, free delivery available throughout Guyana – as well as up to 25% savings through membership discounts! Don’t delay, shop today!

Blackview Blue Light Glasses

Blackview Blue Light Glasses for Women, Blocking 99.44% Blue Light glasses Men, Gaming Glasses,...
  • 👓Experience the Multiple uses of One Pair of Glasses: Featuring 18 layers of optical shielding,...
  • 👁️Prevent Eye Strain: The glasses feature lenses made of nano-resin with a slight yellow tint,...
  • 😴Fall Asleep Faster: High-energy blue light has been scientifically proven to disrupt sleep patterns...
  • 🚘Safer Driving at Night: The anti-blue light glasses feature yellow lenses with a light transmittance...
  • 🏃‍♀️Super Light & Non-shedding:Our glasses feature an ergonomic frame that is suitable for...

Blue light can be emitted by many devices we use every day, such as smartphones, computer screens, televisions, and fluorescent lamps.

Blue has the shortest wavelength and highest energy in all visible light spectrum colors; overexposure can disrupt natural circadian rhythms and interfere with restful sleep as well as cause eye strain; By wearing blue-light-blocking glasses you can reduce exposure while protecting eyes from damage in the long run.

When selecting blue light glasses, pay careful attention to frame style and fit for maximum comfort throughout the day. Lenses must also be durable enough to withstand everyday wear and tear without scratching or impact damage, such as polycarbonate and CR-39 plastic lenses which offer great optical clarity.

Your frames should provide 99-100% UV protection to shield eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays emitted by both sunlight and LED lighting fixtures.

As there are so many frames to suit any personal style and face shape, you are sure to find one perfect for you! Bold-colored frames make a bold statement; for more subdued looks black or dark gray will work better.

When shopping for blue light glasses it is also important to look into lens color; yellow lenses offer maximum blue-light blocking protection but may distort color perception in environments sensitive to such phenomena – dark brown and gray lenses offer less protection compared to yellow lenses but still block some blue light rays.

blue-light-blocking glasses can help provide more restful sleep by protecting against long-term eye damage and helping regulate the natural circadian rhythm of your body, so you’re more likely to fall asleep faster at night and wake up feeling rejuvenated in the morning.

Sleep ZM Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Sleep ZM Blue Light Blocking Glasses - 99.9% Blue Light Glasses for Women & Men, Enjoy Better Sleep...
  • Improve Sleep Quality - Sleep ZM blue light blocking glasses are made with premium materials at an...
  • Reduce Eye Strain - Use eye fatigue computer glasses to reduce blue light exposure & help to alleviate...
  • Protect Eye Health - By blocking up to 99.9% of FL-41 targeted 480-520 nm blue light & integrated...
  • A Style For Everyone - Sleep ZM blue light glasses for women & men come in various stylish designs,...
  • Trusted by Thousands - Trust the thousands of happy customers who use these orange blue light blocking...

SleepScore Labs conducted a study that discovered wearing orange-tinted blue light glasses before bed helped users fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep longer. The lenses filter out blue light which suppresses melatonin production – essential to healthy circadian rhythm.

Their lightweight frames feature classic aviator looks while remaining practical – these scientifically supported blue light-blocking glasses can be found in multiple frame styles and sizes to meet every sleep need.

Livho offers an affordable two-pack of blue light-blocking glasses at under $15 that are designed to fit over your existing prescription or reading glasses, providing comfortable 1.5x magnification.

Their deep amber tint also reduces eye strain from prolonged screen use; making this ideal for anyone who uses their computer or phone in the evening before bed.

Similar to many of the other blue light filters on this list, but without an orange or yellow tint, these transparent filters block only specific wavelengths of blue light, according to Moore. As such, they’ll be particularly beneficial to anyone who spends a lot of time using a computer or tablet, including gamers and office workers alike.

These glasses come from a direct-to-consumer brand designed by Oliver Peoples alumni, making stunning frames with six colors and magnification levels to meet any style preference.

At an incredible value point, they’re one of the more cost-effective solutions on this list and even come available in kid sizes to aid with sleeping schedule issues or prevent migraines caused by too much screen time.

Zenni Optical provides another great selection of blue light glasses: their slip-over style can easily fit over existing prescription or reading glasses while filtering both UV rays and blue light – helping reduce eye strain. Their site offers virtual try-ons and some glasses even come with free 2-day shipping!

Terramed Sparrow Migraine Glasses Fl-41

Migraine and headache sufferers understand their sensitivity to certain lights and other visual stimuli as being key triggers, with fluorescent lighting often acting as one such trigger, exacerbating headache pain.

Many find relief from migraine attacks by wearing migraine glasses which help improve light sensitivity and decrease eye strain – ideal for use during long workdays or schooldays.

These unisex migraine glasses were specifically created with migraine sufferers in mind. Lightweight yet providing ample protection, these unisex glasses feature UV-blocking properties to block harmful blue light exposure as well as UV ray-blocking properties to block UV rays and reduce glare.

You can choose from an assortment of frames and colors to find something that matches your style – these FDA-approved glasses come with their own stylish case for safe storage and transportation; you can even use them with prescription lenses (bifocal and non-prescription); plus they qualify for medical expense reimbursement from health savings accounts or flexible spending accounts!

These durable polycarbonate migraine glasses feature a rose tint to effectively block light. Their rose tint was specifically created to reduce blue wavelengths associated with migraine and light sensitivity, helping reduce frequency, light sensitivity, and visual stress.

Plus they’re polarized for no-glare protection as well as 100% UVA/UVB blocking! Perfect for indoor or outdoor use and suitable with most frames – suitable for both indoor and outdoor wear!

These glasses go beyond their rose tint to offer UV-absorbing technology not typically found in migraine lenses.

Plus, their lightweight and flexible frame means less pressure on the head; making it easy to wear comfortably for light-sensitive individuals like migraine sufferers and light sensitivity sufferers. Furthermore, these affordable frames come in multiple styles.

Although fluorescent light sensitivity glasses may provide some relief from fluorescent lighting conditions, they do not address all symptoms associated with migraine and other conditions.

If there are underlying conditions requiring professional treatment then these glasses may not be the right solution for you; additionally, they do not protect from LED/digital screens causing light sensitivity.

TRUST Blue Light Blocking Glasses

TRUST OPTICS Blue Light Blocking Glasses - Amber Tint Blue Filter -Not Magnified
  • Package Includes: 1 – TRUST OPTICS Computer Reading Glasses with Amber Lenses / DIMENSIONS: Lens Width:...
  • BLUE LIGHT PROTECTION WITH BLUEGUARD: Amber-tinted lens feature BlueGuard technology that reduces the...
  • DURABLE & ERGONOMIC FRAMES WITH STLISH CLASSIC DESIGN: Lightweight TR90 nylon frame material gives added...
  • MAGNIFICATION LENSES FOR CLOSE VIEWING: Magnifying lenses allow you to see better up close while reducing...

These glasses not only block blue light from electronic devices, but they also protect your eyes by reducing glare. Their tinted amber lenses feature light-adjusting coating and are hypoallergenic and UV protected – the manufacturer claims they reduce blue light exposure by up to 40%!

They should work for those working on computers, tablets, or phones and offer 40% less blue light exposure compared to unprotected lenses; try wearing them for 10 days to see how well they help your vision.

For people wearing prescription lenses a consultation with an eye doctor or ophthalmologist may be required before purchasing any pair.

These glasses feature an innovative lens designed to filter out both high and low frequencies of blue light.

Their tinted amber lenses help block both blue and green wavelengths emitted from electronic screens, helping reduce eyestrain as well as symptoms associated with long periods of screen use such as dry eyes, headaches, and fatigue.

Furthermore, these hypoallergenic lenses have anti-reflective coatings for added comfort over extended use periods.

These lightweight and shatter-resistant glasses are an excellent solution for users who spend long hours staring at screens of various kinds, like computers or other electronic devices.

Their lenses contain a special filtering formula designed to filter wavelengths of blue light which have the greatest impact on suppressing melatonin levels; both nonprescription and prescription versions are available, and the company guarantees full refunds within 30 days of purchase.

These glasses feature amber-tinted lenses to filter the wavelengths of blue light most likely to suppress melatonin production and have an impressive filtering capacity of up to 50% against all blue light and an astonishing 90% against those wavelengths known to disturb sleep cycles.

Their frames are crafted of premium materials and come both as prescription and nonprescription options – their manufacturer provides 100% money-back guarantees; additionally, the lenses come with an anti-reflective coating.

Most online retailers offering blue light-blocking lenses allow customers to apply them to any frame they like, making the cost-cutting effort simpler than purchasing new glasses just for this purpose.

Many retailers featured here provide various frame styles and shapes with free standard shipping; expedited options may incur additional charges.

TheraSpecs Powell Glasses

TheraSpecs Powell Glasses for Migraine, Light Sensitivity, and Blue Light
4 Reviews
TheraSpecs Powell Glasses for Migraine, Light Sensitivity, and Blue Light
  • Designed for light sensitivity protection: TheraSpecs target blue light near 480nm, the most harmful...
  • 25x more protection: TheraSpecs remove as much as 25 times more blue light at 480nm than typical blue...
  • Feel the difference: Tens of thousands of people have chosen TheraSpecs, and they have a 96% satisfaction...
  • Indoor lenses: Indoor TheraSpecs use FL-41 lenses and block 100% UVA/UVB light. Wear them near...
  • Highly protective, lightweight frame: Powell TheraSpecs feature a streamlined profile with...

Migraine sufferers frequently experience light sensitivity alongside their migraine attacks, which can be worsened by fluorescent lighting.

These glasses were created specifically to block certain blue wavelengths known to trigger migraines while providing protection from both UVA and UVB rays – they feature a rose tint with lighter tinting than sunglasses yet provide greater UV ray protection than even high-quality sunglasses!

Research Proven: Precision tinting blocks the wavelengths that research has proven most often cause or worsen migraines, headaches, post-concussion syndrome, traumatic brain injury, and other chronic conditions.

They also reduce light sensitivity, eye strain, and glare from screens, fluorescent lights, and LEDs – something sunglasses cannot do effectively or provide with their 100% satisfaction guarantee.

TheraSpecs are more effective than sunglasses at treating light sensitivity with 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed – you won’t find better protection anywhere!

TheraSpecs Powell Glasses are made from ultralightweight TR-90 with stainless steel temples for ultimate comfort and durability, featuring slim profile frames to fit most face shapes. Available in an array of stunning color choices and equipped with UVA/UVB blocking lenses to protect eyes.

This stylish frame is an excellent solution for those with migraines or photophobia who desire a stylish frame. The Lane frame features a bold yet stylish rounded design while its lightweight acetate construction provides lightweight comfort throughout long days at work or school.

Available in mesmerizing Indigo Confetti or timeless Smoke Grey hues, its saddle bridge sits closer to the nose for increased comfort while wide earpieces add to its timeless style and timeless appearance.


BRADDELL OPTICS FL-41 Rose Tinted Blue Light Glasses for Migraine Light Sensitivity, Eyestrain and...
  • Strong Lightweight Aluminum frame with Sports Grade Anti-UV Polycarbonate lens
  • FL-41 Deep Rose Tint with Wrap-around Design
  • Minimize Migraine Light Sensitivity and Photophobia
  • Protect against Harsh Fluorescent Lighting and Electronic Computer Screen Glare
  • Plano Lens with Premium AR Coating - VLT 40%

The BRADDELL OPTICS FL-41 Rose Tinted Glasses provide protection from fluorescent lighting, screen glare, eye strain, and migraine triggers while relieving eye strain and tension.

Available with both light and dark tint colors – each lens blocks out 50% of blue light – they’re made to fit over prescription glasses making them a good option for people suffering from migraine or other light-sensitive conditions as they reduce glare while increasing visual clarity – perfect for Haven and Classic frames alike!

The FL-41 tint was specifically created for people suffering from light sensitivity and migraines.

The tint filters out specific wavelengths of blue light that have been proven to trigger attacks in clinical studies; however, this tint cannot protect against all wavelengths of blue light; thus it should not be used as a replacement for UV-blocking lenses.

FL-41 glasses may be prescribed to those suffering from migraines, but they can also help those experiencing light sensitivity associated with post-concussion syndrome, attention deficit issues, and certain forms of epilepsy find relief by wearing glasses containing this tint.

As the FL-41 tint doesn’t provide protection from UV rays when outdoors it should always be worn in conjunction with sunscreen to provide adequate UV ray protection.

To reap maximum benefit from glasses with FL-41 tints, they should be combined with other migraine prevention measures, including avoiding trigger foods and beverages, relaxing before bed, and practicing mindfulness.

While many of these practices aren’t included in official guidelines for treating migraines, they can help decrease both the frequency and intensity of symptoms.

Although many eyeglasses can be purchased at local optical stores, it is best to make the investment online. That way, you can ensure you are getting genuine products tested and approved by customers for their effectiveness.

One good online option is Desertcart, operating since 2014 and boasting great reviews on Trustpilot portals; offering a safe shopping experience with exceptional customer service and a high-quality product.

TheraSpecs Classic Glasses

TheraSpecs Classic Glasses for Migraine, Light Sensitivity, and Blue Light
  • Designed for light sensitivity protection: TheraSpecs target blue light near 480nm, the most harmful...
  • 25x more protection: TheraSpecs remove as much as 25 times more blue light at 480nm than typical blue...
  • Feel the difference: Tens of thousands of people have chosen TheraSpecs, and they have a 96% satisfaction...
  • Indoor lenses: Indoor TheraSpecs use FL-41 lenses and block 100% UVA/UVB light. Wear them near...
  • Highly protective, lightweight frame: Classic TheraSpecs feature a glossy black finish and are made of...

TheraSpecs glasses are an ideal solution if you’re in search of blue-light-blocking glasses that look stylish yet effective.

Crafted with stylish yet modern aesthetics and boasting gold hardware, TheraSpecs blocks the wavelengths of blue light known to cause or worsen migraines and other symptoms, while their polarization reduces glare for easier visibility in sunlight – designed by neuro-opthalmologist so you can be assured they’ll help treat migraines effectively!

These glasses are constructed from high-grade materials and designed to be lightweight so they won’t put too much strain on your head or face.

Furthermore, they’re comfortable enough to wear even for prolonged periods, with a microfiber carrying bag included as a convenient added touch – not forgetting their money-back guarantee, so give them a try risk-free!

This set of blue light-blocking glasses includes one indoor pair and one outdoor pair.

The indoor lenses feature FL-41 tint, which filters out harmful wavelengths associated with headache and migraine headaches as well as dizziness and light sensitivity symptoms. Meanwhile, outdoor lenses feature darker and polarized lenses specifically tailored for use outdoors during bright sunlight conditions.

These lightweight polarized blue-light-blocking glasses are easy to wear and come with a microfiber carrying bag for convenience.

Crafted with ultralight TR-90 frames, these comfortable sunglasses won’t put too much strain on your face or head while simultaneously blocking harmful blue wavelengths known to trigger migraines and other symptoms.

Blue-light-blocking glasses made of durable and high-quality materials and equipped with polarization for extra glare protection are designed to fit comfortably on both the nose and ear canal.

Available in many colors and styles to meet individual tastes, these money-back guarantee glasses offer you 60 days to see if they help ease migraine symptoms – and if they don’t, return them for a full refund!

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